My purpose is to set balance within nature, and I must do it by keeping the Grimm in check.
— Lilly speaking about why she wants to be a Huntress

Lillian "Lilly" Sachite
Age 17
Title Team VMLN Member/Healer/Close Quarters Specialist
Nickname Lilly
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tan
Hair White
Eyes Gold
Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team SLVR
Partner Reyna Naval
Occupation Student, Member of SLVR
Jobs Dancer/Singer at a local diner
Additional Info
Emblem LillyStar256
Likes Dancing, Nature, Summer
Dislikes Greedy People, Grimm
Special Skills Extremely skilled in close combat, flexible, strong sense of justice
Weaknesses Easily distracted, gullible


Lilly has the appearance of a Native American crossed with a gypsy. She has a tanned tube top with sleeves that go around her shoulders. She has white, opaque harem pants and tanned leather boots. A white skirt and gold loincloth are around her waist, a belt with four feathers hanging and two steel hooks for her tomahawks. She has long white hair that has been tied into an extremely thick pony tail that reaches past her waist and a large flower on the back of her head. She has tanned skin and bright golden eyes.


Lilly is generally a happy and carefree spirit. She has a deep connection with spirituality and is an optimistic person through and through. She has a fierce determination, but she can be easily distracted with the right motivation. She loves to have fun, to celebrate, and party. Lilly is aware of her alluring beauty and sometimes uses it to get what she wants, especially if it means to complete her mission of maintaining balance.

In combat, she isn't much different. Lilly is rather focused and keeps all the combat she can handle close to her so no one else can get hurt. She follows Silver loyally and has a great amount of respect for all the kindness he shows to others. Unlike most humans recently, Lilly treats Faunus like any other person. She is able to befriend Faunus a lot better than she can with humans. This doesn't mean Lilly is unable to have human friends, however. She does keep a close relationship with both Silver and Reyna.

Powers and Abilities

Lilly is extremely skilled in combat with her tomahawks. In close range, she twirls and parries strikes with ease. It is almost like she is dancing on the battlefield. With her love for dance, Lilly adopted her dancing techniques into her fighting style, especially when using the tomahawk's second function. Its almost like ribbon dancing, with her spins and twirls. She is fast too, quickly delivering a flurry of cuts before moving on to her next opponent. This has hence earned her title as the Close Quarters Specialist.

Lilly is also talented with herbs and other natural remedies, a good thing to have when traversing for long periods in the wild. She easily knows how to make pastes and other substances for healing most cuts, burns and bruises. This has also earned her the title as the team's Healer.


Lilly was born into a small tribe of nomadic people who traversed across the world to be in better connection with nature and all living things. They served as guardians of all livings things. Lilly's mother was a doctor within the tribe, and learned all of her medical knowledge from her. Her father was a warrior for the tribe and used dual tomahawks. Even at a young age, Lilly showed and interest in dancing and learned the tribe's various dances. It was a happy life for Lilly and she got to see places all over the world.

On her 9th birthday, Lilly had a vision. A dream of three different figures. One of silver flames, another with maroon fox ears and the last wearing a blue coat facing an army of black figures led by a being consumed by darkness. And the symbol of the school of Beacon high in the clouds. Talking with the village elder, he said that Lilly was meant to be a Huntress and deal with this mysterious man with those three.

As the tribe traveled to Vale, Lilly began to learn more of the warrior arts from her father. She adopted these fighting moves into her dancing, learning to use the tomahawks like an extension of her own body and becoming proficient quickly. Her mother also taught her more healing herbs and techniques, even giving her a hand made guide on all the herbs. Finally, once the tribe arrived in Vale and all preparations were in order, Lilly attended Signal.

She found herself more closer to Faunus than humans, perhaps to her raising and treating all living beings fair. She rose in the ranks as a close quarters fighter as well as a healer. And when her graduation and acceptance into Beacon came, Lilly rode on the airship to Beacon. Once off the ship, Lilly began to search for the three in her vision and soon found V and Mara. She began to befriend them but remembered their faces so she would find them once again. And then she ran into Naomi and remembered her as well. And after a night of reliving the dream she had 8 years prior, Lilly was read for the team selection.

Once landing in the forest, Lilly began her search for Reyna, V or Silver. She found Reyna fighting off a few Ursas and was about to be overrun by one and defeated it to save Reyna. The two then became partners. After meeting up with V and Silver and defeating the Beowolf Alpha, Lilly found herself in Team SLVR with those from her dream. Silver also introduced her to a local diner where she could perform her dances and also earn money for extraneous things. And thus began her tales in Team SLVR.


Lilly Tomahawks

Lilly uses dual tomahawks named Purity and Harmony. The steel axe blade is white with the shaft being silver with white circuit-board marking and the grip being made of black leather. A long white feather is tied around the top of each hilt, dangling. There is a large circular object between the handle and the there is a button at the top of each grip. This indicates the second function of the tomahawks. Instead of it being a gun, the steel blades pop off and are connected to the shaft by a thin steel wire. The wire extends for about thirty feet, allowing for the blades to reach out and grapple enemies at long distances or reel them in with the click of a button.


  • Sachite in Mayan means "White Flower"
  • This was LordKeyZ's Third OC
  • This is one of LordKeyZ's favorite OCs
  • The Emblem was created by Imosa1 (also the colors are inverted, but the original photo didn't work)

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