Makoto Midori
Age 17
Status Active
Color Green
Gender Male
Race Asian
Species Human
Born July 13
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair White
Eyes Heterochromia: Green(Left) Red(Right)
Height 5'7
Weight 134 Pounds
Professional Status
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Music, Relaxing, Excitement
Dislikes Cheating, Anger, Abandonment
Special Skills Skilled Sharpshooter, Adept CQC
Weaknesses Cockiness
Character Theme

Price of Freedom
Battle Theme

The Battlefield Flower


Farewell and Tears

Makoto Midori was the first born of three and the only son. His father, Kazama Midori, and his mother, Fiora Vermillion were both amazed with the birth of Makoto. He had two admirable red eyes and a large amount of white hair. His sisters were born about three and five years apart from him and their names are Lauren and Rebecca, respectively. The Midori family lived in a small town where everyone worked together, sometimes even the kids would try. If anyone needed help, a neighbor would lend his or her hand to them. Everyone was kind and forgiving, and barely anyone would cause any trouble; well, that is until Makoto was born. By the age of eight, Makoto was regularly causing trouble from now and then. Surely, he was one of the most troublesome kids in the village, performing pranks and messing with others. No one really liked Makoto, but on the interior, he was really kind. Throughout all of this trouble, he would help other kids with their problems and his parents along with his sisters with anything they needed help on. Makoto never wanted to cause anyone harm; it's just that he wanted to have a little fun now and then. He was either off helping others or making some trouble for others to clean up and fix, but this was his life. After all the lectures and talks with his parents, he knew that he would have to grow out of this phase at one point, but he didn't want to yet. He still had time to enjoy life and its gifts. Maybe if he had stayed this way, things would be different.

It was around the time that Makoto turned ten was when Kazama decided have a special trip with his son. Kazama took Makoto to a waterfall about five miles away from their village to have some father-son time. For himself, Makoto took this trip much to his liking. He finally got some time to himself to have some fun and enjoy the sights; however, his father wanted to teach his son about discipline. What better place to do it in a calm and serene location? Makoto, being the ignorant child he is, resisted his father's attempts to teach almost every time. It was only until one day that Makoto decided that maybe he should try listening to his father just once. He was sitting down on a rock at the base of the waterfall when he saw some fish trying to swim up the water. They continued to fail, but they wouldn't give up. During this entire time, he sat quietly watching as they each tried until finally, after a few hours, one of the fish finally made it to the top and in a swift motion it jumped back down to the bottom. To some people, this may have just been a sight to see, but for Makoto it was a moment that was self-evaluating. He decided to pay attention to his father, and sit down with him to learn; however, even after a week of trying, he wasn't able to get a hang of it. He always wanted to do something and just sitting around watching nature grow wasn't going to do anything for him. The rest of the month continued to be the same way, and it didn't do much; however, it was something memorable for Makoto. He got to see a beautiful sight off of the waterfall, and he even got to understand a lot more about motives. Kazama, though, wanted a lot more than just this. He wanted to help his son grow into a more appropriate man if he was ever going to follow down this path. Maybe, all that Makoto needed was a little of a heart break. After all, Makoto was always free-willed and always having some kind of fun. A new direction would be good for him.

It was only a year after that trip and Makoto was twelve that he decided that maybe it was time to take a new approach on things. It was only a few months before his birthday that he started thinking about that trip with his father. Makoto was still the same as he was before, making trouble and helping out others at the same time. Kazama was still disappointed, Fiora was worried, and Lauren and Rebecca were growing to be kind and respectable girls. Everyone in the village had some kind of job to do and in his family, Kazama hunted and worked for the village, Fiora was one of the doctors, and Lauren and Rebecca were to help others out when they needed it and other than that, just have fun, but for Makoto he was still the same. He was always divided in others' opinions, but they always looked at him as if he was some ingrate. When Makoto turned twelve, he decided that maybe it was time that he should actually make a change. All of his friends started becoming more mature as well his own sisters, and it was really only Makoto that was left, and so he decided to learn some discipline and become a better person. When he first started out, he had a kind of cocky manner, saying that it wasn't a big problem for him. Sure he wasn't much of a nuisance anymore, but his attitude was still pretty bad. However, his helping hand in the village increased production and in about three months' time, there was enough materials for life in the village for about one year. Makoto was helpful and no one could deny it. Maybe he could start relaxing again for this life was too taxing. After all, everyone needs a push to what they truly want in life, even if that push is of death.

Makoto was turning thirteen when his family decided that maybe it was time for him to take a different path. Kazama just wanted Makoto to do something with his life. He knew that he wasn't quite happy with this kind of life, so he decided to enlist him in one of the academies for training warriors. Fiora wasn't too sure with following this idea, saying that he wouldn't need to end up needing to have the battle skill at one point, but after a few days, she decided that it would be okay. It was a decision that was eased into with help from Kazama saying that it was time that he should follow in the steps of his dad. It was on his birthday that Makoto was told that he would be leaving the village in a few months to go to an academy for fighting. Makoto was a sketchy about this. He didn't really want to try at doing anything and doing his job at the village was easy enough, but his father was determined to change his mind, so he decided that it was time for some more connection. Kazama was going to force his son to follow this path, even if it involves deadly force.

Once more Makoto and Kazama took a trip to the waterfall where unlike it was to teach discipline, this trip was to teach Makoto about fighting; however, Makoto wasn't too accepting of it. It was always too much work and he would always run himself into the ground if he ever tried to fight. Still, Kazama was relentless with his teachings; he wouldn't stop until Makoto was able to keep up a fight against him, so Makoto decided to fight, in about a week. The sudden change of mind came once more from one moment of peace and quiet. Makoto once more was watching the fish and he saw that one get to the top and jump back down. Something inside of him just wanted him to climb the waterfall. He didn't know what, but it just came to him from either instinct or his guts; however, it took him five hours to reach to the top, but when he was on that final reach, it fell. Not because of his own accord, but Kazama had knocked him off. Makoto fell into the water and couldn't breathe for about one minute. When he finally came to his senses, he found his father standing in front of him. Without any words, Makoto rushed right up to his father with fists clenched to fight, but his father easily caught him by the face and threw him back down. Makoto quickly got back up, and glared at his father to which he just grinned. He wanted to get past Kazama, but he wouldn't let him, so Makoto had no choice but to take his help to become better at fighting. Even if he resisted, he wouldn't get anywhere, but if he decided to actually take his aid then he would be able to use his strength against his father. The rest of the month continued with training and endless beatings. Even by the end, Makoto wasn't able to land one single hit on his dad, but he felt that he could start fighting and it was somewhat of another hobby he could do once in a while. Maybe, fighting was in his blood; that this could be his one true calling.

When Makoto was finally set off to his academy, he was set off with experience from Kazama, a new apparel from Fiora, and a music player with earphones from Lauren and Rebecca. They had been saving up money when they were told Makoto was leaving to buy him a send-off gift. He was happy with all of these, but there was one last remnant that always had his mind from being too content, Kazama. His father, all these months, had been cold and relentless whenever they trained together. Did he not even care for his own son? Did he always want to get rid of him? Maybe that's why he wanted him to get sent off to an academy. That way he wouldn't have to see him for four straight years, and if he did well enough, he would get sent to Beacon for another four. That's why he trained him, to become a great fighter and to never come back. Makoto hated his father. These last months were hell for him whenever he talked or trained with his father, but finally, he was able to live in some peace and relaxation. He didn't know his purpose in fighting, but he wanted to know. What would he gain out of this? Could fighting give him strength to give peace to others and to himself? Or was this all for nothing? He wanted to know more about all of this as well as one day being able to see his own father lie before him. This Old Memory was finally going to end and begin a new one of excitement in fighting.

Old Memory

Memories of You

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Fighting Abilities

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Author's Notes

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