...Malva...that's all really.
— Malva Mnemonic

Malva Mnemonic is a 1st Year Student at Beacon and the leader of Team METR

Malva Mnemonic

"The Silent One"








FemaleIcon Female




Left Handed, but uses both her hands to fight.






125 Pounds

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color



Forget Me Yes

Professional Status

Beacon Academy

Previous Affiliation



1st Year Student at Beacon Leader of Team METR




Talcum Shennong

Personal Status



Hanna Pevair Orion Pevair


Malva has short and spiky short brown hair that hangs just above her shoulders, stormy gray eyes, and a fair complexion

Malva wears a custom designed outfit that is based partially on Greek clothing and partially on modern and military fashion. Her violet short sleeved roundabout jacket has a gray zipper going down the middle, as well as her shoulder areas being the same gray color. Under her jacket, Malva wears a dark gray shirt that goes to her waist. Her skirt, which is a regular Roman based leather war skirt, is a dark brown, with straps going down her legs every inch or so. Beneath this are violet leggings that extend to her knees. Malva also has a brown belt that has multiple violet circles attached to the front, and one serves as a loop that connects the strap she has around her shoulder, but also a semi-overall type clothing. Malva's shoes are gray gladiator sandals that, when shown underneath, have spikes to help keep her in place on the ground. Malva often wears her quiver, especially is she's about to go to battle, and it is a violet color with her emblem on the bottom.


Malva is the quietest member of the team and probably the least qualified to lead. Growing up isolated she finds it hard to express herself and how she feels. Malva isn't anti-social, but usually has trouble talking to others about her life, as she finds it difficult to make a conversation about the fact that she can't remember her past. However, she has shown to be fiercely determined to discover what happened that fateful day, and is very protective of her locket. Malva treats her teammates coldly, though she doesn't mean to, and doesn't really try to be the leader they want her to be, as she believes that she'll fail and cause them to turn away from her. In battle, she is swift and silent, often analyzing her situation with great care, but breaks under pressure easily when tasked with leading her team in desperate situations. Despite her quiet and usually cold nature, Malva has shown to be very kind, and deeply cares for her team inside, though she doesn't know how to admit it.


Not much is known about Malva's history, at least to her teammates, that is. Her untold story doesn't have that much to talk about. When she was about thirteen, she awoke in the ruins of a city with no memory of who she was, minus her name. She had no items on her either, except an old silver locket that wouldn't open. A rescue squad came minutes afterwards and flew the girl to safety. At the hospital, no one could identify her, and seeing that she was amnesiac, they couldn't find her family as well. However, Malva was fortunate, as a family offered to take her until she regained her memory. From there on, she lived with the Pevairs, who never had a child of their own, so it seemed like fate brought them together. They took the girl to Vale. The two adults, the father being a military officer and the mom being a Historian, loved her tried to make sure she felt at home. Her adoptive mother would often show Malva her history books, and as an affect, the young girl became interested in reading, mainly about Mythology and Legends. However, there were times when Malva felt lonely and different from them, and would often try and get her necklace open. She grew up silent and always reclusive, but her father wanted her to learn how to be a Huntress. When her father enlisted her in a training academy, Malva immediately felt a connected to the Huntresses and Huntsmen, and decided to give becoming one a chance. After that, she trained hard, but seemed to lack a good group of friends. She also made Lethe and Oblivion there, getting the name from a Greek Mythology book she read. After graduating from the academy, she applied for Beacon and got in without any trouble. But, despite finding herself a place to belong, a part of Malva still longs for the past she hasn't figured out yet.


Malva's weapon, called Lethe, is a regular bow which can be transformed into a two sided sword. She invented it at her old training academy and actively uses her semblance into them. Malva prefers the sword style, but uses her bow form when in long range and when she is being pushed back in battle. The bow is made out of Malva's two sided sword, and uses Semblance infused and normal arrows for it's ammo. The sword's handle can curve slightly to enable the bow shape to take form. The blades have a small hook at their ends so that the bow string can be attached there. The handle is a very light purple color and the blades are wavy and a dark gray, matching her outfit. When in sword form, the string lies flat and stretched along it's side, making sure that it doesn't get in the way of her fighting. Malva uses this form of her weapon like any other regular sword.


Malva is by far the quickest and agile member of her team. Her silent nature and observing attitude makes her perfect for scouting and making sure the coast is clear. She is very flexible, and can dodge attacks easily unless surrounded by a lot of Grimm. Malva also has a photographic memory, and can remember the certain styles that her opponents fight in case she has to battle them again. However, Malva is physically weak, and can only take a number of hits before she's down. That's why she tries so hard to stay in the shadows, as she knows she'll be defeated if hurt too much.


Malva's semblance is called Forget Me Yes, and this ability enables her to create a gas and liquid form of a chemical that can temporarily enable her to blind her enemies. In battle, Malva uses this semblance to usually get out of a tough situation, or just level the playing field. When using this in gas form, she can spread the chemical out to reach her opponents, but it only works if it manages to touch their eyes, thus making it useless against some Grimm or enemies with masks and/or face coverings. When using this with her weapon, she can coat her arrows with the material. She then aims them at her enemy, or near them, and once the liquid reaches a certain point they can turn back into their gas form and fill the air. Malva can only use this ability several times in battle, though, and she has a hard time keeping it from affecting her teammates when fighting. The effect wears off after about ten seconds, giving her enough time to do whatever she needs.

Relationship to Teammates:

Ember Blaze: At first, Malva and Ember didn't really get along, with Ember finding her new leader too quiet and very unapproachable, and Malva finding her second-in-command too headstrong and rash. But the two learned to respect and understand one another over time. Malva, not really used to having friends, is often confused by Ember's attempts to 'connect as a team' and tries to escape her team bonding exercises. But, Malva is also puzzled by how her teammate can be so outgoing and bold in the outlook of the unknown. The two's relationship is mainly mutual, but slowly, very slowly, Ember is starting to help her get out of her shadow-like self.

Talcum Shennong Like her other teammates, Malva's relationship with Talcum started out a bit awkward and mutual, but she soon started to like the white clad boy when he was the first to truly accept her silent and reclusive nature. The two seem to have a knowing understanding of each other without really talking, and Malva respects Talcum for his medical abilities. However, she knows he finds her a bit peculiar for her reserved attitude, and because of that (And Ember's nagging) Malva is trying to open up.

Ryland Clockwork: Malva and Ryland, being the least talkative and least social, weren't that close in the beginning. They would often stay out of each others way, and try to make sure Ember wasn't off doing anything horrible to someone. However, thanks to Ember's "team bonding" they both learned of each others secretive past, and their bond grew to one of close friends afterwards. In battle, the two are the most alike, with the habit of studying their surroundings and their enemies.


  • The name Malva derives from the violet colored plant by the same name.
  • Mnemonic, in Greek, means 'memory' which relates to Malva's photographic memory. However, it also holds a sense of irony, as Malva can't remember anything about her past.
  • Malva's weapon, Lethe, is based on the Greek Goddess of Forgetfulness.
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