"Liadan Dormant. Leader of Team LAPZ. Scientist. Hunter."
— Lia's Introduction in an RP.

"There is a reason why I was accepted into Beacon. Allow me to demonstrate..."
— Liadan's answer to anyone who doubts her skill.

Liadan Dormant
Liadan Final Van
Age 18
Title Sleeping Leader, Platinum, Mad Magician
Nickname Lia
Status Student
Color Light Gray
Gender Female
Race Human
Species Human
Born January 29
Handedness Right
Complexion Pale
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Gray
Semblance Eternity
Height 5'3"
Weight 119 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Former: Beacon Academy
Team Team LAPZ
Partner Auburn Radcliff
Occupation Student, Huntress, Mercenary
Job Types VIP Protection, Hunting, Recovering
Jobs Huntress, Mercenary
Personal Status
Relatives Father


Younger Brother Flannery Dormant Grandmother Grandfather

Additional Info
Likes Sleeping, Experimenting, Copa Coka, Apples
Dislikes Yelling, Long Days, Bears, Jocks
Special Skills Calm, Dust knowledge
Weaknesses Tired easily, Likes experimenting too much.
Battle Theme

Dust to Dust (Five-Mahou Tsukai no Yoru)
This is the property of StarlightAT. Take it and I will sick Cerberus on you!!

Liadan Dormant is an second year student at Beacon and the leader of Team LAPZ.


Liadan is a rather plain, young gray-eyed teenager with shoulder blade length, platinum blonde hair with her hair laying in two pieces in front of her chest. She is average in both height and weight for someone her age, but her body isn't as physically fit as it should be due to her ever present condition of Narcolepsy, or rather a form of it that she can control due to her pills.

Her outfit is basically a tan sleeveless coat over a long sleeved, gray colored shirt with puffed sleeves, two black belts tied at the base of the puffs. Underneath her coat is a dark gray skirt and black tights covered by a pair of navy blue shorts and flat white shoes. Her coat however isn't symmetrical at the end, looking to be slanted at the right when it really was cut like that to match the girl's taste. Her outfit has triangle like frills circling the ends of her coat, shorts and collar. She wears something akin to a light gray witches hat to further emphasize her being a magician, or her desire to be called one.

Her newest design (Done by both me and Call me Nappa) features her wearing her iconic hat and the shoes from her previous outfit. However, she now sports a modified lab coat with a black and red triangular pattern that circles the coat at the end.


To say Liadan is a heavy sleeper is an understatement. This is her fault as since she has a form of Narcolepsy, she needs to take pills to keep herself awake, but she would rather not take them and thus the sudden bouts of exhaustion. She takes the pills no matter what to make sure she doesn't fall asleep during a battle, but other than that, she will fall asleep at other times. Even so she is a diligent and hard worker.

Liadan is rather soft in her speech, literal, and can be a bit eccentric and rather....questionable, but that doesn't mean she is bad. She isn't social and would rather be cooped up in her room perform various experiments to better utilize Dust, but if someone is in serious trouble she will leap at the chance to help. She may not like being around people but she wouldn't wish anything bad to happen to anyone that bothered her, unless they are jocks or Grimm, then she will be rather blood thirsty and willing to experiment on living things. Liadan is similar to a scientist but she refers to herself as a "Mad Magician" as her way of utilizing dust is similar to that of a fairy tale magician and science put together.

Despite her antisocial attitude at times, she is a rather effective leader and strategist, able to improvise on the spot due to her immense knowledge and her guidelines of following the rules. Liadan was told by Ozpin that to be a better person and an effective scientist she needs to interact with others, something she dismisses as she believes confidently that she is fine the way she is, minus the sudden need to sleep. This comes from a distrust of people for being teased so much for being a braniac out of a family of martial artists. Being with her team will force her to accept the fact she is fine the way she is and that she can meet people that won't betray her and honestly care for her besides her family. She feels like she understood Ozpin's words the moment she fought with her teammates against a Grimm while during initiation, and felt like she could trust the people surrounding her. Sadly there was only three, and by adding a fourth member form their year could they finally be a full fledged team. However, she wasn't exactly happy to be made Team Leader, but deep down felt like she could live up to the title, something she secretly wants to do.

Her secret side however, a side she won't admit to having, is the side that wants to still please people. She wants to serve and be served, to show that despite not possessing her family's martial arts talent, she wants to impress people with her skills and show that she can work as a Huntress, and being the leader of Team LAPZ is a shot for her to prove she does have the qualities of a good team leader, and knows she will have to work on her own personality to be better. Even so this side of her, the side that wants to be a good leader and help others, has shown around her team to the point that she will threaten to harm anyone tat hurts her teammates, especially Zaffre.

There are times however where her eccentricity gets the better of her and her curiosity causes some accidents, ending with a few explosions possibly, but this never seems to deter her, as she loves explosions. Her second hobby as of late is teasing her partner, for he doesn't like to be called an assistant, and she will abuse it whenever she can just to get a reaction out of him.

As of late she has shown attempts at being more social since her arrival at Beacon and the start of her second year, but she still would rather be in a lab than out in the town as she finds the lab to be more fun.

She could be considered a tsundere due to how she acts around others, but she only acts like one due to not understanding how without getting hurt.


Liadan was born into a family of Martial Artists, but didn't inherit any of her family's strength in the arts or their tough bodies. Because of this she was bullied a lot because she was the latest Dormant born to take over the family title, and yet cannot because of her born weaknesses of a weak body compared to the Dormant's and her spin-off form of Narcolepsy. Despite this she possessed amazing knowledge in Dust usage and other subjects, being the top of her class in several subjects. Her family encouraged her to keep going with her studies as she shown a love for learning more about Dust but still continuing the family line of being Huntsmen.

There was a time when she was close to her older sister, finding the time to play music with her. Liadan took up Violin practice to play alongside her sister's piano, but there were days Lia wanted to learn and her sister would teach her. However, due to being named head of the family and the next successor, the time they had to play music together was cut short, though Liadan still kept practicing up until she attended her final year at Sanctum.

In her pre-Sanctum years, she made a few friends who generally seemed to like her for who she was and she relied on them for assistance in certain things as she tried to get her body strong enough to handle the work of a huntsmen. However this turned out to be a lie as she overheard them talking badly about her. She didn't believe the words and pretended she dreamed them, but it provided to be true as when she unveiled her piece about Dust usage and where it possibly came from to a science fair and how to make it work more effectively, the so called friends betrayed her and destroyed her work.

She was unable to attend the science fair, but did manage to meet a Professor from Beacon and shared her own thoughts about Dust, something that intrigued the woman and she said she would be looking forward to Liadan's acceptance into Beacon. The woman would later reveal to be Glynda Goodwitch and be Liadan's main inspiration for not completely giving up on people and attending Beacon. However the event still left her a bit traumatized about trusting others and would only work with other people unless assigned to.

During her time at Sanctum, she designed her weapon to suit her needs, but it only had one mode to it when compared to everyone eases on paper. She wanted to improve on the design and wandered around the school for inspiration. When she couldn't find any inspiration, it was a TV Show that gave her the inspiration to use a Musket, and took up several Marksmanship classes as electives. Once she passed then, she created her weapon, Briar Rose.

During Initiation for her year, she met her future partner, Auburn Radcliff, by acting as a pillow for his descent. In anger she nearly sent him off flying but he did apologize and even helped patch up her injuries. However, due to the eye sight rule established by the professors, Liadan and Auburn were forced to be partners. Along the way they found Putrea Zedong, who claimed that he was alone due to another student having to be spirited away due to a serious injury. Eventually they reclaimed a relic and returned back to the cliff-side, having to fight off a pack of Beowolves along the way. However, their luck worsen when they were found by a smaller than most Nevermore that followed them as Auburn stole something shiny that they liked.

Though thanks to Liadan's strategy they managed to defeat the Nevermore, which consisted of a lot of bombs and making a dust explosion occur in the belly of the beast. However, since there was an uneven number, Ozpin asked them to wait as they would be receiving another student soon who could fill their roster. Due to circumstances though, their last teammate wouldn't be able to join them till she finished up her missions and awaken from a coma. Their last member, Zaffre Perrault, would become their final team member one week after her awakening, forming the now establish Team LAPZ with Liadan as leader.



Auburn Radcliff: During Initiation Auburn was the first person Liadan laid eyes on due to him crashing into her while running from a Beowulf. The only reason she tolerated him was because he helped wrap her injured leg and showed his ability as a medic. Though her patience ran dry once he began asking her questions.

Putrea Zedong: Because of Putrea not being able to find a partner, Liadan allowed the man to join her and Auburn, mostly because he was good at battle and keeping Auburn entertained so he wouldn't drill her with questions. While she finds his cross-dressing antics interesting, his constant need to call her Cinderella and teasing her has earned him the ire and sometimes finding himself drugged and on a table just to be her lab rat.

Zaffre Perrault: Even though they met during the second semester of their second year, Liadan has grown fond of Zaffre due to her experience, skills and her aura, constantly trying to experiment on the girl as her Aura kept her alive and safe from Grimm, but also landed her in the coma. Though they don't see eye to eye, they respect each other and trust one another on the battlefield.


Urdin Meadows: While she doesn't know him that much, a member of her team is dating him and she often finds him at Zaffre's weapon shop whenever she is off duty or not in class. She understands the boy's feelings of protecting Zaffre and trusts that he will treat him right, but Zaffre is still a member of her team and she has threatens him on a daily basis. She promises him that if he ever hurts her, she will find a way to use him for the more dangerous experiments that she can't conduct on normal people.

Tierisch Kriegsschiff: On one hand she dislikes the boy for humiliating her on a certain night, and yet at the same time finds him admirable for both his skills and concern for his friends. Even so she would like more than anything to humiliate him the same way he did her once. She will never get the chance now that she is beginning to understand what her heart really wants. It's sad isn't it Lia-chan? XD

Shirayuki Yaiba: Due to a certain incident which neither will speak off they try to keep themselves at a distance but have been forced to work together. She thinks Yaiba is a nice Faunus but would love to try to change the girl's ear and tail color with concoctions.

Sora Murasakihime: Possibly the first REAL friend Liadan ever had, and during the first night she met her has treated her with disdain. After learning she was the one who inspired Sora to join Beacon, Liadan takes it upon herself to teach Sora, treating her much better than when they first met. She admires Sora for her forgiving nature, but also worries about her because of her naivete.


Flannery Dormant: A source of admiration and fear for Liadan. You wouldn't believe that the sisters were close at one point given at how they act now. Even so Liadan loves her sister and wants nothing more than her acceptance of what she wants to do and acknowledging the scientist's skills.


"Drats...This is not what I wanted to happen..."


Drats 2

Abilities and Weapon

Because she focuses on long range battling she prefers not to get too close but can use her weapon as a bludgeon if held in reverse to beat her opponents if necessary, but this rarely happens and only exists as a counter measure. She relies on her dust and well timed marksmanship to defeat the Grimm. However, she is able to dodge rather well due to her judgement and reflexes.

Her main martial art style is marksmanship and Bojutsu, a form of staff fighting to protect herself if her opponent can get to her and force her to fight close range. Even so, while she is able to perform the art, she will grow more tired during the fight as it continues.

As she gains more experience and gets older, she will be able to last up to thirty minutes in a fight and her narcolepsy will rarely hinder her. Her body will be stronger and her endurance increasing.

Weapon: Her weapon, Briar Rose, is a mixture between a curved staff and a rifled rapid-fire musket with one semi-automatic mode and one automatic mode, and thus is called a Dual Mode Staff Musket (DMSM). The barrel is used for ammunition and as a dust exhaust to shoot the compressed Dust. But seeing as her idea still needs some improving, she also has two dust ports to release the Dust as gas to further enhance her usage and create delayed explosions for example, though she uses the staff mode like any other general Dust user would. If anything she uses the dust similar to Weiss and Glynda. She uses the semi-automatic mode for times of doing little but rapid damage, but switches to automatic for times of piercing damage. When in staff mode the two exhaust ports are at the top of her staff, enabling her to release the dust at a faster rate in its gas/dust form and serve to magnify the effects of her Aura. Inside her weapon is a generator she uses to charge her aura or dust for a compressed attack.

Semblance: Liadan's semblance is known as "Eternity". It uses a series of rune rings for different tasks and can be controlled by Briar Rose. She uses each rune for a different purpose and having trained with her semblance for a while, has a certain mastery over them but only for the ones she knows about. This semblance relies on Liadan's Dust usage as well as her knowledge of her own semblance.

  • One Shot Shield Rings - As the name states, these rings act like shields and can take one shot before getting destroyed. However, the rune will block almost any attack, except for attacks that deal with waves or electricity, and requires very little aura to use, even the large ones, as they are one use. Sustaining them doesn't require much aura either as they have minimal use. This is Liadan's basic semblance form,
  • Temperate Rings - These rings have the ability to change the temperature or weather within a certain radius, making it hotter, colder, frosty, icy, and can even make it snow when utilized with dust. However, since Liadan is directly attempting to control the weather, it takes up more aura to use. Liadan is unsure for what else these Ring can be used for, however, the effective radius is currently 1-20 meters.
  • Lazer Ring - With the help of dust Liadan can craft four rings and utilize the energy of dust to create a laser. Liadan's current aura stores only allow her to fire 4 per day. This particular rune relies on her weapon to be used as the generator inside is the only thing that can charge the rune. This particular Rune is a knock off of her shield Rings and used with her weapon Briar Rose. Without her weapon she cannot perform this Rune as this particular one requires a rotation to start up.

RPG Stats

  • Class: Dust User/Gunner
  • Strength: C
  • Defense: D+
  • Dust Usage: S
  • Aura Usage: A+
  • Dust Resistance: S
  • Speed: C
  • Evasion: C
  • Luck: D
  • Intelligence: S-
Liadan Dormant's Stats :

Primary Role CAS
Secondary Role SUP
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


  • Liadan is based off of Sleeping Beauty, written first by Charles Perrault, even though the Brothers Grimm version is more well known, and French Marie Skłodowska-Curie, physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.
  • Liadan is the Anglicized form of Irish Gaelic Líadan, meaning "grey lady."
  • Dormant is french for "sleeping" or "asleep."
  • Liadan's birthday comes form the release date of the Disney Version of Sleeping Beauty in theaters.
  • She has a strong hatred for Bears due to the stereotype of martial artists training with them, and a failed attempt at a MA training that ended with a Ursa chasing her around the forest.
  • She also dislikes Jocks as more than once in her life she was looked down by and treated as less than human because of several of them.
  • Her favorite drink is said to be "Copa Coka", which is a parody version of Coca Cola. Yes this is meant to be ironic she hates the polar bear motif and wishes it was another animal, like a rabbit or leopard.
  • The choice of her being leader was met with question, though after considering who is on her team (one is too emotional, one is too shy, and another is far too involved with weapons and gullible), she could be considered the best.
  • Liadan's outfit was based off of MAGES. 4th outfit in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.
  • The picture of Liadan in info box was drawn by Vanity Chaos!
  • I thank EvergreenLeaf for his help on remarking my semblance!!
  • Design wise for Liadan's semblance think of these three characters and how they have rings circling them.
    • Elize from Tales of Xillia
    • Nanoha Takamachi from Magical GIrl Lyrical Nanoha
    • Cinder from RWBY
  • Liadan's new design was done by a conjuction between me and User:Call me Nappa, but he drew the picture!
  • Liadan's codename is "belle".


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