Lavender DeNeuve
Age 17
Title Member of Team ANJL
Status Active
Color lavender
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Hair lavender
Eyes purple
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ANJL
Partner Jennifer Miller
Occupation Student, Team member of ANJL
Jobs N/A
Additional Info
Likes Training, her weapon, knowledge, studying
Special Skills Analysis
Weaknesses prone to over analyzing things


She has long lavender hair and violet eyes. She has small silver rimmed glasses that rest on the bridge of her nose. She wears her hair in a ponytail draped down over her back. She wears purple cowboy boots with silver stiching, tight blue jeans, and a purple tank  top. Her right sholder bears a large shoulder pad and her entire arm is armored. 


Lavender is kind hearted and loving. She cares deeply about all her friends and would sooner die then see them hurt. She is quite studious and believes that homework and paying attention in class are top prioities. She tends to analyze all comat situations to their full extent. As such she is the team strategist.


Lavender DeNeuve's parents were successful bussinessmen. Her mother and father were partners and founder of a dust shipment company. They were costantly traveling to meet with clients and make business arangments. Because of this, she was often left to her own devices. She was always taking care of her younger sister. She felt she owed it to her sister to be a mother figure, as such she grew strongly independant. 

She and her sister lived a happy and quiet life. She would read books in her free time and began to value knowledge and study above most other forms of entertainment. She would read her sister stories of heros every day. It was her sister's favorite time of day. when her sister was about 7, she asked Lavender to teach her how to fight, to be like the heros in the books. Lavender could not say no to her sister, but did not know how to fight. She made a deal with her sister that they would learn together from all the books she could find.

As they practiced, Lavender relised that she enjoyed the relase of energy that fighting provided. She decided that she would become a huntress. She poured over books and tinkered with parts. Finally she designed her own weapon. Twin pistols which she dubed Scholar and Millitant. She trained hard with them and evetually added another mode to them. By the time she was 16 she decied to apply to beacon. Upon her acceptance she realized that she would have to leave her sister. Her sister insited that she would join her at beacon in a couple of years and that Lavender should go.


Scholar: is a .60 caliber pistol that fires bullets tipped with Ice dust cystal. The rounds are designed to cause a burst of Ice on impact.

Militant: is a .70 caliber pistol that fires bullets tipped with burn cystal. When they hit the target they cause a bust of fire

The Edge of Knowlege: when Scholar and Militant are linked they transorm into a razorsharp machete with a 2ft long blade.


Lavender is a joint effort of LordKeyz and Asgier Bloodfang

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