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Maria Bones.
Age 5.
Nickname Mary-Mary.
Color Black bean
Gender Female
Species Fox fauna.
Complexion Pale
Hair Long brown hair with blue and light purple at the tips.
Eyes Charleston green eyes.


Maria has dark brown hair with the tips of her hair colored from blue to light purple. She wears a bright red punk rock styled top made from fake polyester fur and dark red stylish trousers. Her eyes are green. Most of her taste in style is based on one of her favorite book characters called the empress of change.

She has two small fox ears that are somewhat hidden underneath her hair to avoid her being made fun of for being a fauna. She also has a tattoo of a map on her head that was made by her father.

As she gets older Maria gets given strong lightweight knight-like armor from Master. The design of the armor is the same as Masters armor and uses the same shock absorbing technique that woodpeckers have in their skulls to absorb impact and nullify them.

Beacon years.

Maira is 5'9 feet tall with the same hairstyle from her childhood. She also now wears a small lightweight red poncho with scarlet threads around the sides. She also wears a black bean colored long sleeve shirt with black fake fur at the tips of the sleeves and a black tribal flower design. There's also a small patter on the tip of the sleeves near the fur and a dark brown belt with a golden buckle around her waist.

She also wears red anime styled trousers with a thin dark red ribbon on the side of the legs. Underneath her shirt and trousers she wears a thin version of her old shock absorbing armor to help her in combat and wears a special sheath on her back to carry around her buster swords.



Marias dream weapon.

Maria is a very calm and playful little girl. She has a fear of pirates and Grimm. Maria likes to play with and sometimes even pretend to be Maki Kuronami. She is good friends with team OGRE and team MAID and often writes to them.

She wants to become a great huntress in the future and trains regularly. She often studies different battle techniques and sometimes constructs home made obstacle courses out of anything she can find. She has a slightly morbid sense of humor.

Beacon years

Maria has matured a bit since her childhood, but she still does act a bit childish. She is a bit short tempered and has a morbid sense of humor. She does act a bit vain towards her appearance. She likes to cook her own meals and has a bit of a sweet tooth. Her happiest memories is her childhood, growing up with Saffron and Melira. She learned a lot in life from her adoptive family and cares for them deeply.

She still looks up to Maki as a hero and still hopes to one day wield the giant sword of her dreams. She does enjoy a good battle and often challenges her teammates do do rough training with her. Maria also reads a book every night to help her sleep.

If she could erase something from her past it would be the dark memories of her parents, due to her mothers death and her father using her as nothing more than a treasure map. Because of this, she has a slight trust issue when it comes to people she just met, but she eventually warms up to them after a while. She has a fear of parasitic insects and finds them just downright creepy.


As a child, Maria has very limited combat skills. She like most faunus does possess excellent night vision and she is good at finding hiding places. Her aura was unlocked by Maki. So far she only seems to have a quick-healing ability. 

She has learned from cooking programs how to be a skilled cook and regularly cooks for Melira and Saffron and practices any and all combat techniques that see finds in books or on TV shows. She does have good building abilities and tries to train often.

Due to her being a faunus she has great night vision.

Beacon years

Maria wields two custom made one metre long buster swords called Alcea rosea. The swords themselves are made out of a special metal that's both sturdy and nonmagnetic. The handles themselves are made of carbon fiber. The handle also has a trigger that activates the swords in built mechanism that turns it into it's gun form. When activated the blade tilts by 30 degrees and reveals a 3cm wide barrel at the tip of the blades.

The guns themselves fire high powered dust rounds. Maria mainly uses ice and electrical bullets to avoid her accidentally giving someone a fatal injury.

She, like most students at Beacon has above average strength, speed and endurance. Her fighting style is similar to the Five-to-One style Jade mantis, but her movements are more erratic, making her attacks hard to predict. 

Maria's semblance Hurricane Drive, is a skill boost semblance that increases one physical skill for a brief period of time by making her use more energy at once. These skills can either physical strength or speed. As time goes by more and more energy is used at once, allowing her to perform amazing feats but  it also can leave her feeling drained of energy and even make her almost collapse if she uses her semblance for too long. The large amount of energy being used can also make her muscles heat up quite a bit. When her semblance is activated, Maria gets a faint orange glow on her body and her eyes appear to have a orange flame around them.


Maria was the daughter of Billy Bones. Billy was a pirate. The crew he was with was small but they received a job from a anonymous person who wanted them to deliver a shipment of dust to him and he was willing to pay them a handsome amount of money for their hard work. But during a stormy night, Billy stole the dust and hid it on land.He then tattooed the map onto Maria. When the pirates saw that their dust was missing, they examined the scene and discovered from the clues they found that it was Billy who stole it. They handed him and Maria the black spot, a pirates death sentence.

Billy and Maria then escaped at early dawn and ran into the Emerald forest. Billy told Maria to meet him at the temple at night so he could keep the treasure for himself. But after they split up, Maria got attacked by Grimm and was saved by a student at Beacon called Gretel. She then took Maria to Beacon where the members of team MAID and team OGRE nursed her back to health and protected her from the pirates who were trying to kill her. Maria became good friends with them and became a fan of Maki due to Maki's personality and because Maki activated Maria's aura when she was badly injured by one of the pirates.

After a while Maria was placed into a well guarded orphanage where she was adopted by her favorite author Melira "Goldstein". She frequently writes letters to her friends at Beacon and lives a happy life with her new guardian.


Notes and trivia

  • Marias father Billy Bones is based on Billy Bones from Treasure island.
  • In the future Maria uses twin buster swords that turn into buster rifles as her main weapons. Though she still wants to build her dream weapon. (Credit for the twin buster swords that turn into buster rifles goes to Yang Long.)
  • She is a future member of team MRDI.
  • Her theme song is One Ok Rock - Jibun Rock.
  • Her battle theme song is Arashi Tatsumaki-Hurricane.

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