WARNING! THIS NEXT SECTION IS UNSUITABLE FOR SENSITIVE READERS! Of course, most on the fanon are probably adults anyway.

Young Revan felt only the hardness of cold concrete on his back. The effects of whatever knocked him out were wearing off, and he started to think about where he was.

He was in a dark, concrete room, one light, one large window, and a door with no handle. One light bulb lit the room.

Where am I? went through his mind. An empty room, obviously.

Revan woozily stood up. He looked at the window; wide with a board covering the other side completely. Turning to face the door, he walked to it and looked at it closely. The door was a hard metal and looked like something for a portable feeezer.

"Hello?" Revan knocked on the door. "Is anyone there?"

"Come to the window, Revan," an old voice called him. An old voice that Revan recognized.

"Mister Ubel?" Revan did as what was told. "Is that you?"

"So you do remember," Ubel's voice was sinister. "Wonderful."

"Where am I?" Revan demanded. "Where's my family?"

"To answer the first question: Neviah."

"What? That's miles away!"

"To answer the second question," the board blocking the window was removed by another man, revealing Ubel sitting on the window, several men in identical suits armed with pistols.

A blond boy about Revan's age, with dynamite in harnesses on his body, stood next to Ubel and another man in a hood.

Kneeling on the ground under the armed men, were over two dozen people bound, gagged, blindfolded and earplugged. Mute, blind, and deaf.

Revan recognized Rani in her blue dress immediately. She was frightened, trying to see and hear around her with futility. Others around her, members of the MacLeod family, still wearing what they were wearing from the party, and bound the same way. Some of them, Revan's father and eldest brother more notably, were not there.

"Rani!" Revan threw himself at the window in a fit of panic and failed to break through the glass. He tried banging his fists on the window finding a hard, dense glass preventing him from breaking it. Ubel did not flinch. "Miriam, Victor, George, Silvia! Oi!"

"Now, now young man, that is no way to act."

"Let them go!" Revan looked to Ubel, tears of panic welling. "Please!" Ubel's expression was the same, calm and grinning.

"Look at them Revan."

Revan did so.

"Now watch: Fire."

On command, the uniform suited men shot each person kneeling on the ground.

Revan's cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents were killed first. Then, his, elder brothers and sisters were shot in order of eldest to youngest. Rani remained.

"No. No. No. No. No. No. No..." Not her. Kill me, not her. Please.

Revan tried to let the words out but could not. No matter how hard he tried he could only shed tears.

"How old is she?" Ubel asked. "How old, boy?"

"Eight," Revan mouthed, eyes still watching. "Only eight."

"I see..."

"Revan?" Rani wriggled her gag loose, afraid, still blind and deaf. Not able to look to her elder brother. "Revan help me! Please!"

Ubel nodded.

Revan had to be dreaming.

He had to be.

Any second, he was going to wake up in his bed and it would have been a sick dream.

This had to be a dream. He just watched Heinrich Ubel sentence Rani to death.

"Open your eyes boy."

This was no nightmare. Revan would never wake up from this nightmare and his heart would never beat again.

"Why?" Revan sobbed.

"Honestly, Mister MacLeod?" Ubel began. "It was my idea."

"What? You?"

"My employer wanted your family to 'disappear' so he could control their company. I am doing him a favor in making it permanent."


"Find the most powerful Dust company in the world."

Most powerful?

"Who are you people!"

Ubel stood up and walked to the door in the room. "The Grimm's Children."

Revan had never heard this name before.

"Enjoy your birthday present Mister MacLeod," he opened the door. "Three more days of life. Now stop crying, you'll need that water. Gentlemen."

Ubel exited the room, his gunmen followed. The blond boy with dynamite followed the older man in the hood.

The last to leave was a man Revan had not noticed, a man with a simple white suit and a tattoo of a Basilisk surrounding his left eye. He held a young baby in a dress.


Revan could do nothing to stop this man. He collapsed on his knees and watched him take her. But when he looked into that man's eyes, he saw regret in them as he shut the door.

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