Knowledge is power. And Power conquers all... says my mom.
— Mae Tmamamono

Mae Delacroix Tamamono
Mae Tamamono
Age 4
Status Active
Color Amethyst
Gender Female
Race Human
Handedness Unconfirmed
Hair White
Eyes Red
Height 124.2 cm
Weight 31.5 kg
Personal Status
Relatives Parents


Additional Info
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Mae Tamamono is a child living in the Faunus village established by the Delacroix alongside other elder Faunii. Young, and curious, she's been known to wander off in long distances without the knowledge of her mother.

Current Revision: Alpha


Mae has short white hair. With a black streak on the right side.

She wears a white kimono with sakura petal designs. An intricate badge is attached on her hips, it bears the Delacroix Symbol.


She has an insatiable desire to learn. However, unlike most children in their village, she's been known to actually apply the lessons she's been taught.

Mae is known for her shyness. She usually mutters a few words. Her vocabulary is expansive for a child her age, though she can't form long sentences yet.

Weapons and Abilities

As a child, her combat abilities are nonexistent.

However, she specializes in stealth, due to her small stature. Her evasive capabilities are great as well.


Mae was born from a human father, and Gwendoline Delacroix, a snake faunus.

In an early age, she has demonstrated an odd liking for learning. Her curiosity surpasses that of other children. It's not unheard of that she'll run off into the forest in order to confirm a question she's been asking. This likely stems from her mother's inherent desire to learn.

She seems to have taken a liking to some of Vytal's old mythologies, and has shown curiosity to the nomadic peoples that roam the planet.

Her dream is to meet the greatest minds of Remnant and to learn from them.

Additional (yet irrelevant) Information

Accessories: Badge

  • A highly decorative badge where the Delacroix symbol is engraved.

Alignment: True Neutral

  • Due to her nature as a child, she cannot be considered good nor evil yet.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

RPG Stats: n/a


  • Mae is based off of Tamamo-no-Mae, said to be the most beautiful and intelligent woman in all of Japan. She's actually a nine-tailed fox.
  • Her older, non-RWBY version wields the same weapon as Arya, the Phantom Enigma.

Name Applicable in Remnant?

  • Mae is pronounced similarly to May, where the month of the Golden Week occurs in Japan.
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