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How do I feel now? I... don't really know... I feel so unimportance. Is that what I am now? I feel... so alone, as if... something is missing.
— Lunarus, Scene Unknown

Lunarus de Procella
Age 16 (Vol.1) / 17 (Vol.3)
Status Active
Color Light Blue
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Left handed
Complexion Pale
Hair Blackish blue
Eyes Light blue
Height 5'3"
Weight 113 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team LITE
Partner Ilkay Zburator
Occupation Student

Her name is procounce:

  • Lunarus - 'lou-n-are-us'
  • de - 'day'
  • Procella - 'pro-sell-lah'


Lunarus is a young woman who is dressed in a loose white crop top that has no sleeves, trimmed with light blue at the sleeves and the bottom. A dark blue tight tank underneath that is tucked into her pants. A silver necklace with crescent moon shaped metal pendants upon it, being three in total. A light blue choker cloth around her neck, tied in the back with long straps, reaching to her elbows.

Black pants that reach just past her knees and is trimmed at the ends with white, a white cloth wrapped around her waist that has two straps of cloth hanging loosely from her hips, reaching her knees. Black boots that reach past her ankles and is folded over, with a white trim, gray strap around the ankle with a white buckle holding it in place.

White gloves that reach her mid-upper arm, with a light blue band holding it in place, the gloves being fingerless, light blue bands holding it onto her fingers. Small silver chained bracelets loop around the wrists, three chains on her left wrist, five on her right.

Her dark blue hair reaches mid-back and the bangs reach just past her eyes, being swept to the left side. Two long strands are tied behind her ears, the rest being pulled back with a silver crescent moon clip, falling down loosely. Her eyes are a bright, light blue that shimmers, her skin being a pale cream in tone against her dark hair.

Her casual clothes consist of a tight tank top, usually being either light blue or white, with black shorts with her emblem upon the right leg, white calf high socks with her black shoes. She continues to wear her bracelets, necklace and pin in her hair.

Her sleepwear is that of simple shorts and spaghetti strap top, both being light blue in color, the top with dark blue lace and the shorts having white trimming. Her hair falls loosely around herself, having been taken out of the clip but continues to have the two ties.


Regardless of the fact that she grew up on the streets, she has gained a rather insecure persona around others. She is not scared or shy however, just overly nervous, for she grew up with only her 'siblings' around and was then alone in that large manor she lived in. She does not like to get attention and much prefers to be in the background. As a result, she was surprised to be forced into the forefront when she was appointed leader of LITE.

However, she is very friendly, always wanting to gain new friends, being rather outgoing and optimistic. She has a very curious interest in others, wanting to know about them and become friends, even if they don't have a particular interest in her. At times, she can seem rather pushy in her interest in getting to know others and must be verbally told to back off, otherwise she will continue to push. But she does have a kind of sense of when to know not to pry and keep her distance.

She may have trouble interacting with others, but she has no trouble in the intelligence department. She has been wanting to know things since she was little, even when she was in the slums. As a result, she would look for books of any kind in the area, reading them over and over again. She has somehow made herself able to remember things easily, able to remember new and old facts with little effort. Because of this, during her time as a noble in the manor, she was able to remember all things she was taught. Ranging from history to politics and even tactics, making her a very good tactician.

Never-the-less, she does have a violent side, mostly channelled when she is fighting. She release all the anger and frustration she had bottled up since she lived on the streets. For the way she and the others around were treated stayed with her, even when taken away to her father's manor. It grew even more and had no outlet, not being a violent person by nature. However, with the training she got, she trained herself to release that anger and violence through fighting, so ask to keep people around her safe. However, she does have a switch to which can anger her and make her violent, that being either her father's death or her upbringing.


Lunarus grew up in the slums of a town on the border of Vale and Vacuo, with a single mother who lived a happy life. They lived comfortably and even though they didn't have much money, they got by well enough. Lunarus was friends with some faunus children who lived by, as well as other children who lived in the slums. They would play games and help out around the town in anyway, to gain some little money they could get for their families. Her two best friends were Aodhfin and Vesta, a brother and sister fox faunus.

However, the two fox faunus had a very neglective father, who spent his days away and out of town. When he was home, he would taunt the children or outright ignore him. It was why it was so surprised that one day when he left, he never came back. People assumed he died out there because of the Grimm or that he simply went away. As a result, Aodhfin and Vesta were taken by Lunarus' mother, Morgan. They spent the rest of their lives in happiness, laughing and loving kindly.

However, with all happiness comes tragedy, and that was the case with this family. Not 2 years after she had taken in the two faunus children, she had contracted an illness. One of which was not within the range of pay for the poor children. As a result, she suffered but continued to smile at her children, regardless. She died a few months later, sending them into grief. Lunarus and Vesta cried for hours where Aodhfin held in his tears, being the oldest and trying to be strong for his siblings.

After Morgan's passing, the three of them worked hard to take care of themselves, cleaning up the streets, helping people around the town and other such activities. However, Aodhfin would not let them be treated as they have been, and thus turned to a group of faunus children who resorted to a different means of making life easier. They resorted to stealing and scaring people, though Lunarus knew what her 'brother' was going, she could not be disappointed in him, for he was only doing it for them. At one point in time, she asked him if she could help, but he told her that she shouldn't dirty herself like he had.

That was the end of that discussion, they lived like that for 3 years and within a few months of Lunarus asking Aodhfin to help, something happened to change their lives. One day, a nobleman stopped by the slums and introduced himself to the family of Lunarus. It was there he revealed that Lunarus was his only heir to his family, having had a son who had recently passed. He wanted to take Lunarus back to the manor with him and raise her as his daughter. Lunarus had told him she had to think about and he left her home, awaiting her reply.

She turned to her siblings to their thoughts and Vesta hugged her, telling her to go, live a better life. Lunarus had wanted to stay and hoped her 'brother' would tell her to do so. But much to her disappointment, he told her to leave as well. To leave the filthy place that was their home and go where she belonged, that she never had belonged there. Reduced to tears in both sadness and anger, she punched Aodhfin square in the face and ran out of her home. She told the nobleman that she'd go with him and they left.

She spent her life in the manor of the de Procella, to which her father, Irving, lived in with his older brother, Strom. She was taught about the world, about dust, which her father had a hand of crafting, how to fight and who to be a lady. She was given few hours of free time and was never allowed to leave the manor grounds, which was fenced in by stone walls.

During her time there, was given the education of that a student in hunter training, which she was surprised about learning. Her father had told her that the family of de Procella had always been hunters in their youths. Both him and his brother had been on teams, however, since stopped in the practice of being hunters to work on their business. Strom was working on making weapons and armors of military and Irving the dust to assist that same military.

It wasn't until many years later, not long before she would be turning 17, that Irving took her out of the manor. He told her that she would soon be leaving him to go to Beacon, to which she would continue her training to be a huntress. With that thought in mind, he told her that she had to learn about the outside world to which she was going to join soon. As a result, he left with her for a merchant he needed to visit.

Even with her first time outside the manor in years, what happened caused much shock to her. While out, when she was inside a building looking at things, her father was talking to a merchant outside. It was then that he was attacked by a group of masked teens and he was fatally wounded by a blade. Upon being returned to the manor, they were told he did not have much time, the wound was too deep. At his bedside, she cried for him, saying she was going to be left all alone again.

He passed a few days later, leaving Lunarus along with her uncle, Strom, who had taken her into his care. However, in Irving's will, all the de Procella finances and funds when to Lunarus. It was then that Lunarus had seen the infuriated look in her uncle's face. It was not long after that that she departed for Beacon. Upon arrival, she had taken the exam and even though she didn't have any 'proper schooling' beforehand, she passed easily. This resulted in her being accepted into the famous school, soon becoming a student and unexpectedly, a leader.

Fall of Beacon

The team had been touring the fairgrounds when the Grimm attacked. As they, including Lunarus had not been there to see the outcome of the fight, when the Grimm attacked they were very disorganized. Once they had figured out what was going on, Lunarus called her weapons as did the others and they went into action. Luna was helping people get away safely from the Grimm and fairgrounds while her teammates did the same.

However, somehow in the chaos, their teammate, Tsura, had disappeared. Luna was the first to notice and informed Ilkay and Elanor that she'd go after her. The others agreed and stayed behind to help the remaining citizens and fighting the remaining Grimm. As Luna wondered off in search of her friend, whom she did find, but it was not in a good state. Tsura was hurt, cuts to the arms and legs, bleeding on the ground.

Lunarus rushed the guy attacking her teammate, pushing him back with her sword, which she had pulled out. Upon attacking him, she realized just how strong he was, stronger than her. He ev

entually pushed her back and while she stumbled, he slashed at her. His blade caught her side, cutting past her shirt and into her skin. It burned and stung, causing her to reach for her wound as she fell. She landed in front of Tsura and held her wound, her weapons beside her.

Lunarus thought she was going to die right there but instead, she saw white. Tsura had moved in front of her, standing though unsteady, protecting her. The White Fang lashed out and cut Tsura across her midsection. Lunarus reached out and pulled Tsura into her lap, as well as reaching over and pick up her sword. She pointed it at the man who suddenly stopped while she glared at him. He then ran, disappearing from her view.

Lunarus dropped her sword and sighed, suddenly very tired. She looked to Tsura and saw her wounds, how hurt she was and knew she needed to get Tsura to help. With that thought, Lunarus pushed herself up and carried Tsura upon her back, somehow getting both their weapons. Lunarus managed to make her way to safety with Tsura, who had fainted sometime along the way. Once there, Lunarus too had fainted, finally relieved to be safe.

Aftermath of the Fall

Lunarus woke up to see her other two teammates there, as well as Tsura in a bed near her. The stay in the hospital was quick, though it had been for almost a month, it felt fast. She felt like she had barely been there. And when she was discharged, without Tsura by her side, her partner had come to pick her up. She was taken to their summer home in Vale, to where she took up the role of Leader of LITE again, though she felt very unprepared.

However, with what was happening around them, in places other than Vale. She knew that with some many people gone, so many people separated, that someone had to stand up. Someone had to help with moving forward. And if Lunarus had to be that person, so be it.



Lunarus' Weapon.

Domini-Nocte is the name of her three-form weapon.

  •  Form one is a warfan with dust properties within the fabric of the fan.
    •  The shaft is black with a light blue cloth wrapped around in the middle of it, the end of it being white with a black ribbon tied to it. The fan itself is white with four twin moon designs in each corner, each being a different color. Top Left: Water [Blue], Top Right: Fire [Red], Bottom Left: Wind [Green], Bottom Right: Lightning [Yellow].
    •  The fan can slide off the shaft and be safely folded for storage.
  •  Form two is a Chokuto, the shaft of the fan having been the sheath of the blade, thus being pulled out. The sheath can be used as a secondary weapon or a form of defense.
    •  The blade is a pale whitish blue in tint and has a compartment down the middle of the blade that allows for ice dust, being cyan.
  •  Form three is a Nagamaki, to which the hilt of the blade has a little clip on the end of it to allow it to click into place in the top of the sheath.

Fighting Style

Luna specializes in ranged dust combat, using the dust to attack from a distance. Her fan is equipped with four different types of dust, these being wind, lightning, water and fire. She attacks with orbs that are emitted from the fan that contain dust within them, using the wind dust to throw the orbs of other dust forward. However, the only dust orbs she throws are water and lightning, using them together in combos to get effective damage. She combined both fire and wind dust in order to cause a blaze before her as a protective wall to keep her opponents back.

When switching styles, she will take the fan portion in a pack, thus making it unusable until she takes it back out and slides it back on upon the shaft of her weapon. As the weapon has dust infused with the fan, it does not run out but she does have a limit to how strong an attack she can perform.

Within the shaft of the fan, is a blade, to which she can take out to use to fight. She wields this blade backhanded, following a technique passed down through her family. It was taught to her by her father and then her uncle, who both were considered masters in the style. She uses the sheath of the shaft as a defensive tool, using it to block and parry as it is made out a strong metal that does not break easy. Her strikes are fast and pinpoint, though hesitant at times.

When she clips the base of the sword to the opening in the sheath, it becomes a pole-blade. With this, she uses a more defensive style. She parries and blocks, then strikes while her opponent is open from the attacks. She also spins the pole at the base of the blade to gain momentum in her blocks and parries, allowing her to knock away her opponent's weapon/attacks and then attack in return.

Strengths and Weaknesses

  • She was taught by a master when fighting with a sword and a pole-blade, allowing her to be very talented in that style.
    • However, as she has never actually taken this style to the field or against anyone aside her family, she feels a little insecure about fighting.
    • She sometimes appear to be hesitant in her moves, as if she is second-guessing how to attack or approach her opponent, this leaves her quite open.
  • She loves reading and enjoys hearing stories from others, be they high tales they make up or valid events that happened to them. She becomes very interested in others who have a story to tell.
    • However, she has come off as nosy and invading in others personal lives, because of the questions she asks. She does not know of this and often has others get annoyed with her that she will not understand that she is being nosy.
  • Having been taken from the slums and raised suddenly in a rather noble setting, she comes off as fake at times. This is purely because she has no idea how to ask noble. As a result, people may question her position as a leader.
    • Because of this, she feels very insecure about being the leader of LITE, even going so far to as to ask to have one of the other members take her place. Hopefully with the support of her teammates, she can get past this insecurity and finally prove just how much of a leader she really is.


Her ability is fairly simple, she can do much with it aside as a defensive measure, which suits the fact that she's a magic user. She can repel things from her, in the form of a bubble like pulse around her. It can push objects, dust attacks and people away, as long as she can hold the pulse long enough to effectively work. However, she also has to be in a certain state of rage for it work properly, making it a tad difficult to use when at the start of any kind of battle.

A down point to this ability though is it's reliance on aura, for it takes quite a bit of it to work. This restricts her to use it possibly 2 to 3 times in the span of an hour. If she goes over this limit, it takes a toll on her, first giving her a simple nosebleed, if continued, it will eventually cause her to lose consciousness.



  • Ilkay Zburator -
    • Before: At first, it was a somewhat distant partnership, though he was kind and friendly, it just felt somewhat distant. However, Lunarus never let this affect her and eventually, as time went on, the two did grow closer. They became close partners, knowing each other's moves and thoughts easily, though Lunarus could still feel a sense of distance between them.
    • After: Lunarus was surprised to see how worried Ilkay was towards her after all that happened, but it was a nice change. She was glad to know they had grown close enough that he may even think of her as family, which is what a team should be. She was glad with the progress and with how much he trusted her now. It helped with the team, with working together, it turned the tide of the team.
  • Tsura Del -
    • Before: For a while, Lunarus noticed Tsura's interest, but regardless very friendly towards her as well as Ilkay and Elanor. Though, Lunarus wondered how this girl lived and even began to think if she would have been similar if she hadn't become a nobel. Regardless, she eventually noticed how close Tsura has started to be with her and she could not figure out why. But this did not bother Lunarus that much, for she took it as her relationship getting closer.
    • After: Lunarus noticed how much Tsura had changed after that encounter with that White Fang member. She had at first, grown distant, not talking and having nightmares in her sleep. However, over time, she warmed up again towards Lunarus as well their other teammates. It was some time later that she noticed Tsura coming to her about her thoughts and feelings, trying to figure them out. Lunarus tried helping as much as she could but she could see that Tsura had been very affected by what happened. She couldn't be sure if the faunus girl would ever be the same.
  • Elanor Zburator -
    • Before: At the start, it was a bit rocky between Lunarus and Elanor, the main reason being the fact she was partnered with the girl's brother. Often times, she would get told that Elanor would have made a better partner, expressing her displeasure with the set up. At one point, Lunarus felt a sense of distaste from Elanor and a tension built between them. Lunarus could never figure out where it had come from but she decided not to question about it and tried to be as best a leader as she could.
    • After: With how shaky their relationship had been before, Lunarus was surprised by how worried Elanor was about her. Their bonds seemed to have taken a turning point, Elanor seemed more accepting of her. They finally began functioning as a team, as friends. Lunarus was glad for this change, for she felt closer to the girl who had seemed so cold towards her before. She felt it was a good chance to finally become good friends with the girl.



  • Morgan :- Her mother and took care of her to the best of her ability aside the fact they lived in the slums. Was very caring and took others into her care when she felt they had to place else to go.
  • Irving :- Her biological father whom she met at the age of 9, going to live with him. He treated her like she had been there her entire life and loved her dearly, trusting her with the family business when he passed.
  • Aodhfin :- Her adoptive 'older brother' from the slums, where he currently lives when she left for the de Procella manor. They left on a bad note and Lunarus regrets having left in that way.
  • Vesta :- Her adoptive 'younger sister' from the slums, where she currently lives after Lunarus left for the de Procella manor. She misses her sister very much and wishes she could visit to see the little girl again.
  • Strom :- Her biological uncle whom at first was a very friend man and treated her as one of the family. However, after the passing of his brother, her father, he has become very distant with an irritated look upon his face.


  • Though she does not like it, she will allow her teammates to call her Luna.
  • There are times when she go back to the slang speak from the slums in which she lived previously, however, it is not common and happens when under a lot of stress or in a fit of rage.


  • Lunarus is based off the Japanese god of the moon, Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto, also known as Tsukiyomi.
  • The name Lunarus is two words combined in Latin, Luna meaning, 'Moon'; and Rus meaning, 'Country'.
  • The word 'de' is a latin word for 'of'.
  • The name Procella is Latin for, 'Waves' or 'Storm'.
    • Thus the meaning of her full name being either, 'Moon Country of Waves', or 'Moon Country of Storm'. Tying in her color, being a shade of blue.


  • Character Theme - Missing by Evanescence
Evanescence-Missing Lyrics04:17

Evanescence-Missing Lyrics

  • Battle Theme -
Lunarus de Procella's Stats :

Primary Role Dust Caster
Secondary Role Swordwielder
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


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