Leanna WIP
Age 16
Title Student
Nickname Anna
Status Leader of LGND
Color Green
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Homo Sapiens
Handedness Left
Complexion Fair
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Additional Info
Likes Artwork
Dislikes Criticism

Leanna is the leader of team LGND


Leanna was born in a small village community in the wilderness. This community was built during the Faunus war, as a safe haven for Faunus and Humans alike. It's a peaceful village, but heavily fortified, to prevent any Grimm from attacking. Everyone is taugh to defend themselves from an Early age. Eventually Traders began to make their way to the Village, spreading stories of Hunters and Huntresses. These stories inspired Leanna to learn at Beacon, as to be able to wipe out the Grimm that are constantly threatening the Village.

Personality She exhibits a deep desire to push her limits, often "testing" her courage. This has nearly proven fatal a few times, and as such, she searches for new ways to test herself.

Leanna is known to have a kind heart, going out of her way to help people she doesn't even know. As an example, upon arriving in the Emerald Forest for Initiation, she came across another student who had poorly executed his landing, Breaking his leg. She Helped him through to the Altar and they recived their Relics.

She enjoys carving Statues out of wood. Often in the shape of Horses. She is prideful of her artwork and becomes distraught when it is criticised or Damaged

Abilities and Weapons

Zelinda - A Gun/Sword/Bow Hybrid She possesses a great deal of physical strength, although not so extreme to be beyond any Cononical RWBY Character. She has shown to be a quick thinker, often adjusting tactics in combat to better face her opponents. She posseses the power to Manipulate Electricity, often charging her ammunition with it for extra Damage.

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