I'm an angel in disguise. Could you have really seen through me when I'm an iron wall of bad memories?
— -Luna when Raymond finds out she's the one mysteriously helping LITE

T-Teammates? They exist?
— -Luna when Team LITE tells her she's not alone.

Luna Minali is an OC created by Artemis'sHunter. She is mostly inspired by all women spies in every movie. She carries dual pistols/lance with her.

This property belongs to Artemis'sHunter
Touching my stuff results in my Gold gun of death

Luna Minali
Age 15
Status Active
Color Gold
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Silver and black
Eyes Silver
Height 5'9
Weight 120 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Evan Crest
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Weaknesses Hiding, Strength, Climbing.


Luna has shimmery silver hair with black lining. She wears a golden hairband with her hair half up, half down. At night Luna's eyes and clothes somehow glow as if powered by her silvery aura. She has white boots and wears a skirt with dark gray pants underneath. She wears a black glove that allows her to easily use her weapons and not gain any burns from the weapons. Her top is a two sleeved tank-top strangely cut diagonally from hip to stomach. Luna hides a mask behind her weapons; the mask, a secret identity. Her emblem, a moon covered in two streaks of light and dark really represent what she's like.


Luna is a very kind and smart person, yet those in Team LITE have all done something wrong. She has a thick skull when it comes to fighting and likes to taunt the enemy before they attack. Luna often has fun jumping in the air or using her special abilities yet she is very bad at sticking the landing. Luna is not to be bullied. Neither are her teammates or friends. She will stand up for them and fight if necessary. Yet when it comes to battle or helping a teammate Luna is strangely never there. Someone else is there for her.

Luna does not like to be seen as a fragile person. It isn't in her description yet, she often changes into someone else using her mask and her secondary weapon. Luna is afraid she will be laughed at like when she was a little kid, so she created a wall around herself blocking out love and other things.


Luna has a slivery aura.


Luna's semblance is absorption. She can easily use her semblance to create a shield that absorbs the damage to heal any of her minor wounds then send out the extra at her enemy.


Luna has dual pistols that when activated shoot out small bullets but they take up her aura.

She has a lance she uses as a melee weapon. It is double sided which means she can spin it and cut at the same time. The lance can also be broken in half to act like daggers then reassembled.


Luna was born in a quiet part of Vale. She was kind, smart and loved to help the sick or fallen. Whenever she was a little girl she would help teachers and dream to be a huntress. The kids laughed. "You'll never be a huntress! You're too nice! You wouldn't hurt a fly!" they would shout. She cringed. Luna was very sensitive. She knew it was true and started crying. Soon she grew up enduring the torture her parents not caring she was bullied. They were too busy with the Dust industry. She soon learned to live by herself and get things by stealing. She had too. There was no way to get money to get a living.

Soon Luna learned how to act. She was amazing at it. She often stole food acting innocent, bringing a bag with her, bluffing her way free. Very soon she was tracked down by the cops, but they never found her. She grinned, gaining status as a rouge, and a very good one at that. Luna ran away from her family and went to school somewhere else. She didn't care what people said but she did stop stealing when she could earn money at about twelve. She helped at a Dust store, earing money.

At the same time she went to Sigma where she crafted her Spinning Dagger Lance Pistols. Soon Luna was an excellent student, excelling quite a lot. She was an expert at fighting especially. Very soon Luna was accepted into Beacon where she met up with her three teammates; Evan Crest, Tina Song, and Ino Hajimara.

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