Lupus Stizza


Gender: Male

Howling Wolf Emblem

Lupus's Symbol done by Demetri Anacona

Nickname: The Red Wolf


Lupus is 17 year old teenage boy who is 6 foot 2 and weighs 185 pounds. He has aqua marine blue eyes framed by scarlet red hair. He wears a red scarf the same color as his hair with frayed edges due to age. On his torso he wears a black brown short sleeve t-shirt underneath an auburn leather jacket usually worn open. On his legs and feet he wears regular black pants with black combat boots that have red trim.


Lupus came from a loving family. His father was a man of many talents and his mother was one of the most kind and caring women you would ever meet in your life. However, his family was poor and they lived under the crushing rule of a crime syndicate. His parents each year barely scraped by so that the syndicate would leave them alone. However, on his tenth birthday his parents got him a scarf, the one he treasures so much, but something came up and more money had to be spent leaving his parents without enough money to pay off the syndicate. 

When the time came to pay up his parents didnt have what was needed and as punishment they were hauled off the to syndicate's secret base to pay off their debts. They begged that their son be left out of this deal and the syndicate decided that two full grown adults was better than two full grown adults and a 10 year old child. So they asked a neighboring family to take care of their son while they were working off their debts. After one year when they still havent come back Lupus went in search of the syndicate's secret base all by himself. Realizing that he would never find it himself and that even if he did he didnt have any skill with weapons and fighting at all.

So he went and applied to Sanctum Academy and was accepted. While training there he kept writing the family that had took him in asking if his parent's had returned yet. Every time he got a letter back saying that his parents had yet to return. After he had graduated Sanctum at one of the top ten in class he was accepted into Beacon academy. He still awaits for a letter saying that his parents have returned happy and healthy, but as soon as he graduates Beacon he will go out in search of the hideout once again to rescue his parents. 

Weapons and Abilities

Lupus wields 2 weapons when in combat. These are Spatha swords that he dual wields. They are named Mar's Fury and Bellona's Wrath. These swords can also shrink down to a dagger size and when in dagger size both swords can shift into a pistol form. This helps with travel so that Lupus doesnt have to carry two three and half foot swords around everywhere. Both of these weapons utilize the usage of Impact Dust. Crystals stored in the pommel of the swords give them higher impacts when they strike. This crystal stays in the same place when they turn into dagger mode and is stored inside the gun when in pistol mode.

Along with these weapons Lupus uses a form of Martial Arts known as Cleaving Hook Palm. He uses this for unarmed combat and when he fights with his swords in dagger or pistol mode. 

Lupus's Semblance is called Mercury's Reflexes and this allows him to burst chi from his joints to increase his reaction speed so that he can block, attack, and counterattack faster than he normally would.

Personality and Miscellaneous

Lupus is a very stubborn person. When he maks up his mind to do something or forms an opinion on something or someone it is very hard to change his mind. Lupus is also a kind person because of the way his parents raised him before they were taken away. He cares very much for his friends and always puts their well being before his own. He isnt a very trusting person though, thinking that he needs to do anything by himself so that his friends dont get hurt. Due to his stubborn nature if Lupus cannot accomplish a task he will continue to try until he has achieved his goal. Other than that Lupus is a likeable guy with a cheery attitude (unless you piss him off) who treats everyone fairly no matter of race or prestige.

Lupus fawns over his scarf, the last gift from his parents before they were taken away. He treasures it over anything else he owns seeing it as a reminder of what he is trying to achieve by recieving the training he is at Beacon.

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