The Darkness and Hate are not they, but I. The Torture and Pain are not they, but I.
Lock Mortifer
Lock full body
Age 17
Nickname Lock
Status Active
Color Rust
Gender Male
Race Human
Born October 31
Complexion Yellow
Hair Black
Eyes Yellow
Height 5'7"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Blood
Additional Info
Emblem Lock Emblem
Likes Writing, Those who share the same interest
Character Theme

Battle Theme

The Lost One
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Lock is an average looking teenager that looks mysterious at first glance. He wears a white bandanna over his forehead in which also serves as his blindfold when he uses it in training. He has black hair, spiky and brushed up, except for his fringe, which he prefers to comb down and cover his bandanna. He has an average height and weight of 5'7" and 130lbs.

For the top, he wears a gray coat with rolled up sleeves, this is because he doesn't want to cover up his gauntlets because it gets caught in it at times. In the inner part of his coat, he wears a somewhat orange-yellow shirt. For his wrists and forearms, he wears a black gauntlet, seemingly for defense purposes. It covers only half of his palm, and it goes a few inches away from his elbows. For the bottom, he wears a pair of black pants and white shoes, a similar color to match his belt. 


Lock is a silent type of person. He usually just focuses on his writing and doesn't care much about the people around him. One of the forms of writing that he likes is, poetry. Because it seems to be the only form of writing that allows him to write something with passion. He was intrigued on how this form of writing made rhythm and rhymes, it was beautiful, with those factors, he can easily picture out what he's writing. Which made him really fond of poetry. His favorite poem is entitled The Red God, which he wrote way back when he was a kid.

Despite him not caring for others, he doesn't really want to see anyone having a hard time. He'd prefer if the people around him are happy rather than sad. He rarely speaks, he only either writes or think all the time. Another reason why he stays silent is, he only wants to see and listen. Because he thinks that thinking and listening would make him realize more things even if he doesn't talk. Although, he still speaks if he wants to clarify something, when he wants to state something or when he just feels like it. 

This personality of his - being quiet - is another form of his training. See, he was trained to listen to his heart and mind when he fights, not with his eyes. Being quiet makes it more easy for him to piece out an effective plan on his head, because all he does is observe and learn. He thinks talking is a distraction to what his mind is conjuring up a thought. With these kinds of beliefs, he became calm, much like what happens to those who meditates. With his mind open and calm, he isn't easy to become pissed and angered. A needed trait for writers.


When Lock was young, he just wanted to write poetry everyday. It was a hobbit of him, and he was a good writer at that. Of course, he achieved this by learning and practing everyday to become a better writer. He would go out to the open meadows and try to enhance his imagination by picturing the beauty of it and describing it in his own words. The first poem he wrote was entitled "The Red God", a poem about a vision he saw in his dream, about a red figure.

Only one thing other than poetry pokes the interest of Lock, it was his father. His father was a hunter, a keeper of peace, who had a unique way of fighting. His father wielded a huge scythe, which he uses to kill grimm. One day after coming home from his school, his father decided to teach him how to fight, using his style, fighting while blindfolded. His father said it was the best way to fight, and also the best way to highten your reflexes during battles and rely on your other senses without the aid of your vision. Of course Lock had a hard time with this way of fighting, but his father told him.

"Why are you having a hard time? Fighting is like poetry, you don't judge things based on what you literally see, but judge them with what your heart sees."
Lock face

Lock was dumbfounded, of course, poetry, fight with grace and what you see in your heart. From then on Lock started improving everyday, his father was proud of him and told Lock that he would be a great hunter someday. That's when Lock decided that he'll be like his father, a keeper of peace, a hero who fights evil, a hunter. So Lock studied hard each day from school and after. He wanted to take a break, even for just a while because he hasn't been enjoying the environment lately and totally forgotten about poetry, he went to Forever Falls and enjoyed the autumn scenery, it reminded him of his poem "The Red God". Suddenly he had the urge to train, he blindfolded himself and practiced catching the falling leaves. That's when a man approached him, he wanted to see the man with his heart so he didn't took off his blindfold. They started talking, and the man introduced himself, his name was Blood. He seems to be a nice guy so they became friends. Later on he invited Blood to his home and his father decided to make Blood attend the same school as him next year, Sanctum.

Sanctum, they finally became classmates. Blood had a hard time studying so most of the time Lock has to help him. Lock had a busy schedule, studying, helping Blood study, practicing his fighting skills after classes, so Lock decided to stop his practices for him to have more time to rest. Then Blood and Lock made weapons of their own choice, Blood made his a pair of claws, and Lock chose a scythe, the same as his father's weapon, so they started practicing at school while studying. Then later on they graduated and is now attending Beacon.




Lock's weapon is called Sheathed Death. It has two forms, the gun-scythe and just the gun itself, only it has a blade sticking out from below the weapon. It's a Scythe with a reversed blade, its blade is located at the top part of the blade, instead of the orginal bladed side of the scythe. its gun part is a Pancor Jackhammer a type of shotgun firing sideways, horizontally. It has a 10-round revolving cylinder, located at the other end of the bladed part of the scythe. The trigger of the weapon is located at the handle part. His Pancor Jackhammer has a maximum 240 rpm, just like any other Pancor Jackhammer. Lock's weapon has no barrel to limit the blast of its shots, therefore, whenever he fires it; it shoots out big bursts of fire, more unstable than a shotgun's shot. That recoil allows him to move the scythe sideways with great force, greatly improving his slashes, and due to his weapon firing sideways, his movements and attack patterns are mostly centered with spinning movements. All in all, Sheathed Death's a sycthe but he uses it like a pendulum torture device because of it's reversed blade, added by a shotgun with high recoil makes it even more deadly.


  • Same with everyone, he also has a protective aura that can detect threats and highten his senses. A common ability for every fighters and hunters in the world. 
  • Death Fall, Lock rises up and jumps to high heights. Using his weapon's recoil to make him go higher; a heck of allot higher than an average person's jump. Then, when he reached enough height, he'll do a 360 flip to go back down to the ground. His weapon facing downwards with its reverse blade, it'll look like he's riding his weapon like a skateboard while he descends. Since his weapon only has 10 rounds, he'll only use up to five bullets when going up in the sky. And the other five to make his fall have a greater momentum. Of course, the landing of this move will be deadly and destructive.
  • Epilogue's Curve, Lock does a fake slash, embedding his scythe to a medium (i.e the ground) making it look like that his scythe is stuck to the ground. It's purpose is to lure his enemy to his position, thinking that he's stuck. Then, that's when he does a repeated slash. See, he pulls the trigger of his weapon, making his scythe carve all the way down to the ground and rise back up on behind him. The process is he makes a somersault, dragging his weapon with him, making a full revolution to slice his enemy. The result is a bladed-wheel of sorts. With him doing multiple somersaults to slash his enemy with the help of his recoils for added impact of his scythe.


  1. The name "Mortifer" was from the Latin word "Mortis" meaning Bearer of Death.
  2. The name "Lock" means Sealed.
  3. His name alludes to the color silver, since Lock gives off a metal image.
  4. "Sheathed Death" was for obvious reasons, the most likely name for his scythe, because Lock is a person that one can describe as sheathed. 
  5. My first OC. 


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