Finn was walking down a seemingly deserted hallway. whistling to himself. Classes were a bit off and the boy wanted to take the moment of reprise to wander around the school a bit. 

Finn rounded a corner and saw a black-clad figure leaning against the right wall. He had gunmetal glasses on, a black jacket with what seemed to be golden accents, and wasn't looking in his direction.

Oh boy! I can make a new friend before class!

"Hey, what's your name?" Finn called to the boy.

The boy (Sven) didn't react and kept his deadpan stare at the wall ahead of him.

"I asked you what your name is!" Finn called again, a bit annoyed now.

Sven now looked at him once, his face unreadable, and looked back to the wall.

Idiot. Sven thought.

Finn dashed forward and grabbed Sven's collar.

"Hey, buddy, I've been talking to you here, come on, tell me your name!" 

Sven's eyes flashed menacingly and the very next moment, Finn was sprawled on the ground.

"You absolute asshole! You're gonna pay for that!" Finn yelled and unsheathed his jutte, charging down.

Sven simply raised one hand and let fire, a tonfa shot out of his jacket sleeve and hit the incoming boy dead on in the forhead. 

Sven ran forward and grabbed his tonfa out of mid air, his second one in his hand in an instant and slashed downward on Finn's chest.

Finn groaned and grabbed his chest.

Fast.... He thought.

Sven's eyes didn't betray a flicker of emotion as he slammed his tonfa down on Finn's head and kicked him hard in the diaphragm.

Finn's eyes rolled and he sank to the ground unconscious.

Sven pushed his glasses up and activated the mechanism which grabbed his tonfa from his hand and made them shoot back up his jacket sleeves.

"My name is Sven Searfeld, nice to meet you." Sven said to the unconscious boy.

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