I offered you a quick and painless end. If you intend to refuse, I can only guarantee you'll suffer.
— Linus to a band of thugs.
Linus Valentine
Linus Valentine
Age 17
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right
Hair Platinum Blonde
Eyes Red
Semblance Minor Anesthetic
Height 5'9
Weight 162 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Haven Academy
Team Team PLGT
Partner Phyllis Taylor
Additional Info
Special Skills -Medic

-Glass Proficiency

Linus Valentine is a young Hunter from Haven Academy.


Linus is a young male of average height and a slender physique. His wavy hair is a natural platinum blonde, and eyes are as red as rubies.

For clothing, he sports a white coat with accents of blue and gold. He wears a cross brooch over his chest, not due to religious practices, but as a representation of his medical background. Within his coat are several straps that hold canisters of Dust for him to use at his disposal. The black pants he has on are loose fitting, as to not hinder his movements in battles, and he wears a pair of black boots on his feet.

At all times, he carries a small first aid kit consisting of bandages, medical tape, disinfectants, and other general supplies for emergencies.


You'll want to know before interacting with him, Linus takes all matters very seriously.  He's not one for playing games and general tomfoolery, even finds most jokes to be in poor taste, and usually enjoys those that are more sophisticated in nature. He can be very hard to please, but Linus does get some laughs from viewing the misfortune of others.

In one word, others have classified him as a sadist, as he gains simple pleasures from watching someone fall flat on their face, getting blasted by an accidental Dust explosion, or whatever comes their way. This even extends to his fights, when he knows that he's wounded his opponents; Linus often taunts foes asking them if they want him to take the pain away. 

Although his humor is darker than most, that doesn't mean Linus is a heartless monster; the only reason he laughs is because he knows the victim of said incident will be fine and believes they should look back and laugh on what happened as well. In the case where someone gets severely injured and death may knock on their doorstep, it can be assured that Linus will be one of the first people on the scene to administer treatment, especially if the person in danger is one close to him.

Weapons & Abilities

Linus has trained hard to hone skills more focused on utilizing Dust in its powdered form. Instead of using a weapon crafted from the finest metals, he carries an ample supply of Dust in vials within his coat at all times. This doesn't restrict him to only casting techniques however; in battle Linus will manipulate the Dust using a special glass technique, shaping it into his preferred weapons of choice: a pair of daggers, or a set of scalpels to use as throwing knives depending on the circumstances. He utilizes an equal combination of Fire and Earth Dust as a base for his blades, naming the mixture Volcanic Dust as the blades crafted take the appearance of obsidian.

For close quarter combat, Linus makes sure his weapons are crafted well enough to clash with metallic blades. His daggers can only withstand so much force until they shatter, so he will choose to dodge attacks more often than blocking them. 2 vials of Volcanic Dust is enough to create both of his daggers. 

When battling from a distance, Linus will focus his methods into creating a multitude of scalpels to launch at his foes. Often he will create 6 blades, 3 in each hand, and will cast them in the enemy's direction by his own strength; this being the more efficient and quickest method of conjuring his weapons. 1 vial of Volcanic Dust is enough to create a total of 12 scalpels.

For a more powerful assault, Linus will disperse Dust into the air around him, crafting twice the amount of blades. He would then use his Aura to create a shockwave, firing the lancets in a single direction at an immense speed. This method uses up more Dust, due to him crreating more blades, and requires a lot more focus on his part.

For strategic purposes, Linus may use different types of Dust to expand his glass weaponry:

  • Burst- With additional Fire Dust, his blades can work similar to small explosives.
  • Steam- Equal parts Water and Fire Dust emit an explosion of mist, useful as a delay tactic.
  • Bolt- Lightning Dust will charge the blades with electricity, or can be used to create a blinding light.
  • Frost- Ice Dust adds a freezing effect.

Aura and Semblance

Linus's Aura glows gold, providing him with the usual benefits of defenses and perception. His Semblance he has named "Minor Anesthetic" while his teammates are more partial to calling it "Knock Out Gas". Either way, the effect is the same; when Linus activates his ability, he emits a cloud of orange smoke from his body that grows to just under 10 meters. The fumes to any enemy would seem to be in order to conceal his whereabouts, but as the name suggests there's more to the gas. When breathed in targets will be afflicted with drowziness, dulling their senses slightly. Too much intake of the gas may even lull the targets into a varied period of slumber.

His Semblance can also be used to help a commrade who may have depleted their Aura reserves, but may still wish to continue the fight. They could breath in a small amount of the gas just enough to dull their sense of pain.

The major drawback to this Semblance is that Linus himself can fall to its effects just like his foes; in fact, using it causes a toll on his stamina, requiring a few minutes to recover some strength. Because you're only affected when you breath in the fumes, any opponent wearing a decent quality mask or those who simply can hold their breath long enough can avoid its effects entirely. Opponents can even disperse the gas entirely with a strong gust created by Wind Dust.

Basic Abilities: Linus prefers to fight his foes at a distance whenever battling in a group. It gives him ample opportunities to eye weaknesses and strategize any plan necessary to turn the tide or make a hasty retreat. Due to his choice of light armor he makes quick slices with his daggers, and can react quickly to attacks in close range.

Medical Training: Linus also has knowledge of certain fields of medicine, more specifically anatomy and anesthesiology. He's capable of treating simple wounds with ease, but cannot perform a surgery on the battlefield. He will try his best efforts to stop bleeding and get passed the worse bits, but any major afflictions would have to be dealt with at a hospital.

Hinderances: Because his method of offense relies heavily on Dust, if that's stripped away from him he's effectively powerless. His armor choice and slender figure give him little resistance to heavy hitters.




  • The name Linus comes from Greek origins, meaning flax which is a blue plant.
  • Valentine comes from the name Valens which means strong, vigorous, and healthy.
  • On Team PLGT, Linus represents aspects of White or Healing Magic because of his medical training.
    • Although in most media healers are given staffs or wands, Linus's fighting style and weapon choice would classify him as a Rogue or Ninja in RPG classes.
  • A Scalpel or Lancet is a small knife used for surgery or dissection.
  • Volcanic Dust is an amalgam of Fire and Earth Dust. This idea was based around the existense of obsidian which is a volcanic glass.
    • As Cinder's technique with glass hasn't been fully elaborated on, the pairing chosen opens a window into how her weapons may have been formed.
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