I walk the path of Great Destiny, and those that don't truly know this will find out why I am so much stronger
— Lloyd introducing himself

Lloyd Lupino is a team member of Team NILA, The richest and angriest member, but that doesn't make him weak, with a grin he will show why he believes he walks on a path of Greatness.

Lloyd Lupino
Age 19
Title The Money Making Misanthrope
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Born May 20th
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Auburn
Eyes Grey
Height 6'11"
Weight 238 Lbs.
Professional Status
Affiliation Team NILA
Partner "Azure"
Occupation Team Member
Additional Info
Likes Money, his team, fighting, pineapples
Dislikes people who hate the rich, people that think he got in due to his lineage
Special Skills Axe wielding, Strength, Fighting, Speed
Weaknesses Can be angered, can be tricked


lloyd is a tall, muscled, and very strong man often when he is first met by other teams, often noticed for his rich choice in appearance.

He has long auburn hair and gray eyes.

He is seen wearing gray pants with suspenders, gray dress shoes, black shiny cuffs on both wrists, he also wears sports gloves and a gray jacket and black M-shirt underneath that.


He is often seen as having an enjoyment of money and the things that it allowed him to buy. Despite all of that he understands that money cannot buy him everything and he wants to show that he is the best and that his linage and money aren't what make him great, he wants to show that it his skill.

It is to be noted that he is sarcastic and bitter, and has a quick, cruel wit, normally expressed through frequent and sometimes incredibly long rants, in which he has viciously verbally attacked almost every person not on his team.

He also believes himself to be on a path of greatness and will often remark other people as his "Retainers" believe that his Path will be the one that many will be happy to support regardless of their feelings on the matter.


Lloyd is the son of Lionel Auriel, though he decided to take his mother's maiden name he is trying to help clear up the family name after many allegations that it has connects to the terrorist group Discordia Incorporated. Thus he decided to become to huntsman to try and garner good attention and prestige back to his family.

He first discovered Azure accidentally through the Academy Test that connects partners. Then through Azure he found Nigel. Then he had to break up the fight between Nigel and Irving and formed Team NILA afterward. Now he and his team has decided to go one missions devised by his father in order to give people an understanding of The Lupino Name and that it a lineage that wants to help others not be a constant evil.

Weapons & Combat

He fights with a Hand Cannon Axe "Platinum Slasher", A black, single-blade axe to be used for blunt damage. The base of the axe can be slid downward towards the base, converting into a cannon-like weapon that forms the main portion of his weapon. This makes him rely on both finesse and the strength of his axe


It is great for surprising an opponent with the quick switch and fire. The axe works well as a blunt weapon for anyone connected to aura as well as a cutting weapon against anything that is not. He also uses explosive dust rounds to knock an enemy back.


The Problem with the firing section is that it only allows seven rounds and that can come to haunt him when he fires too many. He also takes a few moments to transform one from the other and he is constantly has to move in mid range for the explosive rounds to matter. he can also get caught up in the explosions himself.


Lloyd which means Gray in Welsh, Lupino is a variation of Lupo which is Italian for Wolf.