It's easy to cast spells! Just flap your arms, go ribbit ribbit, zippy zap, and then spin in circles and go zeep zoom!
— Majo
Majo Yousei
Age 17
Title Witch of the Dust
Status Active
Color Red
Gender Female
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Red
Eyes Turquoise
Semblance Glyphing
Height 5'4"
Weight 53 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team SHAM
Partner Hina Taiyou
Occupation Artist
Additional Info
Likes  Drawing, sound effects, friends, fun
Dislikes  Rules, boredom, being told to be quiet
Special Skills  Drawing, Glyphs, Flyng(?)
Weaknesses Limited glyph supply, linear flight, reckless
This character is created by Kimiyosis. Picture belongs to La'cryma.


With red hair that lightens up at the tips, along with blue-green eyes that seem to be able to stare into your soul, Majo Yousei gives off the impression of a fiery witch. Well, she would have, if not for the rather modern and casual clothing, consisting of a red shirt, darker than her hair, and a white skirt, accented by an odd hat.


Majo can be described as an overly energetic girl, with slight traits of witches in fair tales. She constantly can be found either causing trouble, dragging others into her trouble, or joining a ruckus that's already in progress. Enjoys making sound effects, to the point where she quite often incorporates it into her speech, along with a lot of arm waving. Even in the most serious times, she will be found being the most unpredictable, and the one to most likely cause the most collateral damage. She does attempt to protect her friends to the best of her abilities.

Despite how often the command of the team is dropped onto her, Majo really, really dislikes having control. Having the responsibility to handle others is not her favourite thing, as she believes people shoudl have more freedom in their choices. She does dislike strict people alot as well.


Being born and raised nearly her entire time in what most would say a cottage on the edge of the city, Majo could be said to be rather different compared to a normal person. She was always obsessing over the stories of witches, and instead of acting like the people in the stories, the ones that do the witch hunting, she thought being a witch was a good thing, or using her words, "Fly around going zip zoom~!".

As she grew older, Majo continued to spend most of her time wandering within the forest edge. This is when she first met a Grimm. If you asked her now what Grimmit was, she wouldn't be able to tell you. All she would be able to say, is that it was black, with red eyes, and seemed to radiate death.

Before any tragedy could occur, a Hunter had arrived, and beheaded the Grimm. After this scene, Majo immediately thought to herself, "Hunters were so cool!". So, she decided to apply to Signal, and managed to learn how to utilize her ability in combat, while amusing many with her sound effects, and endangering others with her pseudo-flying.

After this, she managed to get into Beacon. And thus, her story start there.


Shiramiko Kigakuruu: Constantly worries and frets over the leader, with plenty of ice and electric based 'spells' on hand ready to subdue Shiko. Generally acts like an over-protective mother, although Majo dislike instructing Shiko, and rarely does.

Hina Taiyou: Together, Majo and Hina are generally relaxing and fooling around, never taking it seriously, always causing trouble. Her partner in crime, so to say.

Anzen Houhei: Finds the doll-like girl's talking style rather intriguing but entertaining as well. However, Majo and Anzen do clash often, especially on topic related to their team leader. 


Combat: In combat, Majo is generally the first in, first out, via the Payrocket. Flying in, and rams the target with both the broomstick and runes. With enough preparation, Majo can even take on a squad of AI combat drones.

Her fighting style attributes to the stories of witches, with their broomsticks, many sound effects, and spells of varying elements. However, there is a slight difference. When 'flying' on the Payrocket, she flies in a straight line, into the enemy, and unable to turn. The only control she has, is the angle of which she flies, which affects the altitude and distance. By doing so, she can 'hop' from building top to building top.

However, the fact that her runes are limited by the amount she has prepared and is capable of bringing into combat, she is unable to fight long, drawn out battles. She would end up having to draw the runes on the go, resulting in sloppier, weaker runes. Also, due to the fact that the Payrocket flies in a linear fashion, the enemy can easily predict where she would land.

Semblance: Majo's semblance, revolves around Dust, along with something to write it down on.. She has the ability to fire elemental based 'spells' at others, via runes. The runes however, must be drawn with the corresponding dust powder onto something, whether a piece of paper, or a wall, etc. Then, the rune is able to be activated. Unfortunately, the rune is a one time use, and new one must be made. Reason why she prepares a lot of runes beforehand.

Non-Combat: Outside of combat, Majo can be found either drawing, whether runes or just drawing for fun, or causing trouble by crashing into a variety of objects, ranging from poles to people on the Payrocket.


Name: Payrocket

Classification: Oversized Firework Propelled Broomstick(OFPB)

Location: Generally carried in hand, although can sometimes be held on the back.



A pissed off Majo.

-'Majo Yousei' can be somewhat translated to Witch (of) Spirit.

-The naming concept, in this case Spirits, would be referring to elemental spirits, like the blue undines as an example.

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