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It's game over for you, you're busted!
— Lucasta to her enemies

Lucasta Cordelia
Luca Full Body
Age 18
Status Active
Color Baby Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Complexion Fair
Hair Light Blue
Eyes Light Blue
Height 5 ft
Weight 100 lb
Character Theme

Luca's Theme - Majikoi A2/Kuki Mikado


Lucasta Cordelia, nickname Luca, is a lazy girl who likes to play with games/robots that were given to her by her family's wealth. As such, her build is very skinny and small while her complexion gives off a very sleepy yet loving vibe. Her light blue hair is short and messy, long enough to go down to her chin while showing her bedhead.

Her normal attire has her wearing a Light Blue jacket with two white stripes going down the sleeves that droops off her shoulders with her emblem on her left shoulder. Underneath that, she wears a light blue dress shirt with red trim that is too large for her with a red belt that goes down to her light blue shorts . Her choice of footwear is a pair light blue no-lace shoes with white socks. She also wears a red undershirt underneath her dress shirt.

Her sleepwear is usually in her normal clothing as she is a very sleepy and lazy person at times. However when she feels uncomfortable enough to want to sleep in them, or whenever she doesn't feel lazy, she changes into a light blue onesie. 

When Lucasta enters combat through any means, she completely fixes her clothing and mannerisms so that they don't get in the way, and puts on one of two rectangular glasses as she values her life very much. One of her glasses can switch modes between heat, night, and normal vision but is bulky to compensate, and the other has bulletproof lenses. Her vision is good enough that she does not really need her glasses besides to make her feel safe. 

Lucasta also has her robotic assistant which is a highly modified AK-130 that cost her family lots of money (approximately 1/3 of their entire fortune) to make, classified as a Titan-Variant named Tian. Tian is a larger version of the AK-130 Androids (think of the Sentinel robots and their size from Marvel Comics), with AI and modifications in order to provide all kinds of weapons/skills to aid Lucasta in her battles whenever she needs him. Unlike the red trim and glow that the normal AK-130s have, Tian has a light blue trim and glow to show who he is dedicated to.


Lucasta is normally a very lazy and sleepy girl, as she does not take care of herself too often besides hygiene. This is evident by her messy hair and bedhead, and her drooping jacket along with the dress shirt that is too big for her. She is also willing to sleep anywhere she wants, because for her, she does not care about how she looks, she cares a lot more about how comfortable she is. She also likes to compare situations she's in with the video games that she's played, which will usually end up in her having the weirdest jobs for someone her age, like a prosecutor or a referee. She also does not like to walk around a lot, preferring to ride on one of Tian's shoulders. 

However, whenever she enters any type of combat, including mental combat that she can fight due to being homeschooled, she completely changes her mannerisms to be more serious. This is because she values every single life that she is given, even in video games, and she does her best to make sure that she does not lose a single one of them. This becomes more pronounced whenever the type of combat involves her actual life because she knows how valuable that one life of hers is. She works more emotionally when it comes to missions and is willing to put her teammates lives over the mission objective. She would get into a huge conflict over saving her life over another's though thanks to her "single life" philosophy.

As for Tian's AI, her family thought that it would be perfectly fine if he wasn't smart as they were confident in Lucasta's abilities to be able to control him. As such she mainly gives orders to him without much complaint, as that is the reason why he exists to begin with.


Lucasta's weapon is her robotic assistant, Tian. Tian is a highly modified (and expensive) AK-130 android that is designed to obey her every command. Tian was designed to be able to handle any situation at hand, from short to long distance combat. As proof, he can summon anything from his body, from swords, shields, lances, flamethrowers, etc. etc. The main weakness of this is that he can only summon them if they are already inside of him, and his movesets are limited by memory chips that Lucasta has to design herself (for example if she has Tian use a gun, but she wants to make him change to a shield that isn't available in the memory chip, she has to change them in the middle of battle). Due to how dumb Tian's AI is, he has to be controlled by Lucasta herself.

In mental battles, due to her exposure to video games, she is usually very genre savy and is competent enough to be able to hold debates. 

To remedy the AI problem, Lucasta made a remote controller designed around the video games she loves to play in order to control Tian. She can switch between modes with the controller from Fighting Games to Shooters with one of the buttons on there. She can also switch movesets that Tian has by inserting and taking out memory chips from the controller itself. The controller operates based on a wireless link between it and Tian. If there is anything blocking it, Tian will return to his normal AI from his controlled state.

When it comes to missions, Lucasta and Tian are better off fighting by themselves together, as they have a huge chance of friendly fire due to the destructive power that Tian has along with her future opponents.

When it comes to character stats, Tian is the giant tank, being able to absorb all kinds of punishment for Lucasta, who is the tiny fragile speedster. Lucasta has to avoid all kinds of attacks or direct them to Tian in order to succeed in her battles, which is helped by her semblance, which increases her speed whenever it's used.


Lucasta Cordelia was born to a very wealthy family of 7 with her parents and 4 brothers in the city due to the fact that each and every single one of her family members were amongst the top in their respective working fields. All throughout her life, she was spoiled by her family, because she was the only daughter in the entire family tree.

At the age of 3, she started getting an interest to something that her family had liked to do as a hobby, but never for actual work: Video Games. She kept on seeing her brothers play them all the time and eventually started to want to play the same things that they were letting her watch.

They let her start playing video games, specifically fighting games, the next year and she was instantly hooked onto them. She would be constantly bought fighting games as gifts of love from her family members and she loved them very much for it in return. However, to other people, she looked more like a shut-in who wanted nothing more than to play video games, even postponing her lunch and dinner at times. She soon decided to branch out of fighting games and into other types of video games as she became more interested in them.

At the age of 10, she soon started wanting to go outside as she had not been allowed to leave the house thanks to how protective her parents were. She wanted to see what the outside world was like compared to her house, and see the video game world from there. Her parents were worried at this development, but they thought it was time for her to experience the outside world as they would not be there to protect her forever. They agreed to let her go outside as long as she had a capable protector. They thought that hiring a servant that required constant paying would be very painful for them in the future, so they decided to trade in 1/3rd of their wealth in order to build a guardian for her. They thought it was a short term loss, long term gain, and thus were completely ok with it.

Lucasta met her newly built guardian at the age of 11. She was so short back then that she barely even got up to his knee. Her parents called it a "Titan Class Robot", and she instantly got a name from the way it sounded. She soon named him "Tian", and her family liked the way it sounded. They soon let her go outside with Tian and walk around the city with him. She was very fascinated by the sights that the city had for her, especially at the night time, and she soon was able to find a way to watch several video game competitions.

Lucasta was smart enough to realize that even though she played video games daily, she did not develop her video gaming skills enough to consider playing amongst the professionals in the gaming scene. So in order to train for the skills needed, she talked to her parents about becoming a professional gamer. Her parents, having been watching her the entire time, already knew that she would want to do that, and told her that they would support her as long as she reached the top. After the training she did with the help of her parents, she easily managed to get to the top in every single competition out in the world over the years until she got banned from the tournaments for being too strong.

She soon thought about the Grimm and Hunters and Huntresses after being banned, as she had nowhere left to go. She realized that if the forces of grimm were to become too strong, she would not be able to have a happy future, nor would her family who gave so much for her, much less be able to live the life she had lived until now. She asked her parents to help her get into Beacon to become the top huntress, and they agreed as she could not get any higher in her life as a video gamer. 

Soon after she turned 18 and trained with Tian a bit to develop the teamwork skills and brains to sustain their resources, she was invited to go to Beacon Academy with him. 

"I've already reached the level cap in this part of the game, it's time to change classes!"


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