You're nothing but another statistic in the world.
— Leaf Evergreen
Leaf Evergreen
Age 17
Title The Philosophical
Alias Reaper
Nickname Leafy
Status Alive
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born December 29
Handedness Ambidexterous
Complexion Brown
Hair Sandy Brown
Eyes Brown
Semblance Fate's deceit
Height 6'2"
Weight 180 (without weights) 280 (with weights)
Professional Status
Partner Pomona Flamen
Personal Status
Relatives Mother


Additional Info
Emblem Leaf's Emblem
Special Skills Dexterity, strength, flexibility, thinking skills.
Character Theme

Lost in the Echo - Linkin Park
Battle Theme

Behold This Curse - LiquidRevolution
The character was made by Leaf Do not use if you don't want to have your internal organs ripped out after a vivisection is done on your body.


Leaf's face is one of a person well known in the ways of the world. His eyes, brown, flashing and intelligent, added with thick eyebrows that thin out at the end, with a mouth that is set into a straight line most of the time, he sets off an aura of experience, but at the same time, a kind of understanding in the ways of the world. His complexion is brown, very much so, and his brown hair, average length and going every which way, gives off a boyish quality behind the experience. 

He generally wears a black jacket over top his clothing. The jacket zipped straight up to his neck. The jacket changes with the seasons as well. In the winter, he'll wear a blue one with lining. In the spring, a windcheater. In the summer, no jacket. In the autumn, a black jacket with fur lining to keep himself warm. His pants generally have holsters for his weapons, and for regular use, not casual, he likes cargo pants.

On occasion that he doesn't wear a jacket, he wears a short sleeve plaid shirt that's unbuttoned with an orange beach tee underneath with jeans for causal wear. In combat situations, he goes for a bulletproof combat vest, cargo pants, finger-less gloves with good grip, and a Kevlar belt. The combat vest, pants, and even the belt have clips of ammunition and capsules of dust for Leaf's weapons.   

Almost all the time except for when he's bathing, Leaf wears lead weights on his body. He increases the weight gradually as the weights become weightless to him to increase his strength. He wears ankle, wrist, shoulder, chest, thigh, and elbow weights judiciously all the time. 

in terms of scars, Leaf has a multitude of scars crisscrossing hs body. Cuts, burns, cauterizations, and whatnot, crisscross along his body, arms, and legs, giving him a kind of worn appearance, however, his face and neck remain unscathed. 

Leaf also has two holsters for his weapons on either side of his pants as well as his weapons, and across his back, a sheath for his sword, holding the sword.

Other then that, he wears a ring on his right index finger with two dragons crisscrossing on it, with a ruby eye for one, and a diamond eye for another. A wristwatch which not only tells time, but the temperature, humidity, speed of the wind, and even air pressure, a personal creation. It's main purpose, however, is a timer plus a reader that keeps track of Leaf's aura levels, and can even detect when Leaf activates his semblance and when it stops. Keeping track of how much time he has left to use his semblance. It's waterproof, bulletproof, dustproof and blast-proof, even being able to take cuts from blades without even being scratched. There's also a tattoo on his left arm with the Kanji for intelligence. Leaf also sports protective goggles in case he requires it, as well as sunglasses if the weather so permits.

On occasion, one will see Leaf with a guitar, violin, or cello case with him, as he is about to practice his music. 


Leaf's personality is one of a philosophical, learned person. He always speaks in smooth, poetic, intelligent sentences which show years of learning as well as a sense of understanding on whatever he's talking about. Almost like he knows the secrets of the universe and is hiding the true meaning. 

Generally, Leaf is kind to others, showing compassion to anyone and everyone. Unless they decide to be rude and rub him the wrong way, then he begins tearing the unfortunate person apart by sheer words, no physical violence necessary. It's quite an interesting thing to see, and it could be said that his words then have splash damage, as they affect the people around him, not only the person who he's chewing out. However, he does this calmly and rationally, not showing an ounce of anger.

Having a mode of self-training, Leaf's very meticulous about his training. Everyday, he starts the day with fifty push-ups, a hundred sit-ups, crunches, and whatnot, in order to keep his body limber and in shape. He also makes sure to buy more lead weights when the ones he's currently wearing start to feel like a part of his own body. 

When in combat, Leaf becomes utterly focused in on the task, calculating modes of attack. He will make the first move, and when his opponent counterattacks, he's able to see how a person attacks based on his own attacks. His strategies include his own teammates, and he makes sure to keep an eye on them. 

Once someone really gets to know Leaf, they will notice that he can have a slightly awkward sense of humour once he get's really comfortable with being around him, however, he's not really fully open, as his philosophical way of thinking and talking can cause some very awkward moments. 

A hidden talent of Leaf's is that he's an avid musician. He can play piano very well, as well as saxophone, cello, guitar, and the harp. He's been playing instruments ever since he was four and has not given up the pastime, as it is one of his true loves and one that he can always continue. Leaf does not mind playing in front of other people, but he prefers practicing alone. 

In terms of mental capabilities, other then being philosophical and calculating, he also has photographic memory, being able to remember things picture perfect at any time he wants. He also always keeps a level head. No one living has ever heard him scream, and those who have, are now dead. Never getting hotheaded or angry, he's the definition of calm and collected. 

Weapons and Abilities

Leaf has two pistols which he calls Hades and Chronos, and a longsword called Thanatos.

A rough image of Hades and Chronos, except it doesn't have the blades around the barrel plus the colouration is off. Ah well, one can't get everything.

Hades and Chronos are identical 9mm pistols. Both have sleek black bodies, are razor sharp around the barrel and along the sides, and have stylish gold patterns alongside the bodies, around the muzzle, near the grip, and around the trigger. Leaf uses dust bullets as well as regular bullets to give out maximum damage.

Leaf uses the following dust bullets alongside Hades and Chronos, Lightning, Fire, Gravity, Ice, and Impact. The clips are colour coded towards which bullets are in the clip. Yellow is lightning, red is fire, purple is gravity, blue is ice and white is impact.

The bullets have the following properties.

  • Lightning: Creates a small wave of lightning around the bullet, causing electricity to shock someone if the bullet makes an impact, or goes by a person.
  • Fire: Creates a blaze behind it, like a tracer bullet, but much deadlier and if it strikes wood, it can cause it to go up in flames.
  • Gravity: Generally used as a kind of propellant bullet. It does cause damage, but Leaf generally uses it for reflex dodges or to propel himself forward a short distance.
  • Ice: Ice forms in and around the point of impact. Almost like cauterizing a wound, except with Ice. Extremely painful and hard to melt. 
  • Impact: A bullet twice as fast as normal with twice as much the damage, but with significant more recoil.

Hades and Chronos can also be used as melee weapons, and inflict cutting edge damage onto a person, but Leaf generally uses his longsword for melee attacks, as he likes to keep a bit of distance between himself and his attacker when in melee.

Thanatos is an Irish longsword who's effect changes with the type of dust used, very much like Hades and


Thanatos with it's sheath.

Cronos, except with a sword. Leaf carries Thanatos in a sheath across his 

back, and it takes dust crystals on the hilt. The effects of Thantanos are as follows with the following dust.

  • Lightning: Lightning shockwaves, like in Hades, but if a person is cut, then they potentially can become paralyzed due to the electricity coursing through their body, forcing their muscles to contract.
  • Fire: Basically acts like a very sharp lighter which can create big flames.
  • Gravity: Speeds up Leaf's swings with Thanatos.
  • Ice: Again, wound cauterization, but very painful, can also create a plate of ice.
  • Impact: Increases the strength of the blows Leaf gives. 

When fighting, Leaf generally keeps his lead weights on, it allows him some restraint and forces his body to adapt. However, when the stakes are serious, he will take off his lead weights. Once the lead weights are off, his strength, speed, agility, everything increases by a significant amount to an already seasoned fighter.

Also, Leaf's intelligence allows him to think up counterattacks effectively in a form that he calls "Perfect Defense". What Leaf will do is that initially, he'll throw out attacks from directions in order to figure out how they fight and defend, and by factoring in the environment and style of attacking, can accurately predict how his opponent will attack due to a combination of physical, mental, and environmental factors. At its finest, Leaf can fight an opponent with his eyes closed. This doesn't work on Grimm as wild animals are random, whereas with humans, you can generally spot a pattern. 

Also, having trained with his weapons from a young age has allowed him to reach the point where they are like an extension of his own body. He can use them tactile and effectively, and with plenty of experience in fighting, he's not your average Joe when it comes to fighting. In fact, he's almost one of a kind. Calm, collected, rational, and makes it appear that his style of fighting has some deep roots behind it, like he knows the secrets to fighting and is willing to share in the way he fights.

However, in rare occasions he is without his weapons, Leaf will go to hand to hand combat to fight. Hand to hand combat was the first type of combat he was ever taught and he still retains his skill. Leaf, when fighting humans will go for pressure points to force the opponent to stop moving, and then strike points on the spine and head to knock the person out. A person on the receiving end of Leaf punches have learned that he can punch really hard. However, even though he fights like this, Leaf specializes in kicking, and his limber body allows him to do reflexive and flexible dodges such as flips.

Leaf's Semblance is called "Fate's Deceit".  

In essence, his semblance takes his natural tendency to be able to make people see the way he wants to, and brings it forth into the real world. His aura which generally takes on as a soft golden colour, releases itself from his body and allows him to create audio and visual illusions that look more realistic under certain circumstances which are effective on both Grimm and humans. 

For starters. if one knows that it's his semblance before he uses it, the effect lessens because the mind is prepared to receive it. However, even if one knows that it's his semblance, but has a weak mind, then the semblance can border on being reality, although the illusions cannot hurt you. Rather, they can look and sound like any realistic being, but lack a proper odor as well as substance. If one were to attack an illusion they'd either pass right through it, or it would disappear, however, to keep things as realistic as possible, Leaf will try to make the illusion dodge. It must also be noted that not knowing about the semblance, but being strong mentally, will allow one to see the illusions better as they are. 

The main weakness of this semblance is how taxing it can be on Leaf. His semblance literally takes energy from his body, and if used for too long, he can collapse from exhaustion if his aura doesn't run out first. however, since his stamina is quite well built, he can easily hold his semblance for over 10 minutes without breaking a sweat while fighting, however, he has to focus on what he wants his illusions to do so multitasking can be a pain. Manage to break Leaf's concentration, or manage to confuse him temporarily and the illusion will break. 

Also, Leaf's stamina is extraordinary, being able to run long distances without being winded, it comes from training in low oxygen levels to increase his overall stamina. 

Leaf Evergreen's Stats :

Primary Role Close to Mid Range fighter, main attaker.
Secondary Role Blitzer/Diversion.
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Aftershock is Leaf's pride and joy, other than Hades, Chronos and Thanatos, and Nightlife.

Aftershock is a fully customized car that Leaf built from scratch, and he customized it to make it one of a kind, and it certainly is, it also draws heads whenever he drives it down the street.

It's built like a sports car, streamlined, low to the ground, with a custom body and stylization to blow one's mind.

The car is pure white, with orange and green decals along the side that show leaves being blown in an orange wind.

The glass is tinted sky blue, and a low down roof. The headlights are xenon lights, and shaped like rectangles, except tapered a bit, and slightly on a slant. The grille is wire mesh, and shaped like a trapezoid across the hood. The hood itself has dual vents on it, and is spray painted gold. 

The body of the car ends suddenly near the back, and on the exterior of the car, in columns of three and rows of two, are six sub-woofers that emit high waves of sound. The trunk is small, but Leaf doesn't use it for shopping much, just for casual driving.

The interior of the car is quite nice to be frank. There's two seats, one for the driver, and a single passenger. The seats are pure white with black decals on them, and are leather, so comfortable to sit on, the driver's seat is a bucket seat, for racing purposes. The dials show engine temperature, amount of fuel in the car, amount of oil, amount of Nitro in two tanks on the bottom of the car, speedometer, tachometer, mileage, it's a bit of a crowded area, but Leaf's gotten used to it. 

The steering wheel is made of chrome, and shaped more like a formula one car's. a three sided rectangle. The steering wheel has a few buttons on it, one to activate the nitro, one for cruise control, one to switch the car between automatic and manual transmission.

The dashboard is futuristic, and very fun to use, there's a touchscreen that allows him to change between GPS, Radio, Phone, and Sound System capabilities at a whim.

The sound system inside the car is like the exterior's sub-woofers, except for three speakers and three sub-woofers on either side of the car, and a stereo on the door, as well as stock speakers at the front of the car. 

The car's ignition sequence is also slightly uncommon, not unheard of, but uncommon, it requires his fingerprint on the touchscreen to turn the car on, to turn it off, he simply hits a button on the steering wheel.

The car uses a twelve cylinder DOHC engine that has 500 horses under the hood. The car can go up to 12000 RPM, and has an advanced computer system to control all the electronics within it, as well as a laptop in the glove box which contains songs and whatnot. It's ability to change between automatic and manual transmission make it a multipurpose vehicle, and it boasts a max speed of 330 kilometers per hour, impressive to say the least. However, it requires the Nitro to get to that speed, without it, he caps off at 280 km/h.

The gas tank can hold up to 50 liters of gas, which, in a race, is easily expended, the muffler is also custom, and shoots green flames out the back. The car also has a fancy lighting system that allows it to become like a very fancy disco add on. Blue neon strips on the bottom, and the headlights can flash with the beat of the song he's playing. Not only that, but the interior of the car can light up multiple colours, as well as the wheels having their own lighting system. 


Nightlife is Leaf's motorbike, he generally doesn't ride it except on the occasion that Aftershock breaks down. If Nightlife and Aftershock both break down, then you can expect someone who's furious.

Modeled to be sleek and fast, Leaf spared no expense into making Nightlife into a flashy beast, something that would, and does, draw heads, even though it spends most of it's time in a lonely corner waiting to be used.

It uses a four stroke engine that maximizes fuel consumption and spares nothing to waste. It also has a supercharger to give it an extra bit of "oomph" or so to speak. 

The bike itself is painted chrome, and has twin xenon headlights at the front. The tires are wide and fattened to give good grip with the road. It also has two speakers on either side for his music. The dashboard has electric blue lighting on it, and the windshield is small and curved. The handlebars have Leaf's emblem on them and are plated chrome. 

Other then that, the bike has twin exhausts, and features a top speed for 200 km/h. Not as fast as Aftershock, but then again, if Aftershock crashes into something Leaf wont go flying off at 330 kilometers per hour, whereas in this case, Newton's laws of force rule supreme.

The bike also has two helmets and can seat up to two people, the rider and his or her passenger.


Leaf has a wide variety of relationships with a multitude of people, however, here, we're going to talk about the group of people whom Leaf has met and they've caused major effects on his life, other than his parents.

Aster Durantia: The leader of Team APLE, Leaf respects her for her strength, however, her airhead personality sometimes collides with his calculative and philosophical one. Regardless, he respects her abilities, and realizes the importance of her role within the team. And he'll never admit her mumbling whilst she daydreams actually amuses him, to an extent.

Pomona Flamen: His partner, and someone whom he's developed a close bond with. He likes her personality and her mode of fighting, and especially her views on the world, and she can be said to be one of the few people who can actually make him smile from the heart. He claims the two are just friends, but in all honestly, he has a yearning in his heart for her.

Evan Verdant: Leaf avoids Evan as much as possible. As soon as he realized that the other male had a crush on him, he immediately wanted to pull all the stops and crawl into a hole and never come out, but he kept on with it, having mild conversation with him, but ultimately, keeping his distance.


Leaf was born into a lower high-class family in the city of Vale. His mother and father were both a hunter and huntress respectively, and also ran a medical business. However, since the moment Leaf could walk, he began training under his parents. 

His mother and father would spend at least a few hours everyday. Building up Leaf's strength, and making sure there weren't any failures. There were harsh repercussions if he couldn't complete a task. But this didn't make Leaf bitter and reclusive, it made him strive harder to please his parents and with an "I'll show you" attitude, he persevered, his parents were satisfied.

To give a brief insight on how his parents gave repercussions, it varied based on how badly Leaf made an error. For example, not doing push-ups properly meant doing twice the amount of pushups with weight on his back. Not fully comprehending something meant getting no food or water. Failure to succeed in an endeavor meant twenty whippings on his back. He still retains many of the scars today. The reason he didn't mentally break down was because he knew from a very young age that "what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger", and that was very much the case here.

When he became two years old, he got his first lead weights, a mere five pounds. But to a young child, carrying so many weights became a burden quickly. However, he made sure to stick with it, and started personally requesting that more weight be added once he didn't even feel the weight anymore. After that incident, neglect to wearing the weights for any point of time meant having to walk with concrete blocks attached to his legs, as a reminder of how light his parents were going on him, pardon the pun.

When Leaf turned three, he went from hand to hand combat to weapons. He didn't like any of the weapons he picked up until he got to pistols. Then he showed an unnatural knack of being able to weild and fire the weapons with deadly accuracy, and his strongly built body was able to handle the recoil, even from such a young age. The lead weights had done their job well. 

After a week of training with the given pistols, Leaf asked his father to be allowed to create his own weapons.

Leaf's father reacted quite aggressively towards this suggestion and he immediately dragged his son to a coveted punishment room and proceeded to whip him twenty times. His father found it outrageous that his son, not even old enough to attend a proper school, wanted to get straight on with making his own weapons. He made the lashes with a whip that was sharp on the end so that the scars would stay forever.

After the event, Leaf meticulously trained with the pistols for three years, and he gained even more expertise with them, becoming deadlier and deadlier with each passing month. Reaction times were shortened, his quickdraw became nigh invisible, and he didn't require as much time to aim. He managed to quickly take out multiple droids without blinking an eye. His growth was spectacular.

It must be said that at the age of four, Leaf began studying. Swallowing up books whole and ingesting their stores of information. He possessed an incredible capacity to learn and tactics books were his favourites. Learning about old and new tactics and being able to utilize these tactics effectively, was not lost on his father, who trained him, his mother had taken upon the role of school when she wasn't working at the clinic. 

In the few spare amounts of free time that Leaf had, he enjoyed playing instruments. Music was a passion that he had long wanted to pursue, and since his parents were punishing him less and less, and he was getting exponentially better, his parents decided to reward him by buying him a pure white piano with ivory keys. The piano was beautiful, and he always played it in his free time. In the following years to come. Leaf would pick up the guitar, violin, cello, and harp. And would divide his time equally amongst all the instruments to be able to become proficient in them all.

However, even more than training and studying and even instruments, Leaf loved philosophy. Learning about the subject and different kinds of philosophy gave him an almost singular view of the world. Seeing everything as statistics, different modes of philosophy, and different ideas or thoughts. Everything from the philosophy of faunus, to the faunus war, to humans and even war and weaponry, was not lost on him, and he became increasingly intelligent and softspoken the more he read. His favourite kind of philosophy, however, would have to be the philosophy of music. Learning about what drove the human mind with music, how music was created, how it worked, and how it enhanced a person intrigued him to no end. He made sure to study it well and ingest it, making it his own for the taking.

Finally age six, and Leaf has gained the strength to be able to handle swords. He didn't like Zweihandlers, as they were too big and unwieldy, and didn't allow him to utilize his full strength, speed, and flexibility. Katanas were too short, although they were lightweight. He finally settled on an Irish longsword. Pleased by its weight and its capabilities in slashing and being able to pierce armour. However, if any situation ever arrived to use it, he would probably have an easier time using a stick, nevertheless, he persevered. 

One day, while swordfighting, his dad easily cut through his defense and create a long, but shallow slash across his son's chest, telling him that his defensive form was weak and that his offense could use refining, and left him there to try and get help for himself.

After he got his chest stitched up, Leaf decided to start training defensively. He began to tone up his strength and use his calculative and philosophical mind in order to calculate his opponent's moves and to accurately counteract them. It was a shaky start, but he slowly started to get the hang of it. Receiving fewer and fewer cuts until he was able to match his father move for move, although he still lacked in the strength department in comparison to the rest of his body. His father would still overpower him due to his skill, strength and experience, however, even though his father hadn't trained with a longsword. It showed to go the great gap between himself, and a fully fledged hunter.

For a solid three years afterward, Leaf split up his time evenly between everything, but having spent more time with pistols, cut back the amount of time he spent training with them. By the end of the third year, his lead weights would weigh 20 pounds each. 

Leaf had a few incidents in this timeframe that were somewhat instrumental.

For starters, there was his first fight with a Grimm, a beowolf, that he barely managed to beat before it almost killed him. 

Then there was that incident where he foolishly attacked a beehive, which taught him not to be so rash in decisions and not to do things because they may seem fun, they may be really stupid in hindsight.

Now, it also must be said here that Leaf had his aura unlocked by his mother when he was about four, but he hadn't discovered his semblance until the age of seven.

One day, while practicing defensive maneuvers, He noticed that he could use his aura to create a small image of himself beside him. He asked his father to install a large wall to wall mirror in the training room. There, Leaf would practice at the end of each day, so that he wouldn't feel the exhaustion that came on after his aura ran out, and to be able to sleep like a log. He initially could only use his semblance for a few minutes, and once every few days, although he'd function normally the day after. But meticulous training made him able to increase the amount of time his semblance would stay active, and the amount he could use it, as well as his aura stores. Enhancing his aura gave him basic healing as well as a few regular enhancements that aura gives, but just that bit more potent as it would appear that training his aura was like working out. You get a microscopic tear in it, and then it rebuilds and gets a bit added onto it. 

By the end of it, he was able to use his semblance once a day, although the time constraint on it was a bit daunting, he kept on plugging away at it so that he'd be able to continue on using his semblance for longer amounts of time.

Every year, Leaf would get something special for his birthday. One year, it was a huge encyclopedia set all on philosophy. The other year it was a training droid for times when his dad was busy. However, on his eighth birthday, he received a gift that would change his stamina levels drastically, and at the same time, assist with the aftereffects of the semblance of major exhaustion.

Leaf's stamina was not bad by any standard, but he would still become winded after a harsh brawl, and this displeased both himself, and his parents. So for his eighth birthday, they got him a specialized treadmill. The treadmill had a few special things to help him increase his stamina. One, there was a gas mask that regulated the amount of oxygen he got to his lungs, forcing his lungs to deal with less oxygen, increasing their capacity and increasing his stamina at the same time. He began alternating days between Semblance Training and Stamina Training, allowing him for a good night's sleep. Working out his stamina or his semblance wore him down hard initially and he would get a good dreamless sleep afterward. The same still stands true for today, except instead of collapsing, he merely has to sit down, but the exhaustion still helps him sleep.

In between his eighth and seventh birthday, Leaf started training with dust, using dust on his sword, and dust bullets. And although the start was slow, and his increase in expertise gradual, it was there. 

There were a few noticeable incidents along the way in his training in these weapons as well. His usage of dust cause some dust related burns on his chest after they backfired, or the increase in the amount of recoil would force his hand back to his chest, putting a red hot muzzle on his chest that seared through clothes.

Finally, at age ten, Leaf's birthday gift was the permission to forge his own weapons, something he had wanted to do for a very long time. He began by working on his sword. The mechanisms for a pistol daunting him slightly. He forged his longsword after many attempts, each time getting slightly better, until he had a lightweight, but sharp blade. A solid guard, and the hilt having a place for dust crystals to go. The discarded weapons were given to a weapons maker to make them into appropriate weapons.

The pistols took him much longer, but less attempts. Getting the barrel just right as well as creating it that it had razor sharp edges was very hard, as the edges would be brittle, but after plugging away for a while, he got it. The guard and trigger were relatively easy to make, and he went all out on the fashionable design, making it look classy. He soon after named his pistols Hades and Chronos, and the sword Thanatos. 

He started training with the weapons immediately. It wasn't fully like learning how to walk again, but the struggle was there all the same. He was forced to get used to swinging his pistols as well as using different movements with them for close up attacks just in case. The weight of the pistols he had made and the regular pistols he had used for so many years was also noticeable. Add that to a higher amount of recoil and more weight, and it was awkward. 

However, just like a bird that knows flying from the moment it is launched into the air, and a fish can swim in water from its birth. Leaf rose back to his old skills in a matter of months, and even started to exceed them, gaining a good quickdraw to the point it was almost invisible, and a deadly accuracy rate. 

With the sword, the increase in skill was not as profound as it was with his pistols. He didn't add anything to the blade that made it different from the one he had previously used. It just took him some time to get used to the grip and the guard.

At around this time, Leaf also developed his watch. He required something to keep track of his aura and semblance time, while also being very handy. It had a bunch of other features added that Leaf could calculate in order to be more efficient with Hades, Chronos, and Thanatos.

On his eleventh birthday, Leaf got a chance to fight his father one on one after a long time of training with droids, and he surprised his father with his dexterity and skill. However, his father, being the hunter he was, got over the surprise fast enough to break Leaf's prefect defense through sheer strength and skill, and gave Leaf two fatal cuts to the chest, just barely missing his heart.

"You've pleased me..." his father said before taking him to the operating room to get fixed up.

After he recovered, and got back to training, one day Leaf went out on an excursion on his own to a local weapon's museum. On his way there, he was overpowered by a band of bandits and dragged back to their camp. There, he was constantly interrogated. It would appear that these bandits wanted to know why such a young boy had gotten so much experience in fighting, and did not like what they saw before them. 

They began by tearing his clothes off except for his boxers. Then for the next three hours, they would nonstop injure, beat, and main the boy. Leaving his face and neck alone, but scarring, cutting, cauterizing, bruising, and breaking bones on his chest, back, and legs. His arms got deep cuts on then and in those deep cuts, they placed pieces of hot metal. His screams rang around the camp.

They then went to waterboarding the boy, in an attempt to mentally break him. However, they met their match there as his mental strength and aptitude, applied with his philosophical sense, allowed him to reach a point of meditation, where he felt the drowning as merely an ocean washing over him, getting ready to take him to the afterlife. It would appear that Leaf had indeed, accepted death.

They were about to amputate his left arm with a cleaver, when his father, worried by his son not arriving home for a while, arrived at the camp armed with a shotgun. Within moments, all the bandits lay dead, with Leaf in the center of the bloodbath, strapped to a board with a piece of cloth over his face.

The event was scarring for Leaf, but it didn't leave any psychological effects. More like it was physically scarring, and it strengthened his resolve to get stronger so that he could defeat huge bands of people like that in the future. Recuperating from the event, however, and getting his body back up to full strength in order to continue. The amount of scars he had gotten from his father were dwarfed majorly by the new amount of scars on his body.

Leaf then had finally reached the age of twelve and applied at Signal Academy. They were impressed with his transcripts as well as his letters of recommendation, and accepted him immediately.

At Signal, life was alright for the most part. During his first year, Leaf found it hard to make friends due to the fact that he was very philosophical. Not only that, but his blunt way of speaking and philosophic and mature ways, set him off from the rest of the crowd at Signal. 

During the first year, Signal students generally forged their own weapons. Leaf, unfortunately, did not partake in this task as he had already forged his weapons and thus, spent the time doing homework or studying, or building up his strength. 

During classes, Leaf paid close attention, his eidectic memory absorbing information quickly and processing it. He would immediately get down to doing homework, and spending time training. During both written, and practical exams, Leaf did very well, managing to sweep through his first year through smiling.

Second year now.. That was hectic. Leaf had no end to bullies and people who teased him, whether it be because of his nerdiness, his style of talking, the way he fought, etc. This could be summed up to the fact that they were jealous of his skills, or they just plain didn't like him.

One day, while Leaf took a visit to the john, as every male does at least a thousand times within his lifetime, a group of bullies entered.

Thankfully Leaf had finished his job at the toilet or he would've had a considerable soil on his pants.

They went ahead, and in classic school bully style, they dunked his head in a toilet and flushed it, repeatedly. Reminded of the time he was waterboarded, Leaf had a flashback and started screaming. Very loudly, which caused them to kick him repeatedly, yelling at him to shut up. 

When they finally finished with the boy, he was lying on the ground, crying, and they all viciously kicked him in the balls on their way out.

Two weeks later, an incident of fourteen missing boys from Signal happened. No one had heard about the bullying incident, so they were perplexed. Who would have the motive to make fourteen people disappear? No one noticed that Leaf generally stayed quiet whenever the topic arose, but that was normal, he didn't talk much anyways.

The rest of the second year went by without incident for Leaf, and again, he passed the tests.

Third year at Signal got a bit more strenuous. He was constantly getting pitted against people who were of equal and greater skill than him, making keeping up hard. He found himself working out more and more often, but making sure that his schoolwork didn't suffer as a result. He was even forced to take off his lead weights a few times to assure himself victory. That, combined with his semblance, assured him victory multiple times, but he was still overtaken. 

In a kind of last ditch attempt at getting stronger, Leaf started increasing the lead weights sooner and sooner, forcing his body to adapt quicker. This ended up with him getting chronic back pain, and other slight quirks and issues. He finally realized his resolve was having the adverse effect he wanted it to have and instead started focusing more forward. Reducing the amount of weight he put on himself to ease his body and working on his speed. He resumed working out in low oxygen conditions in order to further raise his stamina. He gradually started increasing the speed on the treadmill as well in order to speed up his running speed. 

The third year exams came and went by, and Leaf was finally in his fourth and final year at Signal. 

Indeed, this fourth year was truly exemplary for Leaf, for he was able to finally bring his Semblance to the limit it is now, and it was in his fourth year that he perfected his perfect defense, allowing him to take down people much faster. He had a much easier time in dealing with Grimm as he found them easier to deal with, and they weren't as precise. Although they did have some weaknesses like humans, such as fatigue, and whatnot. 

There also was the moment when he finally created his combat gear, along with the ammunition. He had generally bought his bullets from a local store, but realized that making his own was cheaper and far more efficient. His combat pants, vest, jacket, and extra stores of ammunition as well as the areas where he kept his dust crystals were effectively sewed by him. He made the material tough and durable, as well as comfortable to a degree for his own self. 

After graduating, Leaf applied to Beacon and was immediately accepted, having a interview with Ozpin. The man looked at the boy silently for a while before beginning to ask questions, after the end of it, Ozpin merely handed Leaf a pre-made acceptance letter and told the boy to have a good year.

Now here he is, awaiting his chance to finally show the world what he truly is made of.


  • Leaf and Evergreen are both shades of green.
  • All of Leaf's weapons relate to death somehow.

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