Oh... you wanna fight me don't ya? Well...I'll give you a fight.
— Luna Alev


Luna Profile New

Luna Alev's Profile (Art credit to Riftling)

 Name: Luna Alev

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Title(s): Lady Nightowl, Heir to the Alev clan

Nickname(s): Lula, Luna Grey

Height: 1.70 m (5' 5")

Weight: 54.5 kg (120 lbs)

Character Theme: (Sun and Moon by Two Steps From Hell)
Two steps From Hell- Sun Moon 2012 Album SkyWorld
Entrance Theme: (Queen of the Crows by Two Steps From Hell)
Two Steps From Hell Queen of Crows SkyWorld 18 New
Battle Theme: (Realm Of Power by Two Steps From Hell)
Two Steps From Hell - Realm Of Power Skyworld - Ep


Her silver eyes and shoulder-length snow white hair--held in a pony tail--aren't standout features that mark her out from the crowd, nor 

Luna trans new

Luna Alev *redesign* (Art Credit to Riftling)

the headband around her head, it's the sky-blue markings that cover her face, and only she knows what they are for. Her deeply tanned skin is very evident in her face, and her clothing--in sky blue and snow white--that she wears only enhances her lithe and beautiful figure. 

She wears a long-sleeved shirt that reveals her shoulders-- also exposing a pair of runes there--and exposes her midriff; and her assets are held up and enhanced by the collared button-up vest that she wears a bit high up on her chest. She wears a pair of jean shorts, held up by a belt ,that reveal her slim but muscular legs.

She alsowears a pair of custom-made boots that cover a pair of white socks. She wears a small ribbon on her neck along wil a pair of white leather fingerless gloves on her hands, her hair hiding a white headband around her head. 

Her weapons that she has on her body are... eclectic, to say the very least. On her hips in holsters, she had a pair of dual purpose nunchucks that pack a slight punch. To complete her lethal ensemble, she wields a pair of ninjato short swords in a pair of sheathes on her back. Like it says...her line-up packs quite a punch. 


Luna can be a contradiction at certain times, and in certain situations. When in public, she can be flirty, arrogant, and even a bit snide. But when she's been a bit humbled in a fight, she becomes a bit more polite, well mannered, and even respectful. Of course, that's if you do manage to beat her in a fight. She can be quite the formidable opponent in a one-on-one fight. 

That is what she puts up as a public face. In private company, she can still be somewhat flirty, but is also friendly, a bit soft-spoken, and gentle; not like she is in public. She often calls her personality in private company her real one, as she has often called upon her public face --and this has worked in some occasions--to intimidate opponents. 

As is said, she's a bit of a contradiction in personality types, leaving to some people calling her bipolar behind her back. That is, if they get away with it. 


Her weapons are an eclectic mix that she has been trained to use since she was quite young. And its a great mix too: 

  • Pallas' Thunder: A pair of Shotgun Nunchucks (SGN's) that are two weapons in one. Well versed in their usage, Luna wields these weapons with supreme confidence and skill. 
  • Selene and Nyx: Her pair of ninjato swords that she also knows how to wield very well, and handles colored white and black respectivelyShe keeps these blades razor sharp. 

Semblance: Ice Manipulation & Control

Aided by the markings on both her face and shoulders--Aura runes-- she has the ability to manipulate and, albeit weak, control ice. It gives her a bit of a range advantage in a stand up fight. As she uses this, her eyes go from bright silver to a dull grey in color, and her runes have a glowing edge as well. 

Battle Style

She takes a methodical approach to battle, as opposed to her leader Erin's starting with an all-out, close-in assault. She tries to batter her opponent from range with her Semblance, and sometimes it does work, but some times it does not really work in a fight. If it doesn't work, she resorts to using her weapons. 

When she fights an opponent that comes at her with fists at close range, she batters them with Pallas' Thunder, more than able to wear the opponent down. And if that doesn't work at that range, and if it comes down to a sword fight, she'll use her swords Selene and Nyx to take them on. 


Luna's history is filled with both triumph and tragedy, and largely defines her overall personality and her view of the world 


Mark of the Heir to the Alev clan

as a whole. Born into a warrior clan, she was taught how to use her weapons by both her parents from a young age. As well as being trained in the use of weapons and her Aura runes, she was also an expert in unarmed combat by the time she was sent to Signal Academy. And before she was sent to Signal Academy, she was proclaimed to inherit the position as head of the family when she came of age, recieving the mark that signified that proclimation. 

Upon going to Signal at the age of 13, her time there was largely uneventful, doing well in her classes as well as doing well in combat training there. But, in her second to last year at Signal, tragedy struck the family. Her mother was found dead, having succumbed to poisoning by an unknown assailant. Her father took charge of the clan while she was in schooling, helping her being sent to Beacon. 

She hopes to leave that bit of sadness behind and become something bigger than the destiny that was put upon her as a child. 

Author's Notes

  • Her weapon Pallas' Thunder comes from the Greek goddess Pallas Athena, who's animal symbol was the owl in Greek Mythology
  • Her swords Selene and Nyx are named after the Greek goddesses of the moon and night respectively
  • Her first name comes from the latin word for moo, Luna, and her last name comes from the Turkish word for fire, Alev

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