"more? more souls for me to eat!" -luner grip attempting to swallow amber and linda


luner grip is a halberd coated in a deep almost neverending black paint. the blades are a sharp silver with strange other worldly engravings. the end of her shaft is has a spike that is also silver with engravings only these ones read out "never forget the day your life was shown a new"


luner grip is a halberd the size of a large nevermores beak. her shaft will come apart into two different parts, the bottom half will turn into a training sword or in a real fight it will become a scimitar. the bottom half can also hold dust crystals or any other small item. the second part is an axe or a rifle depending on the mood luner is in. the spike on the end is able to fire from luner but is attached at all times with a chain. the spike can come a part to form a flower patern in the center is a grey dust crystal, this ability is what puts grip into her name.


you may think how can a weapon have a personality, well how can a soul be consumed by a weapon? luner is often refered to by hoojoow as a female. the only time you can get a chance to confirm this is if A: you have a soul (this is why grimm are unable to survive a telling blow from her) and B: if you escape luner's heart.when "killed" by luner she brings the soul of the person she had just killed and eats it, although if this person escapes it means their soul can never be eaten by her. this how ever does not stop luner from killing the victim, the person is given a second chance to either fight or run. luner will follow a master if they win a fight against her old master her description of fight means is you resist geting eaten and defeat her master you have won. after all this she still is an unforgiving weapon and loves to eat souls especially light souls.


  • this weapon belongs to me
  • you are welcome to do any art for this weapon just let me know i would like to see it
  • no she is not a god arc, more of a relation to soul edge from soulcalibur

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