Why do i act like a kid? Because childhood is colorful and adulthood is black and white such as a gray rainbow
— Leona Denkinnesshō

Leona Denkinesshō property of Firenadia. 



Leona Denkinesshō
Age 17
Nickname Leona
Status Active
Color Deep blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion White
Hair Phthalo Blue
Eyes Red
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Jobs Bakery Chef
Additional Info
Likes Being happy, Snacking, Drinking, and playing around
Dislikes Being sad, alone, and sees a friend getting hurt


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Leona Denkinesshō is a Property of Firenadia
Don't take something from me without permission. or i will send you to HELL



Leona is a young girl with Phthalo Blue straight hair, she is wearing a head band with her symbol on it. She is wearing a yellow shirt with a black tie and a blue with a little orange jacket. She wear one glove on her right hand so she can shoot electricity and flame arrows. She wearing black jeans, and her shoes has a lighting symbol that means she can run fast


Leona is a childish, and happy-go-lucky girl, when it comes to a meeting or something like that, she is going to daydream or even sleep. She's always happy, she is rarely be sad, and she doesn't like to be mad, but when it comes to fighting she's serious. She's not really good at making a plan, but she's smart. She was a shy one when she first arrived at Beacon, because she never saw so many people in one place.



Weapons and Ability

Leona's weapons is a long double dagger that can turn into a bow. The daggers can be electric type and can be


The Fire Type(up) The Electric Type (down)

fire type, it is powered by dust . When it turn to a bow the string will appear depends on the type, for example if it's on fire type the string will be fire and if it's on electric type the string will be electricity. Same with the arrows, and that's why she's wearing one glove on her right hand because from the fire or electricity string can make fire or electricity arrows.


  • Her last name in japanese means "Electric Burn".
  • She really likes to play around.
  • She cooks Cakes, Cookies, Bread, and etc. (well because she is a bakery chef that is)
  • She was Created on 2th August 2013.

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