Age 19
Alias Kid
Nickname Kid
Status Single
Color Gray
Gender Male
Complexion Fair skinned
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 1.87
Weight 64kgs
Professional Status
Affiliation Student
Jobs Delivery Boy


Tall, brown haired, and has blue eyes.


He carries a 6 foot quarter-staff, and is adept at handling it. 


Viktor is a student at Beacon, and is always searching for knowledge. He worked for a time as a kitchen boy, but then decided he wanted a job where he could explore the city. He never knew his father, and was raised up instead from his mother.


Viktor is a kid who enjoys making jokes, especially when others around him suffer misfourtune. Because of this, he has some experience in running away from people. 

Despite this, he has an ego bigger than most buildings, and tries his best to help out the few friends he ends up making.


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