Dust has two uses in combat, as ammo as well as spells. My weapon specializes in both.
— Elena Maxwell, teaching her class regarding Dust and explaining her weapon

Lunar Bow is Elena's weapon of choice.

Lunar Bow
Lunar Bow

Elena Maxwell


Dust Augmented Longbow Pistol (DALP)


Ranged, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Pistol, Longbow

This weapon is property of the Intellectual Rapist and Elena Maxwell. Usage without permission will result in death by Red Truth and Blue Truth.
Any clarifications can be posted in the comment section.

Weapon Description

"It usually only shoots Dust-based projectiles, but once it transforms into a bow, then it allows usage of powerful Dust spells that are on par with the ones used by the Schnee family."

Lunar Bow's compact form is that of a highly ornamental pistol. An uncut Dust Crystal is loaded inside to allow it to shoot Dust-based projectiles. It has around fifty shots per crystal.

In bow form, the Dust Crystal can be utilized to perform Dust spells. It specializes in straight-shot spells, making it great at piercing attacks. It uses a lot of energy, so the amount of times a Dust Crystal can be used is shortened to ten spells per crystal.

Alternately, the bow can be used traditionally when Elena ties a specialized string on both ends. Another Dust Crystal can be placed on a slot in the middle of the string. This is the 'arrow' of the bow. Releasing the string will cause the Dust Crystal to slam into the Dust Crystal inside the weapon, causing a powerful blast of energy in front of the bow. This destroys both of the crystals and is generally only used as a last resort.

History and Construction

Elena commissioned her weapon to a skilled Dust mage.

It's bow aspect was made with ivory coated in many kinds of Dust, giving it a very white hue. It's very reactive to Dust, glowing whenever a spell is cast.

The pistol is a replica of a part of her father's weapon. Though it looks ancient in design, it's insides are quite advanced and the grip is removeable.

The most expensive part of the weapon is it's transformation mechanics. It took the assistance of two blacksmiths to perfect it.

Thanks to that, the total cost of the weapon is 80,500 Lien.


  • The original version of the Lunar Bow is a glowing bow made from the soul of Elena's mother. It allowed her to shoot laser-like arrows. It materializes from the tattoo in Elena's left hand.
Original Lunar Bow

Lunar Bow, original version

  • Lunar Bow's barebones appearance can be attributed to it lacking it's more complicated design, which is too magical in nature to work in RWBY standards.
  • The name Lunar Bow is suppose to be a prototype name. It retained it's name after the weapon design began to resemble that of a crescent moon.
  • Adding the pistol within Lunar Bow is a subtle reference to Elena's prototype version, where she used a pair of pistols instead of a bow.

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