Lucien Verano.
Age 17.
Nickname Vern.
Color Dark scarlet.
Gender Male
Species Human.
Hair Light brown.
Eyes Turquoise.
Height 5'10
Professional Status
Team Team FALL.
Occupation Hunter in training.

This character is the property of KuraiJack.


Lucien Is a man with a average build. He has light brown, scruffy shoulder length hair and tannedskin. Lucien wears a white hooded coat with a dark scarlet shirt and black trowsers. He uses a long dark scarlet scarf for a belt. His clothing is very durable and is llight-weight and heat resistent.


Lucien is known for being courageous, impulsive and somewhat hot-headed, often rushing into danger. He were also very courageous, and rarely if ever retreated from combat--even when retreat might have been the most strategically sound option. He is, very courageous and fiercely protective of his comrades.

He has a good sense of humour and likes to eat savoury food. 

He has a strong rivalry and friendship with his older sister.

Weapons and abilities

Luciens semblance allows him to create, control fire. Examples of this include creating fireballs and using fire based attacks. Additionally, he naturally resistant to intense heat due to him being raised in a desert although he can be defeated by very extremely high temperatures.

He has two white sheild claw gauntlets on his arm that he can use protect himself. They have a few scrathes on them due to his tough training. There are a few dark scarlet flame pattens on the sheilds. Though they may look like they're just for decoration, they're actually to help his aim when he launches fire attacks.

His main weapon is a medium sized fire staff called Ember. It can fire energy blasts from both ends and can block a opponents bullets.  The staff can also absorb the heat in an area, and can be used to put out fires. 


Lucien was born in a small town in a desert. It was built next to a oasis and became a resting place for travellers and merchants.

He grew up with his mother and older sister. His sister became a friendly rival to him an they often competed against each other in sports, collecting food to sell to travellers, even seeing who set the table for dinner the fastest. The two trained together and became skilled fighters.

They wanted to go to Beacon to increase their skills, but they only had enough money to send one of them to Beacon. Luciens sister decided to let her brother go instead of her. Before he left, the two vowed to do their best to increase their skills as much as they could and battle the next time they meet.

After passing the initiation test at Beacon, Lucien became part of team FALL.

Notes and trivia

  • The name Lucien is a French name for 'light'. His last name, Verano is Spanish for 'summer'.
  • Credit for his name goes to Rukatin.

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