"! Don't! I hate you" -Linda yelling at Hoojoow as he throws her at a pack of beowolfs


Name: Linda Kogneece

Age: 17

Gender: female

Race: human

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 95 lbs.

Hair: blonde

Eyes: azure


Linda wears a modified military uniform that has a (hidden when not in use) hood and is made to made for her to blend in with the forest. her camouflage changes depending on her surroundings. Her pants are shorts that turn to jeans for  convenience, her boots are simple light weight "knife boots." She has reasonably tanned skin, she does have a birth mark on her chest (that was awkward putting that in). Her hair is long and blonde with azure eyes (the color of the sky) they will turn shaky when under stress.


Linda is a very organized person who will break down when not knowing what to do. She will show very little of herself to anyone (meaning she wont show any skin she doesn't need to i.e. boots or gloves). She hates people who think they have leadership by right of birth. She instead believes you must prove your self by action. If insulted she put her hand on her katanas. Linda will prefer the stealthy way instead of the loud way.

Weapons and Abilities

Linda uses her dual katanas, Vali & Hel, which are razor sharp, as in they can cut a 20 millimeter thick block of wood(although it does get a little blunt afterwards). The blades also fire out in to an object the blades will also split and work like a hook. Her dust crystal will make her blades turn to fire. Her boots are good for crotch chopping. She can remain nearly unseen and is very good (not the best though) at making plans.


At a young age Linda's dad was in the army of Jayden Watch, a group of men and women meant to protect the small city of Jayden Watch (small means not paid attention to much so not a whole lot of talent around there). She aspired to join the army. She never expected to have Jayden Watch attacked by Ursas. She thought the army would take care of it, oh how wrong she was. The army was lazy and barely held off one Ursa. Linda seeing this pulled out her katanas and attacked. She defeated two Ursas with ease, while the others ran to collect more. That's when her life changed. A boy about her age ran next her and pulled out a halberd, telling her she could go. Linda turned and saw 4 others running up to help the boy. She took off to meet a mysterious figure wearing a large red coat who asked her to attend Beacon, and was told that she should be there in 2 weeks. Over two weeks she got to know the boy who saved her city, and she left not thinking he would come. The boy did come, telling her that his contract stated that he had to escort her to Vale. They got to Vale a day early and the boy took off. "this is our plan either follow it or don't"


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