Killing Grimm is pretty much what I'm good at, so don't try to stop me.
— Maki Kuronami

Maki Kuronami (真樹 黒い波, lit True Tree, Black Wave)
Maki (Bust) V2
Age 17
Title Grim Reaper
Nickname Maki-Maki
Status Active
Color Black
Gender Female
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Pale Blue
Eyes Pale Blue (Originally Black)
Semblance Mist
Height 164.2 cm
Weight 52.1 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Dunkelblau Noname
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Parents
  • Father (Unnamed, died when she was 16)
  • Shizune Kuronami (Mother, died during childbirth)


  • Natsuko Kuronami (Grandmother, deceased)
  • Haruna Kuronami (Distant ancestor)
Additional Info
Emblem Maki Symbol
Special Skills
  • Incredible proficiency with the sword
  • Highest speed among teammates
  • Overconfident and arrogant
  • Too self-reliant
  • Reckless
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Maki Kuronami is a student of Beacon Academy and a resident of Yamato Village. She's the first member and leader of Team MAID.

Current Revision: 3.00a


Maki has a very slim body, bordering on skinny. She's also remarkably short. Her hair's short, but has been kept uncut for a few years now, which is beginning to grow past her neck.

Her emblem is the Kuronami family crest. It was suppose to represent a three-winged bird, but due to the lack of skill of whoever designed it, it almost looked nonsensical. It's tattooed on her left shoulder.

She wears a red jacket with a brown undershirt that has a ribbon design. The left sleeve is rolled up to her elbow. On her hip are a pair of belts where she holsters both of her weapons. She wears dark blue short shorts under a red miniskirt with yellow trimmings. She wears a pair of blue shoes. Notably, she wears a pair of glasses with red trimmings. She bears a scar on her right leg due to a scuffle with an Ursa.

She has a gray ribbon tied to her left wrist. It's mostly decorative, but it means a lot to her. Alongside that is a tangerine yellow scarf. An emerald earring can be seen on her right ear.


Despite how nice she looks, don't judge a book by it's cover. Maki is not the nicest person you'll ever meet.

To elaborate, she's self-centered, arrogant and incredibly proud of how skilled she is, ambitious to the point that she could care less about others and quite insane once in battle. She never talks nicely, always being blunt in how she speaks, sometimes being rude, and sometimes outright aggressive. If you get in her way, you may get hurt.

She also has a condescending sense of humor, peppering snarky remarks with colorful swearing. Additionally her temper is ridiculously short and she doesn't like losing an argument.

While hard to befriend, she can become the closest friend you'll ever get. She has a strong dislike for losing anything valuable to her. If any of her friends are in danger, she can be counted on. That doesn't mean she'll be nice once you're friends though.

Of course, the main problem is befriending her... She hates being in contact with most people, preferring to do her own thing. Further emphasizing how self-centered she is. An easy way of befriending her is beating her in battle or proving you're a competent fighter. But her standards are quite high.

However, one thing she has that's actually positive is her soft spot for children. She hates  anyone willing to hurt children.

A notable trait she has is her tendency to give everyone she knows nicknames.

She's not very smart, being book dumb in many fields of education, except combat. However, she has shown some simple understanding of physics, often incorporating it in her fighting style.

In battle, she outright goes nuts and can be mistaken for clinically insane due to how crazy she acts. She clearly enjoys any kind of fight. Especially those with incredibly high stakes raised, like a life or death situation.

Additionally, she absolutely despises the Grimm, as she goes out of her way to slaughter them in the most brutal way she can think of.

Weapons and Abilities

Lost Wing & Anastasia

Lost Wing and Anastasia

She wields two weapons, a cutlass by the name of Lost Wing, and a family heirloom, a flintlock pistol called Anastasia.

She can't afford a tech-heavy weapon, so her sword has no special properties, other than being forged to be serrated on the back portion of the blade. Maki calls it Lost Wing due to how it's hilt almost resembles a skeletal wing.

Anastasia is a flintlock pistol designed to fire Dust crystals. However, due to it's old design, it can only hold one shot at a time, but it's powerful enough to be considered as a portable grenade launcher. Maki only has 20 Red Dust crystals refined to work with the pistol. Considering she doesn't know how to refine Dust crystals, she only uses this weapon as a last resort.

Fortunately, by the time she's a sophomore, she has perfected the method to create ammo for it.

Ability-wise, Maki is incredibly agile, almost ridiculously so. She's also a skilled swordswoman, to compensate for her lack of a proper ranged weaponry. Despite being mostly below average in almost any field of knowledge, her proficiency in combat is to be respected.

Additionally, her fighting style is quite chaotic, making her rather unpredictable. While she doesn't have any direct strategy in battle, she's quick-thinking, and adaptable. She just needs to lose her arrogance and she'll be a great Huntress.

She has a gray Aura, but due to her lack of training, she can only use it in desperate situations.

Her semblance creates a mist around her, which has no uses on it's own. However, by making use of her own speed, she can cover an enemy's field of vision. She later learns how to utilize Dust in tandem with it, allowing her to generate a mist of fire or lightning.


Maki originated from the village of Yamato, a rural town constantly tormented by the Grimm for almost five centuries. Maki is borne from a cursed family. Her mother died giving birth to her. Her father was a retired Hunter, who taught her how to defend herself. Also, her mother? She's from the Kuronami bloodline.

They were known as one of the most frightening Grimm killers in the town. Their founder, Haruna Kuronami was rumored to have consumed the Grimm she killed, thinking it was possible for her to gain the power of the Grimm and use them.

There were some merit on this, given how every head of the family always have a bloodlust for killing Grimm. This eventually stopped by the time Maki's grandmother was born.

Back to Maki, she started out hunting the Grimm alongside her father. Though initially inexperienced, she lost her fear of killing in an early age, which may have been the earliest point in which a deranged side of her is ever seen.

She didn't have her own weapon, only helping his father by pointing out any nearby Grimm. A few years later, her father agreed to commission a sword for her, but only a sword. They can't afford any kind of advanced weaponry. As compensation, the sword's edge are both serrated and sharp, being made from an alloy the Kuronami kept in stock.

With help from a few warriors from the village, Maki developed and refined her own fighting style, taking inspiration from Beowolves as well.

Some years later, during a certain night, a Grimm invasion occurred on Yamato, which caused a few casualties, but the Grimm were successfully repelled. One of the injured ones were Maki's father, who lost his left arm to a Byakko. This set Maki's grudge against the Grimm, sparking her hate for them later in life.

Eventually, she decided to enroll to a combat school to hone her skills further and was enrolled to Signal Academy with help from one of her mother's friend and her distant relative.

She ended up with mostly average grades, but had a stellar grade with regards to combat, and she graduated as one of the best combatants in her class.

She initially planned to go to Haven Academy, as she heard about a very skilled student who won the Mistral Regional tournament multiple times. But tragedy struck.

On her 16th birthday, when she returned to Yamato, the village was in ruin as a result of another Grimm invasion. Arriving at the same time was Xanadu, who heard about the incident.

Maki begged for Xanadu's help in avenging Yamato. But Xanadu refused, citing that revenge won't fulfill anything. In her blind anger, Maki attacked the Huntress and was defeated in an instant.

When she came to, Maki was back at her home. While she was out cold, the people of the village were given a proper burial, most likely by Xanadu.

Checking back at her father's room, she found a wrapped present for her intended birthday. Within it was the Kuronami family heirloom: A flintlock called Anastasia, and a hair ribbon.

Additionally, as the Kuronami fortune has now technically fallen into her hands, Maki grabbed the collective Lien of her entire family, intending to use it to exact her revenge against the Grimm. But she can't do it alone.

So she used the family fortune to enroll to Beacon. Where she intends to forge her destiny.

In the Initiation, she's paired up with Dunkelblau Noname and eventually forms Team MAID with herself as the accidental leader.

Through most of their first years, they would come to be entangled in multiple incidents involving the Astraea faction, which Xanadu was the leader of. During one of these battles, Maki would discover advanced usage of her semblance, later incorporating Dust into her usage of it.

During the Vytal Festival, they would narrowly win against Team MANA but would lose against Team FLME, a team from Shade Academy. Before the Fall of Beacon, Team MAID was last seen in the evacuation. Unfortunately, along the way, Noname took off on her own, getting separated from the rest of the team.

In present time, the rest of the MAIDs are in Vale, helping with the recovery as well as looking for their lost teammate.

Maki herself, however, has her sights on the frozen dragon above the CCT...

Additional Information

Weapon: Lost Wing (Cutlass), Anastasia (Dust Flintlock Pistol)

  • A cutlass forged by the finest blacksmith in Yamato. Not powerful, but it does it's job despite the simplicity. It's made from a metal that cannot come in contact with Dust, causing it to not be able to cut through Dust of any kind, and allowing it to deflect Dust-based attacks.
  • The Kuronami family heirloom. While outdated, it remains powerful. But the mechanics requiring to use it are complicated than an amateur can break it easily while reloading.

Accessories: Glasses, Ribbon, Kuronami Emblem Tattoo

  • A pair of glasses her mother used to wear. It's been enchanted with White Dust to enhance the eyes of an individual to see through lies as well as spirits. It was used by her mother since she has an incredibly weak aura.
  • A ribbon her father was suppose to give to her during her birthday. Sadly, he didn't live long enough to do so. She ties it on her left hand as a memento and it looks stylish.
  • The Kuronami Emblem, which is tattooed on her left shoulder. It was engraved there before she studied in Signal. She normally covers it with a bandage.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • She doesn't care for anything but herself, though she's not quite heartless, since she's willing to play hero if she'll be able to enjoy herself.

Likes: Juggling, Cakes, killing Grimm

  • She picked up juggling from the blacksmith who forged her weapon, who demonstrated a couple of times while her weapon was being created.
  • She adores cakes. Especially the peanut butter kind.
  • She derives twisted pleasure in killing Grimm, which she gained after her inner bloodlust awakened.

Dislikes: Dark places, Dogs, Mushrooms

  • She has nyctophobia. She can't remain in the dark for a long time or she'll start freaking out. Nighttime with a clear moon is an okay though.
  • Due to the resemblance of the Beowolves with dogs, she has taken a dislike for dogs.
  • She despises mushrooms, since she accidentally ate a poisonous one when she was hunting in the woods.


Character Theme:

H haze
  • Heat Haze (Rengoku Teien)

Battle Theme:

  • Liberated Liberator (Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru)
Maki Chart

Credit goes to Jollyjo.

RPG Stats:

  • Class: Fighter
  • Strength: C+
  • Defense: C+
  • Dust Usage: F
  • Aura Usage: F
  • Semblance Usage: E+
  • Dust Resistance: C
  • Speed: S+
  • Evasion: A-
  • Luck: B+

Secondary Information


  • This is the fourth variant of Maki I've created.
  • Her temper, coupled with her short stature among her teammates makes her quite similar to Napoleon Bonaparte in terms of personality.
  • Her character origin is as Hisei Tokuhana's second genderswap, after Dunkelblau Noname became a character of her own. Though Maki diverged and eventually stopped being Hisei's genderswap in terms of character and backstory, she eventually became Hisei's parallel existence. In Layman's terms, they're the same person, just in a different universe. This does not apply to the RWBYverse.
  • Her new design is a simplified and less fancy version of her adult attire, to keep her palette semi-consistent.

Name Applicable to Remnant?

  • Maki's name (真樹) translates to "True Tree"
  • Maki's surname (黒い波) translates to "Black Wave".
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