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Lear Gonerail



Royal Storm


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1.30 metres


50 kg

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Platinum Blonde

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Vision - Firing Calculator

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Lear Gonerail is the reluctant leader of Team LEAV and a first-year student from the same year as Team RWBY. Coming from Sanctum, the same academy as Pyrrha Nikos and in turn being from the Mistral Region, Lear was a fierce competitor and hence rival against Pyrrha during the Regional Tournaments, though she always managed to barely beat him every single time. While in close-combat he is subpar, Lear excels in long-range combat as a sniper-type Hunter in the most unorthodox way: using Dust Crystals as hand-thrown grenades over hundreds of meters, earning him the title Carpet Bomber.


Lear is extremely short at 1.30 metres, having a stout musculature, with bulk in his shoulders and arms because he uses them so often as a long-range grenadier. In fact, in our world, he counts as a dwarf, though with much more fantastic species like Faunus running about, dwarfs like him are more or less left unscathed. His platinum blond hair is tousled at the front, while at the back, his hair is tied into a single braid that extends to his mid-back and is held by a golden crown-shaped band. His silver eyes behind silver-rimmed glasses noticeably lack the shine that eyes should have, making them dull and tired-looking. Lear is considered to be rather handsome compared to the rest of his male teammates due to his exotic look along with his regal personality akin to a humble king, albeit a short one (much to his chagrin).

In terms of his clothes, Lear always dresses in a very refined manner and even his Beacon uniform is noted to be a cut neater (and smaller) above the rest, being buttoned till it looks like a tuxedo, with the vest underneath hidden completely behind the jacket. His own addition to his uniform is on the tie in the form of a metallic badge of his symbol - the silver crown of tears - just under the collar. His usual casual clothes consist of a silver dress shirt with the collar having a crown pattern with a black tie, a silver sport jacket over the shirt, with navy pants that end once again in a crown pattern. In combat, Lear wears a silver sleeveless muscle shirt with the same navy pants, only this time he also wears an obnoxiosly large grenadier's belt that can roll out to reveal two large pieces of fabric carrying an entire multitude of Dust grenade crystals. In the event of a long mission that needs him to further add to his collection of grenades, he wears a grenade vest that carries even more of these deadly projectiles.


Lear was a man who has always strove for the best, but always found himself falling just short. Time and again, every time he would reach for success, but would always fall down back to the level called failure. He would continue this for fifteen years of his life, until he turned sixteen, where a final leap of faith ended in one important failure that caused Lear to breakdown. In his mind's attempt to recover, he concluded that he was destined to fail, never to succeed, and hence his personality altered itself to wrap around that conclusion.

After this event, Lear becomes a guy who finds no need in putting in his all into doing anything, as he has already deemed himself unable to succeed and hence feels no shame in his 'failures'. The good thing about this is that he resultingly does not feel the need to be competitive with anyone nor feel any jealousy about the achievements, as he 'knows' he will fail anyway. This makes him seem very humble, very forgiving and an overall nice guy that just seems very lazy. He spends a good deal of time in leisure and in class he is frequently late and pays little attention, though his knowledge has proven itself time and again to be beyond what is being taught in the first year curriculum. His manner of speech is also very polite, refined and the kind of which a humble king would refer to his subjects, close but never too close. This makes him seem both regal and mysterious, a trait that quite a few of his admirers in the academy swoon over.

On the bad side, this mindset that 'I cannot succeed' can be self-destructive and in serious times where effort is much-needed, Lear could not be bothered to lift a finger due to his assumption. This would the first main problem in Team LEAV due to him being the leader. In battles he likes to lay back and just shoot occasionally from his safe distance, never really giving his all or directing the team, a stark contrast to the Lear of the past, who was a fierce and respectable competitor who earned respect through his hard work according to Pyrrha. This self-destructive behaviour would eventually be remedied when Vulturn points out to Lear that even while he personally cannot succeed, in a team of different individuals with different destinies, success is no longer determined by the individual but by the team and thus there is a chance of success, even if Lear is with them. 
Do you really believe your destiny is so high on the world's priority list that it will overwrite mine? What you are doing is not humility, it is arrogance! Arrogance in the very core!
— Vulturn


Lear uses the Booster Palm Grenade Gloves (BPGG) personally named Royal Storm, which are fingerless silver gloves with a ring-like mechanism on the back of the palm, with Lear's symbol, a silver crown of tears, in the centre. The mechanism releases Dust (silver in Lear's case) which emit pure kinetic force when ignited, making it perfect for the usage by people who throw objects such as grenades. When throwing an object, the BPGG automatically ignites dust near the end of the throw, boosting the palm and in tun the throwing distance and speed of the object. The simple design of these weapons hence make them one of the earliest weapon types ever made, with Lear inheriting his from his aunt. Royal Storm has a personal defining trait: the palm boost can go beyond the automatic function and be used in palm strikes and counters with vocal commands "Strike" and "Counter" respectively, as Lear's aunt was more of a martial artist rather than a grenadier.

Lear's grenades ran the gamut of Dust types. Being a member of a royal family affords him access to a great number of Dust types, from common to experimental. The average power of his grenades is enough to blast a Nevermore to smithereens with just one. Containing almost all elemental effects known to mankind, Lear's arsenal is too long to fully list, hence I'll limit it to some of the more exotic types:

  • Gravity Scatter Grenades - When thrown, these opaque black grenades ignite midair, firing off little spear points that are then subjected to massive gravitational pull, plunging down to the ground below the explosion in a perforating shower of metal rain. Good for light-armored hordes.
  • Quicksand Grenade - This grenade requires extreme accuracy to use. Once hitting the ground, it tunnels down and explodes, liquefying the ground to a quicksand quality. Good against the heavies.
  • Rapier Wasp Grenade - This particular stinger, patterned in yellow and black stripes and the size of a coconut, buzzes when about to be thrown. It is actually a once hibernating beehive of rapier wasps, combined with an outer layer of red sap that smears the intended target. Good against man, as the rapier wasps are too light for the Shroud to detect and block out.
  • Tornado Ignition - A multi-staged grenade, it plants itself into the ground before using Wind Dust to induce a miniature tornado around it, about three times a man's height. It in turn starts releasing thin wires that fan out, hook on and pull targets towards the tornado, just in time for a swarm of mini-grenades to be dispersed into the tornado. The result is an intensely concentrated hyper-explosion, obliterating flesh and metal inside it. The tornado is also a good setup to pile on even more grenades from Lear into it with the right timing.

Finally, in order to compensate for his short stature and in turn his handicapped ability to move, Lear wears special rocket boots that allow him to hover above the ground and lift off over tall objects to get through obstacle-filled terrain with ease.


Character Attributes
Alignment: Lawful Good
Strength: D Aura: B
Defense: E Agility: C
Endurance: D Technique: C+
Intelligence: B Leadership: A
Experience: N/A Semblance: N/A

With his weapon, Lear is an accomplished grenadier, being able to throw accurately to a meter within his target from a average throwing distance of 400 meters. He carries with him a multitude of different Dust crystal grenades that he switches to adapt to the situation or to get a certain advantage. The Dust crystal grenades, unlike bullets, have no tracers that indicate where they are coming from, making it very difficult to find their point of origin and in turn Lear. His strong arm and his weapon enhance his throwing of even normal objects, with him being able to throw almost anything in the environment such as cars or lamp posts against his opponents Durarara-Shizuo-style.

Lear's Dust Style is a "Timer"-type. While he cannot manipulate Dust physically and evoke their effects, he is able to prompt Dust to activate based on a timer he set, complementing his style as a grenadier.


His Aura, further complementing his emphasis on distance, have the Semblance of Full Name: Vision - Firing Calculator, enhancing Lear's vision to eagle-like proportions, such that he has extreme perception towards details in his environment and can make out a person's face from a kilometer away. Its unique aspect "Firing Calculator" allows Lear to see the predicted trajectory of anything he shoots with perfect accuracy, including any influence from external factors such as winds and the forces exerted by other explosions, even those that occur in the next few seconds, granting him limited foresight.

However, Lear's weakness is his inept close combat performance, due to his weapon, his Aura and himself. The BPGG only cover the hands and while the material is hard and resistant to damage, the lack of coverage exposes the rest of the body to attacks that a normal body can't take. Lear's Aura is also almost exclusive to his eyes and hence he cannot use it to enhance other physical attributes that are beneficial to close-combat beyond a normal shield. Finally, Lear has grown too familiar with sitting back and attacking from a safe distance that he has little experience in close-quarter combat, nor does he actually try to use the special trait of Fool's Storm. This in end causes him to lose out to people who can be effective at both close and long range such as Pyrrha, unless he manages to hide himself and draw out the fight to that of attrition.

By his second year, Lear becomes much more proficient in close-combat, having improved his natural agility and speed, while being more liberal with using Royal Storm's palm strikes. His Semblance Eyes also evolves to allow other people Lear specifically chooses to also use his Semblance and when they do, every person using it are able to share what they see to each other on this 'network'. This sharing of vision can be highly disorientating at first, so this aspect cannot be used on the fly.

Other Skills

Being born of royalty, Lear had received a truly first-class and princely education in his childhood and while it may have drained away the freedom and fun in normal childhoods, he feels that the knowledge gained was a worthy reward in return. Blessed with acute worldly knowledge, Lear had a comprehensive understanding of many cultures, the social distinctions between the four kingdoms and history. He had also received musical instruction, becoming a gifted Dust pianist, and has evolved into a lover of music, especially of the classical and soul genre. However, during his Beacon Days, Lear remains doubtful about his skills and capabilities and hence did not reveal such skills until he was finally convinced by Vulturn that he can do better, no matter what fate says. In Beacon classes, Lear is the virtual opposite of Art, having phenomenal grades all around and is in a one-sided rivalry from Weiss for the 'position of smartest student'.


  • Lear is obviously named after King Lear, one of Shakespeare's great tragedies and his surname is the slightly misspelled name of King Lear's eldest daughter, Goneril.
  • His personality is based on the always-losing mentality of Kumagawa Misogi from Medaka Box and the depressed attitude King Lear had when abandoned by his daughters.
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