Ugh...a quote? I dunno, just write something down I cant be bothered.
— Liam Hearts
Ace of Hearts, Successor to the throne and leadership of the Hearts family. Protect at all costs and above all else.
— Extract from Liam's Hearts family info card
Liam Hearts
Age 18
Title Ace of Hearts
Nickname Lemon
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Cross dominant (left hand is favored)
Height 6'5"
Weight 58kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Hearts family, Beacon Academy
Occupation Student, Businessman
Additional Info
Likes Stuff
Dislikes Things


Liam is a very tall and lanky young man with dark blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He has incredibly long jet black hair that goes down to just below his waist and he will sometimes tie it up in a massive ponytail, although he prefers to leave it free flowing. To accompany this Liam also has a thin pointed moustache. While Liam is normally a very tall individual he has a badly hunched over posture and will often appear much shorter than he actual is when not making himself stand up straight. Liam is also frighteningly skinny for his size and has a very skeletal look to most of his body, apart from his face. One of Liam's most defining physical traits, and one that he tries his very hardest to hide from people, is the serious acne condition he has going down his back. This is caused by Liam's long and oily hair, and his back is almost constantly covered in large outbreaks of pimples, much to Liam's distress. 

Liam’s standard outfit has a very older style theme to it. The under part of Liam’s outfit consists of a fancy white shirt and white cravat, long milky coloured pants complete with black leather belt and a large pair of knee height black leather boots. Over the top of all this Liam wears a large dark red long-coat with white and black highlights. Liam also wears a pair of white silk gloves over his hands. Underneath the sleeve on Liam's right arm is a grappling device, and it is especially well hidden under the long sleeves. 


Liam’s is generally a shy, quiet and very sweet person. He enjoys people’s company but prefers to simply sit there quietly then talk with strangers. The reason for this is that he is easily embarrassed, especially around women and so he makes sure not to do anything overly noticeable around people he doesn’t know. Even though Liam is shy, when he is made to talk to/be around other people he is very polite. Around his close friends Liam is nearly a completely different person however, becoming more difficult to embarrass and allot more loud and outgoing. Despite this Liam greatly cares for all of his friends and he will always try to help them out if they are in need of it.

Liam is also however rather stubborn in most respects and is also prone to angry outbursts when people do stuff to annoy him. To accompany this, Liam can also be incredibly lazy at times, to the extent where he is too lazy to even move his head to look at something. He also suffers from severe anxiety and can be an incredibly paranoid person at times. One of Liam’s major weaknesses however is his kindness and his constant need to make people around him happy and completely ignore his own wellbeing to do so and also him often trusting people too much. Liam also has severe self-esteem issues involving his body, and preffers to constantly wear covering clothes to hide as much of his body as he can while still looking normal.


Liam’s past is a troubled one at the least. His father was a rather heartless and abusive person and at a young age he drove off Liam’s mother. For most of his early life Liam spent his time going to school before proceeding to come home to a threating father and the constant cycle lead to Liam being a rather shy and quiet person out of fear that other people would hurt him. Early in his teenage years things changed however when Liam was contacted by his distant relative Thomas Hearts. Thomas had learned of what Liam was going through and offered Liam a permanent place to live at his casino and Liam pretty much instantly accepted. Not long after he moved in Thomas noticed a certain spark in Liam and began to groom him as his successor which Liam went along with voluntarily. During his next few years and thanks to Thomas’s guidance Liam came to be a little more comfortable with people and came to have very good manners and habits as well. During this time Liam was also taught by private combat tutors and gained considerable skill in combat. This was furthered by the fact that Liam often trained during his spare time, since he didn’t have anything else to do which caught his interest. Eventually Liam came of age and was sent to Beacon Academy as a way to continue his training as well as a ‘rite of passage’ of sorts and as always, he went along voluntarily.

Weapons and abilities

Liam’s weapons are a set of 4 antique, long barrelled flintlock pistols. These pistols are incredibly detailed, covered in heart iconography and expertly crafted and modified, being able to hold more ammunition than standard flintlocks as well as having longer range and flawless accuracy. The pistols also have an auto-pulling flintlock and it is designed to pull back incredibly fast. Alongside this, the pistols are also fitted with a twitch trigger, allowing them to be fired at a rapid rate. Despite their modifications, Liam has made sure that his pistols still give off a large puff of smoke when fired, much to his delight. When not being used Liam keeps the pistols in specially designed holsters in his coat.

Clip size:  9 (clips are loaded and held in the handle)

Ammunition: Red dust covered musket balls. The red dust covering the balls replaces the need for the normal complicated loading sequence, allowing the gun to be fired as fast as Liam can squeeze the trigger. Liam keeps additional ammunition for his pistols in various pockets in his coat, making sure to keep hundreds of extra rounds on his person at all times.

Mounted on Liam's right forearm under the sleeve of his coat is a grappling device that is used by Liam in combat to provide mobility. The device works as a grappling hook, and it capable of shooting a love-heart shaped spike that is attached to a dark red ribbon long distances which is used by Liam to propel himself across large spaces as well as pull himself up obstacles quickly. The ribbon and the motors that pull it back are especially strong, and more than capable of holding Liam's weight and pulling him at high speeds as well as any items he may be carrying within a certain weight range. 

Liam’s aura is blue in colour and unlike other people’s aura, cannot be shared with other people and is unable to cover anything beyond his clothing and what he has gripped in his hand, a side effect of his semblance.

Liam’s semblance gives him to ability to teleport anything his aura coats directly to another place where his aura is present. Liam is capable of doing this with a thought and the object which he chooses to teleport appears to ‘spark’ from one area of his aura to the other. He is capable of bypassing solid objects while doing this and can teleport objects inside of other objects, as well as being able to teleport multiple objects at once at the cost of additional aura. Using this ability itself costs Liam very little aura and he is capable of using it for hours at a time at the cost of minor fatigue.

Liam doesn’t have a large or diverse skillset, but the skills he does have are refined to a point. Most prominent of these skills are Liam’s aim, reflexes and strangely enough, math prowess. All of these skills factor into Liam’s incredibly marksman talent and he is famed for his ability to shoot other bullets and other fast moving projectiles out of the air before they hit him. Physical abilities wise Liam isn’t a very fast runner and he only has better than average strength, though he does have incredible reflexes and is capable of rapid movements in close combat. He also has considerable close combat talent and is very skilled at pistol whipping as well as disarming opponents.

Liam’s fighting style relies on his semblance, marksmanship and his grappling device. During combat Liam makes sure to always have a pair of pistols in hand and due to the clever use of his semblance to teleport ammunition directly into his pistols, he never has to let them go, even when using his grappling device. Because of this and his pistol’s actual design, Liam is capable of firing hundreds of shots in a matter of minutes that rarely ever miss the vital spots of their target. If forced into a close combat situation, Liam makes use of his skill in pistol whipping to attempt to get some breathing room or to get his opponent to relinquish their weapon through force if they have one or use his grappling device to move away to a better firing position before continuing his attack. Liam's main weakness during combat is his lack of maneuverability due to being weighed down by his coat and ammunition, but he off-sets this by using his grappling device to propel himself around and pull himself up to high positions to escape melee attackers as well as by being naturally agile and especially good at dodging. 


- Liam suffers from rather bad Tinnitus, a side effect of him firing his pistols so much during combat

- Liam keeps 4 pistols because he sometimes fails his teleportations during combat, breaking the pistol he meant to teleport ammunition to.

- Liam is afraid of dogs, and feels especially uncomfortable around dog faunus. 

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