Leng Yu
Age 17
Title The Dramatic Badass
Status Active
Color Ocean Blue
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Sea Snake
Handedness Ambidextrious
Complexion Pale
Hair Black
Eyes Grey
Semblance Psycholocation
Height 6'
Weight 136
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team IMRL
Additional Info
Likes Sparring, sailing, cards, dice, sweets, crowds, the ocean
Dislikes Staying in one place for too long, doing nothing, being coddled
Special Skills Good shot, Quick-wit, Agile
Weaknesses Easily startled, Short temper, Impatient


Slim and a little gangly, but well-muscled. Yu has a fairly androgynous appearance, with a thin face and nose. Is usually smiling, and commonly hisses at others with a thin forked snake tongue. Their long black hair is pulled back in a tight, low ponytail, with only small wisps around their ears falling around their face.

Yu typically wears an un-tucked white button-up dress shirt that has the sleeves ripped off to t-shirt length and the first few buttons undone. They wear steel grey cargo pants that are tucked into black boots, as well as finger-less black gloves and a light blue handkerchief tied around their right arm. Over all this, they wear a dark navy pirate-style long coat with cold buttons, the sleeves rolled up to their elbows. They also sometimes wear a plain, dark brown tri-cornered hat.

Yu sports quite a few piercings- a silver hoop on the right eyebrow, black cuffs on the upper part of both ears, a gold hoop helix on each ear, and a hanging cuff-to-lobe silver chain on the right ear. They also have a black ring on their right middle finger, and other simple gold or silver bands, some with blue or white insets, on the remaining fingers of both hands. Yu has a small scar going over their left eyebrow, and other small scar nics up and down their arms.

Yu has a tattoo of black and white striped snake scales from the base of their neck to the small of their back, filling most of their back. On their left upper arm they have an anchor tattoo with a yellow-bellied sea snake wrapping around it in a infinity sign, eating its own tail(an ouroboros).


Yu grew up on the sea off the coast of Vacuo, on their father's pirate fleet, and much prefers boats and the sea over land any day. Yu's father ran a small fleet of pirates, most of them either family members or close enough that they acted as such in Yu's life growing up, the captains of individual ships practically being Yu's uncles.

Before the change in leadership, Yu's father and his pirate fleet counted themselves as part of the White Fang, but left as the ownership changed- 'We are feared for being pirates, not for being Faunus.' their father told Yu.

Shortly after the change, a boy by the name of Rod stowed away on the ship with Yu's crew, found by Yu about a day after the last port. Since he was young, only about Yu's age(12)- and the kids on the ship wanted another sparring dummy- they decided to allow Rod to stay on the ship, and accepted him as part of the crew. For a year, Rod and Yu trained and worked together. Rod grew to see Yu as his superior, and took to called them 'Boss' or 'Captain' (Much to Yu's equal embarrassment and enjoyment). After about a year, Rod decided to leave the crew to live his own life, getting off at the next mainland port they docked at.

Shortly after Rod left, when Yu was 13, Yu's father died, leaving them to assume they would take charge of the fleet as captain when they came of age, since Yu was an only child. But due to Yu biologically being female, most of their fleet and family told Yu they would not inherit the title of captain since they were a girl.

This was a shock to Yu, because they barely thought it mattered, and Yu had been trained just as any boy had been. This upset led them to decide they didn't want to be just a girl, but a guy too. Not one, or the other, but both- at least in identity. They began to bind their chest and shun others that didn't adhere to the change. On top of this, they wrote up a transcript for themselves(putting down their fleet-taught combat as a 'proper' combat school instead), and decided to enroll at Beacon, planning on becoming a respected Huntsman and proving to the fleet that they could be a great captain, as their father was. And if the fleet still didn't respect Yu as a captain, they had better respect them as a Hunstman.

Upon entering Beacon, Yu became a member of Team IMRL, with long-lost Rod as one of their teammates.


Yu is a very boisterous, loud, and adventurous person. They aren't afraid of breaking rules to get what they want, since "It only matters if you get caught!" Yu is typically very loud and upfront about their emotions, especially happiness or anger, but they do hide when they're hurt or sad until they can get away on their own to deal with it. Yu casually tells people what to do fairly often, half knowing most people will ignore them because of their brash attitude, half wanting to see which people actually do what they say. Whatever Yu does, they do it dramatically and flashily, aiming for complicated and practical solutions that look as cool as possible. They have a fair lot of pride and selfishness, and tend to take more than they need in everything.

Despite this, Yu has a soft spot for kids, especially the homeless, poor, or other Faunus. They'd never steal from someone who is barely getting by, and they always stand up for anyone who is getting picked on for being poor or a Faunus.

In fact, they love to scare strangers with their pirate attire and forked tongue, knowing full well they look a bit crazy and working every bit of that whenever possible.


Yu double wields two pirate sabers, which hold flintlock pistols in the guards. The pistols can be removed from the sword and used separately, although in that form they are only single-shot weapons, since the ammo is stored in the hilt of the sword. .


As a pirate, Yu was taught exceptional balance and endurance, and can easily climb anything, from a mast to a tree to a building. They are also a fairly good shot- Yu is no sniper, but they can hit their target. They can read weather to a good degree, and is also a good swimmer. They can navigate to the stars well enough to find North on a clear night, and obviously can drive or steer almost any kind of ship. Also, don't play cards or dice with Yu- they cheat, and even if they don't cheat, they almost always win.


Psycholocation: Yu has the ability to intuit the position of anything and everything around them, from walls and structures, to people and Grim. Without looking, Yu can know the layout of their surroundings, where and how everything is moving, and where everyone is, up to a radius of almost a city block. They use this ability to keep their team members from getting hurt by alerting them of attacks, and to fight using the positions and movements of everything around them to their advantage.


  • Leng Yu is based off famous Chinese pirate Ching Shih
  • Leng Yu's name is Chinese, individually Leng means 'cold' and Yu means 'Rain', becoming 'Cold Rain'.

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