Wolfe...I'm sorry
— Luna

Luna Black/Lyla Silverwood
Age 25
Status Active
Color Grey
Gender Female
Race Faunus
Species Wolf
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Red and Blue
Height 5'7"
Weight 50kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Personal Status
Relatives Mother (Alive)

Father (Alive) Brother (Beacon Student)

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A normal built teenager, long black hair, with heterochrimia simlar to the rest of her family. Her face is fair and has a few remnant scars from her time in slavery in the Valley. Her outfit has been decripted as a sleeveless top and black leggings. she has no shoes or gloves. She has some armor on her person and a similar bracelet to her brother. Her body is inked with her families emblem on her back as well, a Silverwood tradition.


Luna is a sweet kind caring girl who always has a smile on her face, however she also has a bit of a dark side. With her bipolar nature plus her catatonic episodes she does suffer from acute depression. Luna was very protective, she never let anyone go near Wolfe in case he left her for the new person, she did always shadow her younger brother, and when she left for Beacon after training in the local combat school she did write him every day.

Despite her slavery in the Windstorm name, she has respect for humans who care for Faunus, however she is still slow to trust.

She does have a soft spot for painting and she does use that as a method to calm herself if she begins to feel down.


The eldest child of the Silverwood main branch. Lyla Silverwood, later Luna Black was born five years before her brother and was always daddies little girl. Often following her dad into the blacksmiths repairing tools with him for the miners as since she was a girl, the foremans of the town did not allow her to mine, she had to help the men with chores or cook or clean. 

When her younger brother was born, she was instnatly protective of him. As he grew up she would often be at home with him whilst her mother and father worked. When he was old enough she helped him out with his work, which he was drafted into luckily cooking and the occasional mine shift, but to her, as long as he was by her side, she would be happy. 

When the massacre happened or the revolution, Luna and her family fled the destroyed city and set up in the town of Pineore and reestablished her clans standing. 

At the age of ten she joined the Valleys school to get an education well deserved and then she enrolled in Signal. The at the age of 18 she went to Beacon and established Team BARK. However, one mission she got seperated and suffered amnesia not knowng who she was, she was found by a criminal who used her as a tool.

For years she was considered MIA and her team graduated Beacon without her and they began to search for her, until they gave up and returned home to the Valley to serve the Silverwood name as Special Operatives, all the while Luna was in Vales underbelly working for crime boss after crime boss, even dealing with the White Fang under this amnesiatic state,

After an altercation with her brother, she slowly began to remember who she was but also the things she had done for the criminal which made her suffer from PTSD. She was eventually sent to a medical hospital where she remained until Beacon Fall when she was deemed safe to enter society and returned home to the Valley to serve the community as was ruled by a judge to where she works in the Library to serve her time. 

She has yet to speak to her team mates as she believes that she let them down



Going through Beacon, she got on extremely well with her team, never getting into fights or anything of the sort.


She has a strong protective value for Wolfe, knowing that he is the heir, she wants to protect him. Her mother and her got on well too but she always had a stronger bond with her father who she adored with all her heart.


Her weapon is a two handed cross sword. the hilt has been extended into the blade so she can swing with the blade for closer engagements. The pommel has a rotator that allows her to fuel the weapon with dust. 

To deal with long range foes she carries a pistol, a remnant of her father when she went to Beacon. the pistol is that of a desert eagle esque weapon that fires dust rounds with high impact. 


Luna is a very tacticious person, and has skill in painting and also macrame. She is also very acrobatic and flexible which effects her fighting style more. 

Semblance: Shockwave

Lunas semblance manifested as a shockwave of aura allowing her to extend the reach of her swings or if she charges it for long enough allow her to release it at aerial opponents or at longer range foes,

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Trivia/Author Notes

  • Her color is Silver like the majority of the Silverwood family since her name color is derived from her last name
  • Lyla is derived from Lilac

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