Is that a trick question? I like swords. No sarcasm there. I don't even know what sarcasm is.
— Lune Rouge

Lune Rouge
Age 24
Title Blademaster Red
Nickname Lyn
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Semblance Blade Conjuration
Height 185.5 cm
Weight  ??
Professional Status
Team Team PALE
Partner Estrella Xanthe
Occupation Huntsman/Weapon Collector
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Father (Deceased)
  • Mother (Deceased)


  • Aya Rouge (Foster Mother)
Additional Info
Special Skills
  • Skilled with swords
  • Obsessed with swords
  • Fails at sarcasm
Character Theme

Future Field (Cyber-Rainforce)
Battle Theme

Future Field (Rock Remix) (Cyber-Rainforce)
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Lune Rouge is a former graduate of Beacon Academy and a member of Team PALE. Renowned for her talents in the way of the sword. She owns a house entirely devoted to her collection of swords, which number to a thousand. Some of them are stolen.

Current Revision: WIP


She has a decent built, courtesy of her training. She keeps her hair tied in a ponytail so that it won't get in her way in battle.

She wears what appears to be a blend between both armor and clothing. A chest plating covers most of her upper torso from her breast to her ribs. The rest are clothing. Her sleeves are mismatched, with the right sleeve being larger while the left sleeve is slimmer and bears the Rouge family crest. A banner-like necktie goes down from her shirt to the bottom, showing red and purple swirls. The armor-shirt thingy is short enough that her midriff is exposed... effectively rendering her armor useless. She wears a bracelet on her right arm and a vambrace on her left.

She wears short shorts with additional loincloth that cover most the back of her legs as well as her nether regions. The front loincloth has the same red and purple swirls as her necktie. She wears bronze kneecaps with a spike portruding on the upper portion.

She tops it off with a pair boots that also has the red and purple swirls.


Lune can easily be described as blunt, pessimistic and exciteable. She's direct to say what's on her mind and can be outright rude to some people. Due to her past, she's become rather cynical and doesn't quite believe in hope. This can't be seen from her facade of happiness though.

She's quite relaxed and a hell of a smooth talker, easily defusing heated situations. She's rather untrustworthy among her fellow Hunters as she's infamous for using her smooth talking skills to convince most of them to do what she wants. As a downside, she seems to not detect sarcasm at all.

Her notable trait is her obsession with swords. Initially starting as just a way for her to make use of her semblance, it became outright addiction when she became a Huntress, devoting her life into collecting swords from across Remnant, having at least hundreds of them on her home.

Weapons and Abilities

Unfortunately, Lune cannot use a hundred swords at once. That'll be silly. Her weapon of choice is the Two-handed broadsword, Destiny Caliburn.

Her simple weapon is complemented by her simple, but practical fighting style, which is being really really good with swords, having devoted most of her life into honing her skills into near-perfection with one. Her element of preference is wind, and as such, carries a pouch of Wind Dust powder to add to her sword, giving it wind properties temporarily if needed.

Her Aura manifests with a light green hue.

Her Semblance is a basic conjuration semblance specializing in bladed weaponry. Initially starting out with knives, her proficiency in it improved with age, eventually evolving into swords as she grew up. Lune started out conjuring terribly designed blades, before she began to get the hang of its utilization by observing her main sword long enough.

In combat, her conjured swords break easily, and though it doesn't use up too much Aura whenever she uses it, she can only conjure a maximum of 99 swords per day, and she can only have a maximum of five of them out per conjuration.

She prefers to use them by 'throwing' them at foes, launching them like javelins towards her enemies. This covers the fatal flaw of her fighting style, which is the lack of ranged weaponry.


Originally named Llyn Gwelwach, Lune was an orphan who lost her parents in a fire accident at age six. She was put to adoption in Vale for a few months, where she was adopted by Aya Rouga, a police officer. Aya decided to change Llyn's name into Lune, half because it'll be easier on Lune if she drops all her connection to her past, as well as because Aya can't pronounce Llyn. From that day onwards, Lune Rouge, nicknamed Lyn, came into being.

Initially, she was rather distant from Aya, often secluding herself to her own room. As she got older, she began to warm up to her foster mother and grew really close to her.

One day, while preparing dinner, Lune accidentally discovered her Semblance when she was having trouble looking for knives in their cabinet, and found instead what appears to be a glowing, fragmented white knife following her around.

It ended up stuck in the ceiling.

Informing Aya about it, the police officer pondered if Lune's ability makes her suitable to be a Huntress. After some time, she suggested that Lune practice with the sword, as it seems to work best with her Semblance, since she's likely going to become a Huntress. And so began the first step to Lune's obsession with swords.

Having no skill in forging weaponry, nor liking the idea of commissioning, Lune instead searched weapon merchant after weapon merchant to see if anyone was willing to sell a decent sword. One day, she got lucky and saw an auction that is offering what appears to be a sword of great quality. She begged Aya to win it for her.

And that's the story of how half of Aya's life savings went to Lune's sword.

Age 13, she planned to enroll to a combat school. Signal Academy's mandatory requirement of forging one's weapon, often transformable, opted Lune to study abroad in one of the combat schools in Mistral instead.

On her first year, she heard about the sword-based fighting style, Five-to-One. Deciding to set her sights into learning it, she did some research on known masters of it but only came up with two prominent people who taught it. The Prime family as well as a retired Huntsman all the way back in Vale.

Starting with the Prime Family, who was already in Mistral, she requested to train with them, but was declined, on account of their training regime being a family secret. Not giving up, she decided to train with one of the retired Huntsmen in Vale by contacting her mother to tell the Huntsman specializing in Five-to-One about it. Likewise, the Huntsman declined, citing that he's already training someone.

Considering her options, she decided it's not likely for her to learn Five-to-One. So she decided to learn her own fighting style based on the traditional methods. And so she devoted half of her high school into training with the sword.

During that time, she also focused on honing her semblance. Studying the structure of blades, she slowly expanded the form of the blades she conjure, going from knives, to daggers, to short swords, before finally becoming a replica of her own sword. Having perfected the current form of her semblance, she has made it an exercise to glance at her sword for at least ten minutes in the morning and before bed to make sure she always keeps the form of her semblance constant.

After four years, she graduated. Both as one of the best and one of the worst student. Her academic subjects were terrible, but Lune's combat skills were leaps and bounds above almost everyone.

Returning to Vale, Lune immediately applied for Beacon, where she got paired up with Estrella Xanthe, as well as teamed up with Purnama Lestari and Arevik Taguhi to form Team PALE.

Her teammates helped in her training as well. Estrella was a martial artist focusing in Aura, Purnama was an archer as well as a fencer, and Arevik was a Dust mage who excells in electricity.

At that time, they were considered as rivals of Team EHVA.

In particular, Hisei Tokuhana is Lune's best sparring partner. Their fights were often called as 'The battle between the Azure Phoenix and the Crimson Dragon' by fans. Rumors say that Lune was Hisei's first girlfriend before settling for Elena Maxwell. Neither confirmed whether this is true or not.

Time passes and Lune eventually graduates, notably being mentioned as the strongest in her entire team.

At the present, she bought a large house in vicinity of the outskirts of Vale. There, she houses the swords she's bought over the past six years, using the money she earned as a Huntress to do so.

When asked for the reason for her collection, she mentioned that she wanted to find the very first sword humankind forged, which legends say is strong enough to cut through anything.

"Why do I like swords? It's really a matter of fascination. You see, every sword has a story. Each one was painstakenly forged by a blacksmith of small or big name. With each pound of their hammer, a portion of their soul is transferred on the blade, giving it its durability. The first sword humankind forged is said to be able to cut through anything, right? Makes you wonder how many Aura was used to forged it. That's just my theory anyways, um, yeah. Swords are my passion. What's yours?"

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Weapon: Destiny Caliburn (Two-handed broadsword)

  • An ancient weapon that Lune's foster mother won in an auction. It's well-maintained, having survived for most likely 300 years, dating all the way back to The War. She keeps it sharpened. It's current sheath is not the original, as the old one was lost.

Accessories: Bracelet

  • A bracelet that she commissioned when she graduated. The words "Forever the Best" are written on it.

Alignment: Neutral Good

  • Having been raised by a police officer, she's grown to possess a moral sense of justice. Though jaded, she won't hesitated to put her life on the line for someone, and maybe steal their sword if the opportunity is there.

Likes: Swords, swords, swords,

  • She likes swords.
  • How much? A lot. This doesn't even need to be emphasized.
  • By a lot we mean outright obsessed with it.

Dislikes: Fire, Heights

  • She depises fire, mostly stemming from the time her parents died in a fire. She was traumatized to the point she would run away in fear in the presence of one. She eventually got over it as she got older.
  • Lune has some trouble staying in high places. This gave her a lot of trouble during the Initiation.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Blademaster
  • Strength: A
  • Defense: C
  • Dust Usage: F-
  • Aura Usage: B+
  • Semblance Usage: S
  • Dust Resistance: F
  • Speed: A+
  • Evasion: C+
  • Luck: C


  • Lune takes inspiration from Gilgamesh and Archer from Fate/Stay Night for her Semblance. (More so now as it was changed into sword conjuration)
  • Lune's original name, Llyn Gwelwach, is Welsh for "Lake" and "Pale"; Pale Lake.
  • Like Giovane Orfeo, Lune is an expy of Hisei Tokuhana's first love interest, Lyna Creslin. Her semblance is a homage to Lyna's telekinetic ability to control a hundred swords at once.
  • Lune has a French accent.
  • I'm still unsure whether I'll do the rest of Team PALE or not.

Name Applicable in Remnant?

  • Lune Rouge is French for both "Moon" and "Red". Her name literally means Red Moon.

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