Name: Ledynas Sorciere

Title: Ice Witch, The Snow Woman

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Height: 6' (182 cm)

Weight: 145 lbs (65 kg)

Occupation: Beacon Student

Weapon: Dust Bow

Ability: Ice

Fighting Style: Spaztastic

Likes: Ice Skating

Dislikes: Hot places


Ledynas is tall and has a large rack. She is thin for a women her height and and has pale skin. She has light blue hair that she keeps it two large curls. She had dark pale eyes that look almost lifeless. She wears a dark blue fur dress with white trim and a bark blue bow. She also ears a pair of dark blue heels and white trim.


Ledynas is a spaz and tends to be in a depressing mood. She tends to be sad but still has a small bit of hope inside her that she will be freed by the man of her dreams. She tends to be by herself because she tends to bring other people down just by looking at her. She doesnt have many friends if any, which causes her to be even more depressed. She loves to go ice skating but never has any one to go with and usualy goes to the movies alone. She also causes the area around her to drop the temp.


Ledynas' power is to control ice, thanks to the Dust crystal in her bow. She is a very skilled Ice user and can frezze almost any form of water. She tends to hold back when fighting though because she doesnt want people to think she is some kind of monster. She is a stationary fighter just like her twin sister River and isnt good against fast and agile opponents. Her most common attack is Ice Spikes, she frezzes the grond and make a massive line of ice spikes. Her Aura is pale blue.


Ledynas along with her older sister River where raised by her mother in a small appartment in a large city. Being raised by a single parent she never really grew up with money and never had a lot of things. She had to entertain her self by reading books in the local library. She was very quiet and always made the room lower the temp. degrees. She would always just look at other kids and would never really interact with them. She also had several crishes growing up and would constantly stock them. At 15 she finaly gained enough curage to ask on of the boys she liked. SHe walked up to the boy and told him her feelings. The boy instantly pushed her to the ground and said "I would never date a freak like you." He then walked away like nothing happened. Later she was found by a very old man that run a small little Dust shop. He took her to the shop and then thought her to use Dust and aura. He then decided she was ready to apply to Beacon. 

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