Every night, I have nightmares. Nightmares ending with me killing my own mother. And when I wake up, I will pray that next time I have that nightmare, I want to see myself killing my father instead of my mother.
— Lime
Age 22
Alias The Unknown
Nickname The Snake, UF (Unidentified Faunus)
Status Active
Color Lime
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Lion
Handedness Right handed
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Green
Height 181 cm (5'11")
Weight 90 kg (198 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AZOL (formerly)
Partner Ozpin (boss)
Jobs Ozpin's spy
Additional Info
Emblem Downloaded
Likes Olivia Felicia, Sentimental music, Books about snakes, Snakes (mostly King Taijitus), Guns
Dislikes Being called a freak, the White Fang
Special Skills - Super Strength
- Fast
- Resistant
Weaknesses -Cannot bring himself to kill other Faunus


Lime wears jacket/coat with the color black and a red under-shirt. He has lime colored eyes and silver hair. His "snake" tail comes out of a hole on his pants. He sometimes wears a green colored headphone.


Lime wasn't really a reptilian Faunus. He never really accepted the fact that he was born as a Lion Faunus.

One night, a cat Faunus was walking down the streets of Vale. This was Lime's mother. When she was near her house, a drunk lion Faunus saw her. He was a White Fang soldier. Since he was drunk, he did not know what he was doing. The soldier forced the poor cat girl to an alley and eventually, raped her. After the incident, fortunately the girl escaped the drunken man. After a few months, she became pregnant. Then after 9 months, Lime was born.

At first, his mother tried to get rid of him because she couldn't accept this boy to be her child. But when's he saw him crying, it reminded of herself when she was born. She then took care of him and named him after her father, Lime. When he was 7 years old, he asked his mother where his father is. His mother told her everything, including the rape. After hearing the truth, he was overcome by anger and did not accept his lion blood and physical appearance. When he was 10, he wondered in the forest to cool his head. When was seating on a tree branch, he saw a King Taijitu slither nearby. It did not attack him but just starred at him. After being starred at by the giant snake, for what it seemed like 15 seconds, it left and Lime watched it slither away until he could no longer see it. Inspired by its looks, he said to himself, "I want to be a snake."

When his mother signed him up to Signal, he spent his vacant hours in school studying snakes. How they fight, how they eat and even how they navigate in the wild. Eventually, he left his lion attributes and decided copy the things he learned from snakes. He also tried to make a durable, flexible and scaly material to cover his lion tail. He succeeded, and when he puts the fluid on his tail, it actually made his lion tail look like a snake's tail: scaly and smooth. "This is just the beginning." he said to himself.

Because of his new "tail", people started thinking of him as a weird Faunus.

After a few years, he eventually signed up in Beacon. There, he was actually discriminated more than other Faunus, probably because of his fake reptilian features. But then he then met Azul, Zed and Olivia. He developed a great friendship with Zed, because of the same traits they share; both have good mechanic skills, both are interested in guns and both are skilled in battle. He also became best friends with Olivia. Reminding him of his mother, he actually fell in love with her, but never admitted his true feelings to her. When heard about Zed's horrible actions, he wept because he lost his best friend.

After graduating, Ozpin offered him a job: to be his personal spy. He has, so far, accomplished many missions, all of which have never ended in failure... Except for one mission... To prevent the White Fang from stealing a cargo of Dust from a Schnee company train.


He is friendly only to people who are nice to him. He is quiet and is mostly seen reading a book about snakes, specifically about King Taijitus. Because he wanted to be more like a snake, he somehow mimicked snakes' behavior after analyzing everything about snakes. Lime prefers to avoid contact and will not attack anyone, unless provoked or injured. Despite being a fake snake, he still retains some of his lion-behavior. He is very territorial and does not allow anyone to use his belongings without permission, unless it is Olivia, who is a feline Faunus like himself. To him, the life of his comrades is the primary need for the survival of his team, similar to a king lion's behavior. So basically, his snake attitudes is in balance with his lion behavior.

He is also fond of sentimental music. He usually listens to these songs while reading or when he's alone (or both).

He is also considered as a "geek". Probably because he is quite fond of video games and, his favorite hobby, billiards.


  • Has defeated Zed, Azul and Olivia during training by himself.
  • Has achieved perfect scores in exams and training simulations.
  • Has achieved perfect scores in every subject.
  • Was given the award "Best Mechanic" during graduation.
  • Promoted to Lieutenant by Ozpin, himself.


His weapon is a Hyper Shot Sniper Staff (HSSS) named Queen Medusa. It looks like a billiard stick fused with a sniper rifle. In particular, the user would have to deal with Queen Medusa's massive recoil: to compensate for it, Lime uses the recoil to amplify his overall combat prowess. Lime uses the recoil to enhance his mobility in combat; firing shots to propel himself short distances in air or ground. He also uses his weapons recoil to launch himself further higher in the air, as staying for a certain amount of time. In melee combat, the billiard stick form appears to be quite strong and durable, able to take down three Beacon students (Zed, Azul and Olivia), who were considered as the top 3 fighters in Beacon, as well as able to withstand a direct shot from Azul Kemosabe's DPG. The staff gives off small bursts of energy from its end, which is the sniper's gun barrel, when its hits an enemy.


  • Master mechanic skills: He was able to build a strong powerful weapon for himself and his teammate, Zed. He is also a master in crafts, able to make a substance that disguised his lion tail into a snake tail.
  • Combat staff master: he is currently on a higher level of combat compared to Sun Wukong, another staff wielded. He was able to defeat his three teammates single-handedly.
  • Shadow Master: his semblance is "Shadow", similar to Blake's. Lime is able to create clones of himself. These clones are solid, but can be dispelled easily if hit or if they move too far away from Lime for whatever reason. They can be used to distract or take hits for Lime.
  • Fighting Style: His fighting style is a combination of Ruby Rose's, Sun Wukong's and Kilik's (Soul Calibur series) fighting style.

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