Don't be an imbecile and we'll get along...
— Lime Prime

Lime Prime
Age 17
Title The Egoist
Status Active
Color Lime
Gender Male
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Green
Eyes Blue
Height 165.3 cm
Weight 65.7 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Suika Natsuko
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Lava Prime (Great Grandfather)
  • Lapis Prime (Grandfather)
  • Lemon Prime (Father)
Additional Info
Special Skills
  • Focused
  • Honorable
  • Arrogant
  • Superiority Complex
Character Theme

Reckless ARM (Wild Arms 4)
Battle Theme

Visual Sensation (Disgaea 2)
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Lime Prime is a student of Beacon Academy. He's the second member of Team SLMN. Being from the esteemed house of Prime, Lime has a rather high view of himself, being incredibly skilled due to his constant training.

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Lime is rather muscular, but not to the point of strong. His hair is quite long and is tied.

He wears a white, open coat with an armor visible on his torso. His emblem is engraved on the armor. He wears pants with open circles on their outer seam.

A set of faulds cover his lower torso up to his thighs. His weapon sheath is located on the left.


Lime views himself as one of the brightest student in Beacon. He dedicates himself to hard work and always strives to be number one, even against his own teammates.

He hates inactivity and constantly berates his partner for her lazy behavior. Though he hates her personality, he has grown fond of her due to her brilliance despite not working hard for it. He can't express properly except by constantly insulting her.

In short, he's a tsundere.

He shows a surprisingly soft side for children.

Weapons and Abilities

Lime's pride is his training in Five-to-One, which surpasses that of Dunkelblau Noname.

He wields a two-handled large broadsword called Star Gladiator. It's blade have intricate engravings similar to Dust incantations. A slot in the hilt allows a Dust Crystal to be placed, which makes the engravings glow, giving the sword elemental properties for a short time when a button on the handle is pressed. Lime specializes in electricity dust.

The blade can actually be separated, with a smaller, thinner hook blade emerging from the larger sword once separated. This is where the second handle comes into play.

Both swords are used for his fifth Five-to-One style, Crimson Phoenix.

In addition, his second blade can be used to disarm opponents due to the hook at the edge.

He has minimal knowledge of aura, making this his current flaw at the moment.


Lime Prime is part of the Prime family located in Mistral, a family that holds one of the Master Stances of Five-to-One, Crimson Phoenix. Since his Great Grandfather, every male in their family has used Five-to-One as their main fighting style. Lime is the same.

He was raised with an inflated view of himself, making him incredibly smug in his youth. That is, until he challenged a passing Huntsman in combat and lost.

His ego shrunk a bit afterwards and he hid the loss from everyone. It was at this point that he desired to become a Huntsman, something that his predecessors never did.

Though they are rather skilled against fellow humans and faunus, they lack knowledge on how to fight the Grimm. Lime wanted to change that and enrolled in Sanctum.

His knowledge in swordsmanship gave him above-average performance, being among the top-ranking student in his classes. He joined the Mistral Regional Tournament on his third year and lost on the elimination round to someone who would eventually become his future teammate: Mint Sparrow.

Eventually graduating Sanctum, he headed straight for Vale to apply for scholarship in Beacon, which was granted due to his skills in Five-to-One.

Once he arrived in Beacon, his first fight against the Grimm began.

"Hah, fool! Don't you think you're a little out of your league? I am Lime Prime!"

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Star Gladiator (Detachable Broadsword)

  • A long broadsword crafted by Lime. It took inspiration from Hisei Tokuhana's weapon, but due to Lime's lack of knowledge in how Hisei made his weapon, he wasn't able to make it the same size, since it became unwieldy at that point. After learning Crimson Phoenix, he reforged the weapon with the Dust engravings and added it's second blade.

Accessories: Armor

  • The armor he wears is the same armor his father used. It's not damaged, since it hasn't seen use in actual combat.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

  • He values honor above all else and despises those who uses underhanded tactics.

Likes: Duels, Training, Honor

  • Due to his skills in the sword, he likes challenging others into a duel, especially if they're fellow swordsmen.
  • Wanting to hone his skill to perfection, he diligently trains.
  • He values honor above his own skills. He respects anyone who will fight their best without resorting to underhanded methods.

Dislikes: Dirty Tricks, Pranks, Idleness

  • He views those who perform underhanded tactics as lower than even the Grimm.
  • On part of being Suika's partner, he has grown to hate her pranks, not even to himself but to others as well.
  • He considers idleness as a waste of time, instead preferring to do something instead of standing still.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Double Blade Knight
  • Strength: A
  • Defense: B+
  • Dust Usage: B
  • Aura Usage F
  • Dust Resistance: B
  • Speed: D+
  • Evasion: C
  • Luck: E-


  • Lime's tsundere personality came about due to a conversation in the RWBY fanon chat.
  • Each member of the Prime family has a distinct color. His great grandfather was Lava (Red/Orange), his grandfather was Lapis (Blue/Purple), and his father was Lemon (Yellow).
  • For silly reasons, all their names start with L as well.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Lime is a green citrus fruit.

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