I'm sorry, we just can't be friends...I'm scared to be, and I can't trust anyone...
— Linnea on making friends
Linnea Piper
Linnea Piper
Age 17
Alias Pink
Status Active
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Fair
Height 5' 5"
Weight 96 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Charles Anderson
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Sissy Piper (sister)


Linnea has plum-colored hair and light turquoise eyes. She a bright rose shirt with black buttons and a v-neck. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She wears black pants with buckles on them, and metallic blue heeled boots with bands on them. She wears a jacket with a color similar to orange, only going down before her waist starts. It has black fur on the left side, with turquiose straps reaching out to the othe side of the jacket in different directions. The straps have gems of dust on them. The sleeves end at her elbows. She wears pink bracelets with gold buckles on them and are made of leather. On the bracelets, there are tiny gems of dust flecked on them.


Linnea is rather stern. She is rather emotional, however, and anything can really set off her crying or overjoyed excitement, but she won't show it. She is rather bossy, and always follows directions as clear as she can. She can be clever and sly, and very secretive. She tends to push others away and tend to try to not make friends. She has a very uptight demanor. Her attitude can be somewhat bossy.

Linnea only really wants to be loved, and she only wants to love. She struggles with relationships due to the fear of betrayal. She can be rather insecure when it comes to relationships, and even a quite bit jealous. She dislikes it when people ask who her love interest or crush is, because she'd rather keep things like that a secret.


Linnea was born to a family of hunters/huntresses. As a kid, Linnea always wanted to be like her parents, yearning to be even more like them every day. When Linnea turned thirteen, her parents helped her make her first weapon: a Japanese sickle weapon that would form a small gun when bent correctly. She named it Pink, which was also her nickname/alias. Linnea was trained daily with her weapon by her parents from that day forward.

When she grew older, Grimm started to attack their home daily. They were warded off, but one day, the invasion became too great to be stopped, and so Linnea fled the home. Her parents were killed by the Grimm, but she ran, and took her little sister with her. She then adopted the alias of Pink. She then took her sister and placed her with her aunt.

She stayed with her aunt for a while, and then she continued training. She then mysteriously ran away, then came back, to find her aunt beating her sister. Then, her aunt beat her heavily, causing her to pass out on the floor from blood loss. When Linnea woke up, she grabbed her sister and their things and fled. She placed her sister in a foster home and enrolled at Beacon.

She still went by the alias of Pink, never referring to herself as Linnea anymore.


Linnea really doesn't have that many abilities, except for the fact she has a magical flute. She can use it to calm down the emotions of a person, however, its magical ability is limited due to only being allowed to work one time on each person. 


Linnea uses her weapon, Pink for almost all of her combat. Her combat style is extremely varied. She has trouble using her reflexes, but she is currently training with them. She isn't very good at combat, despite her being trained for it almost all of her life. She dislikes rude comments upon her fighting style.

Her weapon, Pink, is a Japanese sickle weapon with a chan and a spiked ball hanging off of it. It is extremely sharp, and has many sectors so it can be properly changed into a gun with its thick handles. It is pink in color, with magenta on the handles. The blade is a light silver, and the chain and ball are rather large like the weapon.


  • Linnea is partially based off of the Pied-Piper and Cinderella, mainly because of her last name, and her flute, and how she was abused.
  • Linnea's name means "pink flower", a reference to her design and and her alias and weapon's name.

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