Lily Emereor.
Age 17.
Nickname Gale
Color Forest green.
Gender Female
Race Hare fauna.
Handedness Right handed.
Hair Ginger.
Eyes Brown.
Height 5'9
Professional Status
Team Team FALL.
Occupation Huntress in training.
Personal Status
Relatives Older brother.


Additional Info
Likes Nature, sleeping, the outdoors, herself.
Dislikes People who bully or kill animals for fun, jerks, mobile phones.

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Lily is 5'9 with a slightly muscular, somewhat curvy build. She wears a black plain long sleeve shirt and stylish black trousers with light grey tribal patterns at the bottom of the leg. She wears light green armor made out of reinforced carbon on her torso over a long black shirt and green armor her forearms and her shoulders that resembles the design of leaves and samurai armor. This allows her to blend in more with the trees and shrubbery of the forest from her home town.

She has long ginger hair that covers her lower back and two long rabbit ears. She also carries on her wrist a small friendship bracelet given to her as a gift from her friends in her home village.


Lily is a fierce, disciplined huntress who has a teasing 'tough love' friendship with her teammates. She is incredibly brave, loyal and self-sacrificing. She talks with a slightly Irish accent and enjoys slapstick humor and a variety of music.

She as a deep love of nature. She likes to sometimes just rest under the warm sun. She gets cold very easily, so she usually puts on a few extra jumpers in winter out of paranoia. Lily is the kind of person who dislikes busy urban areas. The never ending loud noises of traffic annoy her, the smell of pollution is a bit strong for her sensitive nose, so she tries to stick to areas where there's less crowds and noise. She's a bit of a picky eater. Only really eats organic food and knows a few good recipes.

Lily likes to read and learn about other peoples cultures and the history of the four kingdoms. This makes her quite familiar with battle tactics used in the past, the geography and landscape of various areas and has high grades in history class.

Weapons and abilities

She has a 83cm long chain-whip-dao that is based on the design of a niuweidao. It's called Kiana Avonlea. She can transform the sword into a nine meter long whip by disconnecting the blade into several interlocking parts, all connected but small but very durable chains. It can be used in long ranged attacks and for fighting multiple opponents and as a makeshift grappling hook. The way the whip is activated is by a trigger on the handle that fires the chain whip. There's also a small safety trigger on the handle to make sure it does not get activated accidentally.

Lily's combat style emphasizes long range techniques, quick advances and retreats, wide stances, kicking and leaping techniques, whirling circular blocks, quickness, agility, and aggressive attacks. Her swordplay is a lot like the Northern Shaolin martial arts, using quick fluid stance transitions to quickly change the direction in which force is issued, making her a very fierce swordsman.

Unarmed, Lilly's fighting style remains mostly unchanged form and movement wise, but relies on her arms to block or deal light punches while relying on using kicks to deal heavy blows. She's skilled in unarmed combat, but fights much better with a sword in her hands.

She has great jumping abilities and a decent running speed and endurance, making her quite skilled as a freerunner.

Lily also has some skills as a cook.


Lily is the daughter of a chief who was in charge of a small village. Due to her father being busy all the time, she spent most of her time her older brother. He was a member of the White fang and tried to make the world a better place for his little sister and tried to help her and the other faunus to have pride in who they were. He was pretty much like a superhero to Lily.

Then suddenly, the leader of the White fang was changed to a more brutal one. Lily's brother had too much pride in himself to join in the riots and executions. It discussed him. He wanted faunus to be remembered as a great people, not cowards who attached innocent people in mobs. He tried to train and teach his sister to have the same views as him.

Lily's brother stayed as a White fang member to see if he could convince the others to stop the acts of violence, but almost nobody listened to him. Since he was a powerful and skilled warrior, he decided to teach Lily all he knew about combat and hunting that he learned from his own training at a Jade fire dojo instead of letting anyone from the White fang teach her and making her have the same view towards humans as the 'new' White fang. For a long while, she trained with a wooden sword and had numerous sparing matches and lessons with her brother. Training like this was a bit intense for her at first, but she gradually started to adjust and became a fairly good fighter while her brother became a better teacher.

They were then able to go to a combat school in one of the main cities and became very promising student. Lily was even able to design her own armor made out of carbon, basing it on the traditional armor used by the soldiers in her village. They were even planning on going to Beacon together. Unfortunately, their father started to become very sick. Lily's older brother had to stay back at home to take care of him. He convinced Lily to go to Beacon without him and to make her family proud. He then gave her his sword, Kiana Avonlea for her studies at Beacon. The village held a small farewell party for Lily and gave her a friendship bracelet as a parting gift. It became one of her most prized possessions.

She then teamed up with Fridolf Farran in the initiation test in the Emerald forest and later became a member of team FALL. After the first few weeks of training, Lily decided to join the Swords of Illumination out of her interest of exploring new environments, taking on missions in her free time after classes. Her current rank in the organization is a Paladin.

Notes and trivia

  • The name Kiana is a Hawaiian name for 'moon goddess' and Avonlea is the name of a Asiatic lily.
  • Credit for her name and her weapon goes to Rukatin.

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