Revan looked at the self-poisoned man and said nothing.

Instead, Revan patted the henchman's pockets and belt, finding a fully loaded pistol, a machete, money clip, and keys. He took all of it, except for the pistol and stood up. He even took the heavy, winter, coat that the suicidal man wore.

MacLeod looked around. He was in a small warehouse. Despite the size, it was a bigger space than the concrete room he and his family were in. The concrete room itself was built within the warehouse; freezer door and concrete walls contained the sound of gunfire and would probably be taken down as quickly as it was erected. His curiosity about where he was ended when he remembered his burning throat and stomach trying to cannibalize itself. He held both with his hands and walked to the warehouse door.

The door was no bigger than 10×10 feet. The lock was on the outside of the door, bit was accessible through a built in slit that funneled the chilled air of the North.

Using the keys, pulled from the dead henchman's pockets, Revan unlocked the warehouse door, lifted it up and opened the door to the sight of Neviah. A place unknown to him. Nearly sunset.

Transportation, was his first thought. He looked to the left, finding a snow mobile, obviously the henchman's. "Math." Good (pronounced "Mah.")

Revan shivered as he walked into the cold snow, closed the door and locked it, despite the large heavy coat he took, which did not help his hunger and thirst.

He used the looted keys and opened the saddle-bags, finding nothing. He tried the ignition instead, starting the snowmobile.

Revan straddled the vehicle and held his hands ready.

I didn't spend that time splitting and moving firewood around for nothing. With that thought, he sped away, looking for food away from the warehouses and docks.

It did not take long for Revan to find what he desperately searched for.

Revan stopped at an alleyway, drawn to the aromatic and exotic spices he had never thought he would love so much to smell.

He removed the keys from the ignition and weakly ran to a bar-like stall, where a large man with turquoise hair sat on a stool with a plate of whatever was being served. He noticed Revan and his ruinous appearance as he sat next to him.

"Hello!" A vendor with a strange accent and very tanned skin greeted Revan. "Kung ano ang nais mong?" What would you like?

Revan did not understand the man's language, so he simply said, turning out the pocket with the looted lien: "Water. Food. Anything."

At "Anything" and the sight of money, the vendor scooped and pressed a thin layer of white rice on top of a plate, then topped it with a ladle full of, what appeared to be, white meat in a gold-colored sauce, producing a great deal of aromatic responses. The vendor also produced a brown glass bottle and a clear, plastic bottle of water.

Revan handed the lien to the vendor as the vendor told him what he was being served. "Curry, root beer y tubig." Water.

Starved and Thirsting MacLeod took the bottle of water and hastily opened its cap and drank it immediately, nearly sating his thirst. He then took a large, plastic, ladle-like spoon from a stacked pile of such spoons and scooped a large mouthful of the aromatic meat and sauce on rice.

Revan's first bite was a mix of pain, relief, and satisfaction; The sauce was spicy and almost agitated his taste buds to the point of pain, but was dulled by the plainness of the white rice, all the while sweet and lightly bitter. The first bite caused a want for more.

He quickly ate the entire plate while the vendor counted his change. Then, he opened the brown bottle of root beer and drank it, enjoying the sweet and spice the carbonation provided.

"Another. All o' it." Revan requested. The vendor complied and Revan repeated the order in which he ate in reverse, to the amusement of the large man next to him.

"Heh! He seems to be enjoying himself, Sis," the large man said. "No offense, but you look like hell."

Revan, slightly irritated, turned to the large man. "You. Have. No Idea--"

MacLeod noticed, on the stool next the large man, a girl, greatly contrasting in size with a shade of hair lighter than her (big) brother. She peered behind her brother with a mouthful of food behind a friendly smile and waved.

"Hul--hrchk!" Revan tried to say "Hello", but fell short at the sight of his sister in his Mind's Eye. When he looked at the friendly girl, her relative size made him think of Rani. By extension; his last sight of her and her death.

He banged his fist on the food stand's table and covered his eyes with his other hand as a stream of tears flowed from them.



I'm sorry.

He eventually pulled himself together and drank the last of his second root beer and started on his second plate of curry.

"Sorry. Jus'..." He thought of something he was not sure of. "Do you know how ta get ta Dún City?

The large man eyed the young boy. "You're from there?"


"To the west."

Great. "Thanks."

"It is a few hours ride by snowmobile however."

"Don't care."

"But, it'll be dark soon," the girl chimed in.

Revan ignored her, finished his plate and chugged down the water. "One more. Should be 'nuff lien."

The vendor complied and Revan ate the curry first. Saying nothing.

"Come on, Shorty," the turquoise-haired man said as he stood off of the stool. "Time to go."

His sister, slightly irritated, complied and hopped off of the stool. What Revan had not noticed before, due to the brother's size, was the baby reindeer she held in her arm. It glanced at Revan for a moment before its human jumped off and followed.

The size contrasting siblings disappeared around the corner and the tiny reindeer made one last stare at Revan, not sure what to think of him, then disappeared with them.

MacLeod dismissed the reindeer's stare and finished his last plate of curry.

"Thank you," he told the vendor that served him and took the water bottle as the vendor cleared the table and closed the window of his stand.

Revan made his way back to the snowmobile and rode away. Westward.

The girl with the blue hair was right, Revan remembered after two hours or riding in the night. But it cannae be much longer.

After several more hours of riding, Revan stopped at a cliff overlooking his family's city.

He saw the handiwork of the blond boy with the dynamite and the EbonSteel Tower of Castle MacLeod;

From the clifftop, Revan saw the dark, shining stone of the walls collapsed, alongside the Great Hall and other obsidian edifices; like the EbonSteel Tower, smashed into the higher levels of the old fortress; his family's rooms and old gunnery towers.

Castle MacLeod,

Revan's home that he did not care about before,


Revan saw, being carried by the wind, a blue ribbon. He realized that it was the same ribbon that Rani wore on the day of his birthday.

He caught it and held it to his chest in agonizing sorrow.

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