BlahBlahBlah, this is Opaquanity's OC and Page. Steal and You die by my rainbowgun! Taste the rainbow~
Just because I cant see fool dosnt mean I cant kick your scrawney ass!
— Lust's reply to being deemed weak due to her being blind

Lust Amoebia
Age 31
Title Huntress
Nickname LuLu, Ladybug, Cy
Color Red, Gray, Purple
Gender Female
Race Human
Born December 1st
Handedness Right
Complexion Creamy Peanutbutter
Hair Blood red
Eyes White
Height 6'1
Weight Classified
Professional Status
Partner Uchia
Occupation Former huntress, Assassin

Lust is an OC made by Opaquanity.

  • Lust's main outfit
  • Lust during one of her assassinations.
  • REALLY careless sketch of Lust and Uchia's outline
  • Yet a sketch of the entire team~


Lust is a 6'1, hourglass figured  woman. Her skin is the color of 'creamy peanut butter' and her hair is dark blood red with black highlights that she usually wears in a ponytail. Lust's eyes are deemed unusual as her pupils and iris's are completey white while her eyeballs are black. Some view this as a trademark of her blindness. 

Lust's outfits differ but her colors usually consist of gray, purple, and red. Her main outfit consists of a thin satin off the shoulder jacket buttoned in the middle, silky gray pants, and a black drape scarf.  She always wears fingerless gloves with a metal palm used as a magnetic base for her weapon.

Her secondary outfit consists of a revealing black slip with red lace, and gray high heels. When she injured her eyes at 19, Lust began wearing a black and red bandanna over her eyes. 

When she's in her homebase, where she picks the bounties she wants most, she usually wears black and gray armor, and her hair is let down. 



Lust is a sarcastic, witty, and a perverted woman. She loves to tease and 'play' with men and women alike so as to show off and annoy Uchia, her teammate and best friend. Many people who do dont get to know her view her as a selfish, narcississtic, cruel person as she dosnt wish to get involved with other people and acts as a loner when she isnt around someone she trusts. 

When she feels she can 'be herself', Lust is a very friendly, open, solemn and gives good advice, yet still she never abandons her sarcastic side. 

Lust is a seductress when she wants to be, using her skills as an assassination tool. She lures victims in and then kills them when they least suspect it. 

Lust hates it when people insult her because of her being blind, and instantly brings her gaurds up when people ask her about it. Lastly Lust loves violence and is usually amused when people begin to fight. 


Lustful Goddess is Lust's only weapon.

LG is a large, silver, cross-like shaped sword without a handel that can be controlled with red dust. At the bottom center of LG there is a punched hole where a whip like chain is placed. That can be used to swing the large sword around and in some cases can be used in the way of a grapple hook.

Lust uses it as a shield mostly, but if used in combat she uses the magnets on her gloves to keep LG in place. LG is very sharp and without proper use can cut off an entire hand if not held properly.

LG's only dull parts that are not sharp are the black designs on it and thats usually where one should place their hands to carry it. 

(Image shall be uploaded soon)


Lust is a 'jack of all trades', borrowing several fighting styles like Tai chi and combining them to make her own style/technique that her team calls 'Tempting death'. 

She uses various kicks in vital spots, usually in the neck or stomach, purposly causing her victim loss of breath before either strangling them, knocking them out, or killing them with Lustul Goddess. 

Lust is very agile, being able to go at extremely high speeds when running or dodging attacks. Her strength varies on her mood though. When she's calm she tends to have the average strength of teenage male. But when angered she can go level with a grimm twice her size. (No not a nevermore/ursa, but smaller) 


Lust's aura appears as a clear, smooth red and black rose designed cross. She uses her aura as a defense agains attacks when Lustfull Godess is not available for use. She never really uses it as a combat skill though.

Semblence at rest- Lust's semblence is the ability to see in red and black(Like echo location). She dosn't truly 'see' like everyone else does but when she touches anything connected to the ground or earth she can feel where everything is without being anywhere near it. 

(This is much like Toph's ability in ATLA but not completely the same) 

Active Semblence- When needed, Lust can activate her semblence to become more 'sensitive' then normal. This is helpful for when she cannot hear her enemy. This helps her predict what her enemy's next move is before it happens, and she becomes 'untouchable' as her agility increases. This also makes her opponet's movements go in slow motion for her. 


Lust was born Cyrus Allen Amoebia.

Lust's mother, Rita,  was born blind just like her, but she was also deaf and couldnt fend for herself. Rita found her way around when she was alone with a cane to feel where she was going.

Lust was born after Rita's secret relationship with a close friend of hers, a dust miner named Allen Amoebia who died months before Lust was born, and Rita died shortly afterwards out of depression since she didnt know how she could take care of Lust.

Lust grew up with Rita's kind twin sister, Aurora, who was not disabled in any way.

Aurora would read Lust several books each night, usually about heroes and fairy tales. But every now and then Aurora would read to Lust newspapers boasting about several Hunters and Huntresses victories, encouraging Lust to become noble and kind just like they were.

Aurora didnt know this would cause Lust to actually want to train to become a huntress though. 

With Aurora's permission, Lust changed her first name and attended a training academy in her hometime (Nowhere near Vytal), eventually discovering her semblence and crafting Lustfull Goddess. There she met Uchia, T.R.E.E, and Sitrus, her teammates and lifelong comrades. 

After successfully becoming a huntress, Lust became known all around Remnant and soon became a celebrity of sorts. But when her team was called in to stop an expected assassination on a wealthy dust company's CEO, they were ambushed and T.R.E.E ended up losing her right arm. 

Only focused on helping T.R.E.E recover, Lust abandoned her status as huntress for 10 years, searching for the crook. Unfortuantly she never found her, and to this day she is still resentful. 

Now she resides in a small house in Vytal, living only a few blocks away from Uchia and Sitrus, T.R.E.E being on the other side of the contenent and rarely visiting. Lust currently works as an undercover assassin so as to pay the bills. This is looked down upon by her team but none of them try to stop her. 


Uchia(Future OC): Her and Uchia got off at a rough start at their first meeting, Lust not liking Uchia's racism for Faunas due to being a sympathizer, and Uchia not liking Lust for her untamed personality. Eventually though they grew to accept eachother as they were to be partners. Soon enough Uchia and Lust become close like sisters.

Uchia has brown hair, brown eyes, and a brown theme. 

T.R.E.E(Future OC): T.R.E.E and Lust became friends instantly after meeting. T.R.E.E helped tutor Lust when the redhead began failing in her classes due to being homesick, and Lust returned the favor by teaching her how to use Lustful Goddess. Lust always found T.R.E.E interesting due to the girl never revealing her name and always hiding her face, later revealed to be scarred, under a large paper bag and getting away with it without teasing or ridicule.

T.R.E.E has honey blond hair, brown eyes, and a green theme.

Sitrus(Future OC): Sitrus and Lust never got along much. Sitrus was a stuck up, wealthy, and over confident genius and often ridiculed his teammates. His only companion was Mr.Mister, a small android which transformed into any weapon he disired. 

Lust hated him instantly when he called her personality and clothing distasteful, and called Lust's blindness a weakness. But they become nuetral towards eachother when Lust protects him from a gang of cynical middle aged hunters visiting during a school festival. 

Sitrus has curly indigo hair, green eyes, and a blue theme. 

Favorite quotes(I know but I really want to write these XD)

  • "Maybe if you spent less time moping and more time planning, we would be out of this dump." 

  -Lust to Sitrus

  • "Do you think I give a flying f*ck? I'd kick all their asses with Lustfull Godess any day!" 

-Lust when T.R.E.E reminds her she's not as strong as a Faunas army.

  • I can see your soul with just my hands sweetheart, so dont lie to me." 

-Lust to Angelica(Future OC) 

  • "I may not be able to fight right now....but as long as I have my life I can get back to T.R.E.E!" 

-Lust motivating herself outloud. 

  • "Is that damn prick smirking at me? Luchia, is he!?"

-Lust after Sitrus mocks her.

More to come! (As soon as I begin my fics) 


  • Lust's real name is Cyrus.
  • Lust's eyes are an unusual color.
  • Lust can describe a person's true nature just by touching their face. 
"Sounds Of War" - Petteri Sainio (Epic Instrumental)02:20

"Sounds Of War" - Petteri Sainio (Epic Instrumental)

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