Marcel Skye
Age 17
Nickname Skye, Birdy
Status Active
Color Sky Blue
Gender Male
Species Human
Born June 21
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Brown
Hair Sky Blue
Eyes Sky Blue
Height 193.04 cm (6"4)
Weight 81.64 kg (180 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Rollerblading, Music
Dislikes Uptight people, Vegetables, Needles
Frog Forest

"I just go wherever the wind takes me, it feels nice"

Marcel Skye is a average teen boy with a love for rollerblading. His weapon of choice are a pair of High Velocity Dust Powered Razor Skates (HVDPRS) named Atmosphere's Edge. He's a member of Team MAZE.  


Marcel is a tall boy with long bright blue hair, brown skin, and very beautiful sky blue eyes. He is usually seen in a black long sleeved shirt, rollerskate pads, jeans, and his special shoes that have retractable Rollerblades. He's a little on the thin side, but he's quite toned. 


He's a very kind boy, he's well liked among his peers, and he's quite relaxed. Marcel isn't much for words, but he does love to have fun. His best friend is his cousin Azure. At first his team didn't think he was serious enough for the role of leader, but when it came down to it Marcel excelled at commanding his team through their first mission. Marcel never runs from a fight, if challenged he will not hesitate to use the basic skills he mastered at Signal Academy to take down a troublemaker. Though he excels at combat he'd rather just talk things out like the gentle giant he is. 

Word on the street is that nobody has ever seen Marcel frown, even when he's in a fight. He never stops smiling, it's quite creepy. Marcel is a slight flirt when it comes to women, big or small. He's even been on a few dates here and there, but he has yet to find that one girl. 


Marcel was raised with his Aunt Kya due to his parents being KIA (Killed In Action) during a mission. He never got over his parents being killed so early in his life, but his cousin made the experience more bearable. He sees Azure as a brother instead of a cousin, they lived together, fought together, eaten together, and even learned how to rollerblade together. However only Marcel knows of Azure's rollerblading skills.

At the age of 13 he managed to get into Signal Academy and graduated at 16. He quickly applied for Beacon with his cousin, to which they had both gained entrance. It was there that he met his new teammates and became leader of Team MAZE.


Atmosphere's Edge was a weapon given to him by his Aunt Kya. She saw that he loved to rollerblade, so she decided why not get him a rollerblade weapon. What's different about these rollerblades are that they're retractable. They appear as normal white shoes with blue lining, but when the button on the heel of the shoe is pressed his skates extend from the bottom. He tends to ride through the halls, and on the walls of Beacon, much to his classmate's dismay. 

In combat when Marcel gets serious he taps his button twice and his skates become razor sharp an


Marcel's Emblem

d the small engine on the inside of his shoes runs. This engine runs off liquid dust and usually needs to be tuned up every couple of months. 


Semblance- Marcel's Semblance is Gravity, he can alter the gravity of an object, person, or area within 5 km by 3 times its normal weight. He usually uses this in conjunction with Atmosphere's Edge to glide around. He can't use it on more than 3 objects at once. The effect of his semblance can only last for 5 minutes unless reactivated, he only has enough stamina to reativate it twice. 

Proficient Swordplay- Although he rollerblades Marcel actually practiced with swords when he and Azure were kids.

Hand to Hand Combat Expert- Even without his skates he can easily bring his opponents into submission using the karate techniques he learned at Signal.

Expert Rollerblader- You'll hardly ever see Marcel walking if there's enough space to blade he will ride till he finds a new place to skate.

Edge Punisher-Marcel only has one attack that he uses only when he has no other option, the Edge Punisher. It's a wave of bright blue aura that's incredibly sharp. It tends to slice through enemies with no problem, he refuses to use it on a human though. 


Verdantos Greenice - Verdantos and Marcel met at lunch one day during the Extra Credit roleplay. The two made friends quite easily due to Marcel's excepting attitude towards Verda's pompous personality. The two could somewhat be considered close, Verda considers Marcel one of his best friends, if not his only friend.

Nox - Nox and Marcel got along horribly at first, not because Marcel wanted to. Nox just didn't like him. They also met during the Extra Credit RP. Marcel was knocked unconscious after taking Nox's rifle, Nightfall, from him to prevent a fight at their table. Marcel held no bad blood though, the two would meet again in the When Souls Gather RP when they're both brought to a girls restroom because of a strange noise they hear. They'd soon become friends afterwards.


Marcel Concept Art

Marcel's Concept Art


Roleplays (In Order Chronologically)

Student's Night Out: He met Michael Korry, Clairece Sirene, and Katelyn Corvo on a nightly excursion of the forest of Forever Fall.

First Day: He made his debut at Beacon Academy.

Extra Credit: He met Eventi Takeshi-Meso, Verdantos Grenice, Messer Danam, and Nox at a lunch. He was knocked unconscious by Nox in an attempt to prevent a fight from breaking out at the lunch table they ate at.

Extra Credit Reprocussion: He and Eventi were given a mission by Headmaster Ozpin after he woke up from the scene in the lunchroom.

A Grimmful Bountyhunt: Marcel and Eventi went out on a mission together assigned by Ozpin to take out an abberant Beowolf. They managed to succeed, but Marcel was injured after the battle.

When Souls Gather: Marcel gets himself into a hysteric situation in the girls bathroom with Nox, Avery Rachel Chere, Kristen Koenig, and Ledynas Sorciere because Avery was trying to learn about channeling her aura. 


  • Marcel Skye was created on July 21 2013.
  • He was created by AzureMesoX
  • He's single ladies. xD

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