Leroy Frazier is the fourth member of Team SCRL(t), along with Catherine Thompson and Remus Romulus led by Samael Thanatos


Leroy is short compared to the other guys on his team, standing at about 5' 10". Despite his height, Leroy is built like a brick. He is wide-shouldered and muscular. Leroy wears a pair of black sneakers, over tall white socks. He wears a pair of dark grey cargo shorts held up by a matching belt and small gold buckle. Above the waist, Leroy has a tight white t-shirt beneath an unbuttoned, plaid, white, grey, and black short-sleeved over shirt. He wears a black and blue beanie that almost completely covers his jet-black buzz cut. 


Leroy is an obnoxiously loud, boisterous teenager. He is overzealous and easily amused. An average student, Leroy shined at sports; primarily contact ones. He is very aggressive and rough when he's messing around, but is capable of settling down and getting serious. When the situation calls for it, he is capable of pulling through for his team. He resents Samael for taking the position of Team SCRL(t)'s leader, but otherwise gets along fine with his team, and the rest of the students at Beacon. Having made no enemies among the other students, but also having made relatively few close friends, at Signal, he sees Beacon as his chance to try again, and is making attempts to be equally as outgoing without overreacting to anything (both good and bad).


Before attending Signal Academy, Leroy was a wrestler and boxer. Fighting at the top of his age bracket in both fields, Leroy was considered an excellent fighter. His lack of any grace or finesse, however, failed to land him sponsors for various competitions that he would have been eligible to compete in. His frustration, coupled with his overzealous and aggressive personality, led him to begin taking out his problems on anything he 

could, be it punching his punching bags, walls, or other students.

His parents, hoping that a more physical and hands on curriculum, that included Leroy's talent with fighting, could provide a less aggressive way for Leroy to vent, contacted Sanctum Academy and had Leroy enrolled partway through the year. During his first year, Leroy was practically invisible. As he became familiar with the new school, the curriculum, and the fighting of Grimm (which his parents neglected to inform him was part of the curriculum), his true talents began to stand out, and he became more confident. He quickly developed a reputation for being among the strongest fighters in the school, when it came to brute strength, but was made recognized as one of the weakest, and stupidest, because he was months behind the rest of the school in designing, constructing, and training with his weapon.

Leroy eventually developed his weapon and quickly shot back to the top of the class. Although he lacked any versatility, his strength and endurance made up for his shortcomings when it came to agility, speed, range, or strategy. After his first day at Beacon, he quickly attempted to find the smarter students at his level, hoping that by establishing a well-rounded team, his shortcomings would be covered, and he could really begin to showoff. 

Leroy meets Torrent


Midway during his 2nd year at Sanctum, a well-known Hunter, named Torrent, arrived at the class as a guest speaker for a general lecture. He spoke about the history of Grimm, and of Hunters, and of all the advancements made in the Grimm Hunting fields before today.

"The most prominent of which is the remarkable fold-technology. This is what allows you all, as the future Hunters, to design and craft a functioning, multi-scenario, versatile weapon."

"Why would one need a fancy, 2-in-1 weapon when they function just fine with a regular weapon." Leroy interjected.

"Look at it this way. Everybody has a unique fighting style, even Grimm. Beowolves are naturally fast and agile, and fight with their long claws. The Deathstalker is considered to be a bulky mass, that, unlike the Beowolf, relies on a significant amount of natural strength, added to the size of its body, to fight. You, as Hunters and Huntresses, will be fighting a variety of these enemies, each with their own styles. You need to be prepared for all sorts of situations. How will you fight a flying Nevermore with just a sword or your fists? Will an SMG penetrate a Deathstalker's armor as much as a heavy blade wielded by a strong Hunter? One simple weapon cannot viably handle all of these situations." At the end of the monologue, Torrent turned to face Leroy.

"Isn't that why we have our teams? To cover our weaknesses?" Leroy retorted back.

"You fail to look to the future. After graduating, and then going through another Academy, where will your team be then? You will not remain together forever. Would you join me up here for a minute, kid? And bring your weapon." Torrent turned back away from Leroy as he waited for him to stand.

"Sure thing pal." Leroy stood up, locking his Twin Jacks around his wrists. "So what's the point of this?"

What's your name? And what is your weapon?" Torrent pointed to Leroy's wrists.

"I'm Leroy. . . Frazier. My weapon is a pair of bladed gauntlets designed to allow for maximum physical capacity."

"And the ranged component?"

"There is no ranged component. What you see is what you get. Physically, I'm probably the strongest in the school. Can I hear some noise?" He turned toward the crowd of students in front of him, who remained relatively silent. "Eh, they're just jealous. With my strength and my Twin Jacks, nothing can get in my way."

"What if you're faced with a Nevermore? Or with an entire pack of Beowolves? Or a Deathstalker? You'd never be able to hit the Nevermore. The Beowolves would likely overcome you with numbers if you had to fight each one hand-to-hand. And by the time you got close enough to punch a Deathstalker, you'd already be impaled on its stinger."

The audience, silently watching this exchange, began to laugh.

"The audience appears to agree with me, Leroy. Now, what can you do to help remedy the situation?"

"Well I'm not making another weapon, that's for sure. These bad boys are my entire soul."

"Thank you Leroy. You've walked me right into my next point. Aside from fold-technology, other advances have been made to help fight the Grimm. One such advance is a unique fighting style, named the Grimm Chance. This style originated centuries ago from hours upon hours of watching Grimm fight, and coming up with effective ways to counter them. For example, the King Taijitu style of Grimm Chance reflects the Taijitu's speed and agility,

allowing for a more limber Hunter to land intense, focused hits quickly and get out of harm's way. You, lumbering as you are, may be suitable for Ursa Style¸ or even Boarbatusk Style. Each of these styles are designed to cater to those who are brutally strong, but. . . lacking in other areas."

More laughing.

"Will it make me kick even more Grimm ass than I already do?" Leroy didn't care that the entire student body was mocking him. As long as he could get even stronger, he'd go for it.

"Without a doubt. That's what it was designed to do, after all. Why don't you stay behind a little after the lecture, and we'll make a rough schedule for training. Now go back to your seat. There are other students here who came to learn, rather than to watch you flounder around on stage."

"Sounds like a plan. And I wasn't floundering, got it?" Leroy walked off, back to his seat, unsure whether to be happy that he was going to be receiving special training, or angry that his new teacher seemed like such a know-it-all.

"Now aside from all of that. . . " Torrent went back to his lecture as Leroy sat pondering what was going to be expected of him from now on.


Leroy's dual weapons, Twin Jacks, (a reference to Jack the Ripper) is a pair of identical bladed gauntlets. Each gauntlet is comprised of forearm brace and a handle brace. Each brace is attached by an axel to an outer ring. These outer rings hold the blades. The outer ring of the forearm brace connect

  • A 3D aerial side view of Twin Jacks
  • A 3D Model of Twin Jacks, from a table-top perspective

s to a single blade that juts up the outside of the forearm to the elbow, dark grey aside from a dark blue trim, to be used as both a guard and another blade. The handle brace's ring connect to 2 identical curved blades that almost meet each other at a point in front of the handle, each with the same dark blue trim as the side blade. The axels connecting each brace to the rings allow the rings, and consequentially the blades themselves, to spin. The back ring adjusts the angle that the blade sits at, so that Leroy can block attacks without awkwardly turning his arm. The front ring allows the two connected blades to spin rapidly, changing the two blades into a giant drill, allowing for extra piercing capacity.


-Leroy boasts incredible physical strength, and thus able to fight hand-to-hand with destructive offensive power.

  -Leroy's build and strength come at the expense of speed and agility, making Leroy a lumbering beast more than a graceful fighter.

-Leroy is average intellectually. He's no genius, but he's not stupid either.

-After meeting Torrent, and training with him whenever he was in the area, Leroy is also proficient in Ursa Style Grimm Chance , with moderate skill in Boarbatusk Style, each further increasing his offensive capacity.


-Leroy is a reference to the popular internet icon, Leroy Jenkins, who is famous for just rushing in and trying to get things done. Similar to Leroy's fighting style, where he goes in with no advanced planning and just goes at it with his fists.

-Frazier, Leroy's last name, is a reference to Joe Frazier, a famous boxer/fist-fighter between 1965 and 1976.

-Twin Jacks came from Jack the Ripper, who mutilated his victims, like Twin Jacks’ drill form was designed to do to Grimm.

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