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This is just a basic outline of my character. As the story progresses and more information about the world of RWBY is revealed I will modify my characters accordingly. 


Name: Madeline Surge

Age: 15/16

Gender: Female

Height: 125.3cm (or 4'11)

Weight: 45.3kg (or 100lbs)

Hair: Magenta

Eyes: Left; Yellow, Right; Electric Blue (She has heterochromia ;D)

Other: Madeline was influenced by Alice in Wonderland. Also, her BMI is 20.2 ;D


Madeline is slim but also short for her age, and is also the shortest on her team. 

Clothing wise, Madeline wears a knee-length blue dress with puffy sleeves with white cuffs and a white collar to cover her neck. To fully cover her arms, she also has black and white striped arm warmers and black gloves. For her lower body, she wears length black and white striped leggings with black lace up boots. 

To make herself look somewhat cute, she wears a lot of bows. There is a large white a

nd blue one on top of her head and a larger white one around her waist, which also hangs her holders for her pistols. Additionally, on either side of her head there is a blue and white ribbon tied around a bunch of hair. 

Her toy rabbit Louis is a white toy rabbit with a black waist coat. (He is based off the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland)


Madeline mainly acts very passive with a blank expression on her face and staring off into space. She is quite attentive to people's conversations, but barely speaks a word herself. 

At heart she is actually quite childish and innocent, which can be seen when she speaks to her toy rabbit Louis (who is nicknamed Lucifer by her teammate Cordelia). 

(I'll add more later)

Weapons and Abilities

Madeline weilds two conductive pistols that shoot out condensed "bullets" of electricity. When the battery is drained, she can easily recharge them with her own electrical powers. The pistols are named 'Trump Card' and are stored in holders on the ribbon, behind the bow.   

As noted before she weilds the power of electricity. This electricity is stored in her body and as it has no outlet, she can actually accidentally shock people. To prevent this, she wears full body clothing at all times, but by taking off her gloves she can send out bolts of electricity. She also does this to team up with Cordelia with her conductive whip when it runs out of elemental energy or to power up Cordelia's cybernetic prosthetic leg to send out an electric shock onto the battlefield. 

Madeline is slim and fit but slow, so she is usually stationary and attacks from a distance. She usually sticks around Cordelia as they can team up.

Back Story


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