It's pitiful that we have to fight each other, when the real threat is out there.
— Lux Lucent
Lux Lucent
Age 17
Title Leader

The Survivor

Alias Lux
Nickname Boss
Status Active
Color White
Gender Female
Race Human
Born June 20
Handedness Right
Complexion Ebony
Hair Ivory
Eyes Yellow
Semblance Accelerated Launch
Height 5'9
Weight 130
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team LCNT
Partner Nyssa Aries
Occupation Huntress in training
Personal Status
Relatives Lucian Lucent (father) - Deceased

Selina Scarlet (mother) - Deceased

Additional Info
Likes Hunting

Grimm studies

Dislikes Nomad
Special Skills Knowledgeable at Grimm
Weaknesses Nomad

Long range combat

Character Theme

Eminem - Survival (Explicit)
Battle Theme

The Crystal Method - The Purifier's Resolve (Lucian theme)


Long white hair that reach down toward her chest with ebony skin and yellow eyes. She has an average height of around 5 foot and 9 inches. In combat, she wears a black colored sleeveless shirt attached with protective plates, lined with light black trimmings with a pair of dark colored gloves and a bracer on both her wrists. Over that, she wears her father's white coat. She also wears black strapped boots as well. She wears tight black colored pants with a few slots to store extra powdered Dust cartridges, and a belt with a silver buckle. When not in combat, her casual atire consists of a sleeveless black shirt, boots, and white jeans. She carries around a bronze, heart shaped locket in her right pocket that contains a picture of her parents.


Her personality usually shifts - being unpredictable at times. To many, she is a lot of things: cold, stoic, antisocial, calculative, and willing to sacrifice others in order to get the edge against her enemies. Her time alone fighting against a world filled with Grimm has taught her, in more ways than one, the price for survival; her humanity, and the will to concern others over herself. She looks at the world as a way to weed out the weak; to see who was the strongest and who are capable of surviving it. Though, she wasn't always like this. Before she became such a cold young woman, she was a rather kindred spirit when she was still young and had hopes to becoming a great Hunter like her parents. Now, she looks at the grim reality: unkind, unforgiving, and swarming with dangers that only the worthy is capable of living in. 

She does show some compassion, mostly to her new found friends/family. Lux watches over them like a big sister and places their safety above her own. After losing many people she has cared about in the past, she doesn't expect to lose her any of her teammates anytime soon. She's a mentor and a friend, giving advice when her teammates need it and there to comfort them in their time of need. 


The daughter of two Hunters, Lux was born far from the cities that protected the rest of humanity. An enthusiastic child she was, Lux wanted to fight off the creatures of Grimm, much like her mother and father. Her father would tell her countless stories of his encounters, showing her books about the many types of Grimm that wander around the world of Remnant. Inspired by these tales, Lux too wanted to become a Hunter, much like her parents, and started conditioning herself at a young age. Her mother and father were very supportive of her decision, but figured that they would fully train her once she got older; and instead, they wanted her to enjoy life while she continued to maintain her innocence.

At the age of six, her parents were called upon by their past teams to investigate reports of a Grimm attack from another village far from her home. As her parents left to solve this issue, she stayed back home and waited for their return. A week passed by and still her parents have yet to return from their hunt. It wasn't until one night that her father finally returned home, covered in scars and horrific wounds. As he toppled onto the floor of the home, Lux tried to mend his wounds to the best to her abilities, only to be warned by her father that something followed him home. It was then that she saw a nightmarish creature break into her home. Her father told her to run while he occupied the beast. She ran away from the scene, hearing the scream of her father in the darkness, followed by an ominous roar. While trying to escape the scene, the creature followed her, and almost succeeded in killing her too if it were not for shear luck that she stumbled and fell into a stream that carried her to a nearby town. They heard about what happened and dispatched a group of Hunters to investigate the scene, only to find no traces of the beast. She was then sent to an orphanage, and stayed there for two years.

Under the cover of darkness, she escaped and traveled back to her home, the site where she first saw the monster that took everything away from her. Scavenging whatever was left around the abandoned house, she went off into the Grimm infested world in search for the creature that took her parents away from her. After many months of encountering the multiple species of Grimm, she finally found the monster that she saw those many nights ago. It was a Grimm, a pale abomination that was never recorded before - until now. For the next couple of years; she stalked, observed, and encountered this creature - trying to get an edge on the Grimm. She recorded everything she knew about it in a journal she carried around with her. It soon became clear to her that this Grimm was unlike the others she has encountered as of late. It would make itself known for a few days but then elude her for many weeks, or months.

Then came the day that she finally confronted the beast in a long and grueling battle. Using all the knowledge she has collected on the Grimm, she managed to hold her own against the abomination. She managed to fight it along a cliff side, but it managed to gain the advantage and was about to finish her off. As a last resort, she used her semblance to destabilize the cliff, thus making the two combatants plummet into the raging torrent below. Lux was soon found unconscious along the shore by a group of Hunters who then carried her back to Vale. When she woke up, she was greeted by a man named Ozpin, who so happened to have looked over her journal when she was brought to him. He was surprised that a girl like her managed to encounter and survive these Grimm that she managed to catalog throughout her travels. He offered her a chance to use her knowledge and skills she has acquired about the Grimm by applying her to Beacon. She accepted the offer, and now joins the ranks among the future Hunters of Remnant. Though, she still wonders if that Grimm she encountered ever did survive that fall.


Be purified by Dust!
— Lux, prepared to attack

Lux's weapon is called Lightbringer: a pair of customized semi-automatic bladed Dust magnums that were crafted out of her mother's and father's weapons. Unlike most common magnum revolvers that fire around only 6 rounds before having to reload, her weapon is somewhat different. The chamber, instead, the 6 chambers are actually separate Dust ports for powdered cartridges: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Impact, Wind, and Water. In their standard form, they look like a pair of large magnums, however they possess a melee function as well. 

  • Range Mode: In this state, Lightbringer can switch between 6 variable types of Dust, much like how a revolver chambers the next round to be fired.
    • Fire: Intense heat, usually in a condensed red stream when fired. Used for most lethal situations.
    • Lightning: Powerful volts that can either stun or kill, though mostly inaccurate at times.
    • Ice: Used to ensnare enemies or to create a frozen barrier. Lux also uses this to alter the terrain.
    • Impact: Highly concentrated form of impact Dust, it is used as a powerful pressured blast, firing white streams of light to knock down enemies. If adjusted properly, the raw impact force can possibly kill.
    • Wind: A strong gust of wind is emitted from Lightbringer which can be used to either push away enemies or to increase her mobility by propelling her in a variety of directions.
    • Water: The equivalent of a riot control fire hose, Lux either blast her foes with a strong surge of water. 
  • Melee Mode: Simple enough, the blade underneath the magnum can shift into two types of melee weapons - a sword or a sickle.
    • Sword: The blades protract further outward and the handle straightens out. Used for slashing and impaling, this function is her most commonly used feature.
    • Sickle: The front of the blade shifts to around a 90 degree angle. This mode allows her to scale terrain, hook onto enemies, or capture weapons.


Lux's semblance allows her accelerate herself, giving her the much needed boost in agility. When her semblance is active, her Aura glows white; she then project herself forward to a specified location (making her almost like a living projectile) within a 50-70 meter range (any further will result in her stopping in mid flight). When launched, the projectile force looks like a horizontal cone and a white stream of light. She uses this in order to evade her opponents or to maneuver through the environment, such as moving from one tree branch to another or one roof top to the next. However, one of her greatest applications of this semblance is that she can make herself into a living weapon. Thanks to her Aura shielding her from the initial force, upon impact, she can deal quite a lot of damage, as well as a small shock wave if she collides against a target: such as a Grimm or a person. However, she cannot simply "spam" this ability as the g-forces will take its toll on her. 

A tactic she usually uses against her foes to soften them up is that she would launch herself and cut the enemy with her weapons. She sometimes uses her semblance to quickly dispatch her foes without them even having the chance to counterattack (if she's lucky). This tactic does wonders against large packs of Grimm. Another tactic she uses with conjunction of her semblance and weapon is called "Bullet Stream". She uses her semblance to travel across the battlefield while spraying Dust wherever she goes.

Combat Role

As the leader, she commands her team in coordinated attacks and using their abilities to their fullest. She is also a cunning strategist, evaluating the situation and using improvised tactics to gain the upper hand. If there's anyone on the team that would lead the charge, it would be Lux. Being fast and nimble, she evades her enemies attacks and uses almost every part of her body as a weapon. The deadliest fighter on the team, her long experience against the Grimm has taught her many ways to kill the enemy. The downside is that she cannot take that many blows, so she must always be light on her feet and prepared for whatever her enemies will throw at her. But if there's one thing that Lux excels at, it's the knowledge of the Grimm. Living on her own and dealing with the many creatures of Grimm, she has learned many things about them: their habits, behavior, strengths, weaknesses, weapons, etc. However, there was always one Grimm that continues to eluded her, and that Grimm to this very day has caused much of her torment and suffering.


  • Lux's first name means "light" in Latin. Her last name Lucent refers to a broad spectrum of light colors. In this case, white is considered one of the "lightest" colors, due to its pale nature.
  • She alludes to Quint from the popular novel, turned movie, Jaws. Her birthday was also the date in which the movie was released.
  • Her design overall is inspired by Lucian from League of Legends.



Reference to her semblance.

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