Name: Marian Bladelocke

Age: 19-20

Gender: Male

Race: Fox Faunus

Height: 5'9", 5'11" at the top of his ears.

Weight: 180 pounds.

Hair: Black and brown, (strands are a mix of both), with a white stripe coming down in the front over his right eye.

Eyes: Pale Sky Blue


Marian, better known as Bladelockem, Maroon or just Locke is a man with an average height and slightly muscular build.  He has two large black fox ears and a thin fox tail that seems bent at the end. His hair is shoulder-length and is black with some tiny brown strands and a white stripe in the front over his right eye. His tail is really broken off at the end, and he has a replacement piece of fur-covered metal for the end of it, this also has a small knife hidden for emergencies.

He normally wears a loose-moving cloak/robe and a gray sweatshirt and black pants underneath it. He has a little armor, brown shoulder pads, and a pair of brown greaves. He also usually wears a brown musher's cap that hides his ears, which lie folded down beneath his hair, and his tail is usually kept hidden, wrapped around his waist or in his pant leg. He can usualy also be seen with a satchel of supplies at his left side while his weapon is usualy chained across his shoulder and chest in a "slash" pattern.


Locke is a somewhat asocial and distand person. He tends to wander off on his own. When he engages in on a conversation, he usually isn't the one talking, but listens to every word in an attempt to find out what someone is like, through their actions, dialect and their tones. He himself will usually keep a relaxed and reserved, yet slightly tense pose when speaking and listening.  Due to his mannerisms, it often seems that he doesn't care about the conversation or people, yet in reality he does, but doesn't take the initiative to say so. He also tries not to draw attention to himself, but in the process attracts the attention of overly-sympathetic people.

He is a very attentive person during classes and such. While with his few friends and allies, he loses his tense figure and will be more open and friendly, but still seem reserved. He is also quite sympathetic when in this mode, trying to comfort his allies and tend to their troubles.

He also tends to hide his faunus traits, due to being neglected and mistreated because of them. He doesn't always hide them, but when out in the public he does, and tends to avoid confrontation. He is shown to spend a lot of his time alone, or with animals like cats and dogs, where he feels more at home. He feels more comfortable around animals, because they actually seem to listen and can't ridicule him. He also feels that due to his faunus traits that he is partially like them.

Weapons and Abilities

Combat Skills and Weapon

Marian's weapon, Morning Glory, is a combination of a rifle and a chain whip. The rifle is the shaft of the whip and is about four feet long, having the stock of the rifle come out at about three feet, three inches up the shaft, with the trigger two inches below that. It is built to handle .45 caliber cartridges and has a storage component that can hold ten rounds, plus the one in the chamber. The chain-whip side of the weapon has a tapering slection of chains, being bigger at the frong, then gradually getting smaller until about ten feet out, it ends in a small, metal ball.

The chain part of the weapon can be adjusted to is can either be the full length whip, a two foot or one foot section of chain with the rest balled up into a flail head, or it can be completely curled into a ball at the end of the shaft, effectively making it into a mace.

For fighting style, he is a "stand-your -ground" style fighter, prefering to stay in one place, and lash out at people with his whip or bash them when they get close. He is skilled in both mid-range and melee combat, while he lacks much use in long-range. He makes more precise and quick blows or long lashes with the whip, prefering not to have a very flashy style of movement. He is moderately accurate with the rifle attachment, but due to the design of the weapon, he can only used melee or ranged at one time, not both. He also has some skill in unarmed, or off-hand fighting when an opponent can get past his primary weapon. The strikes with the chain can be devastating, due to the ability to go around another weapon and still deal damage, and also is relatively hard to dodge.

For his semblence, he has enhanced strength. He can enhance his strength at any given time, but when used often or for a long period can drain him quickly. He mostly uses it when he grapples someone with the whip to pull them closer or to yank their feet out from under them, etc.

His aura is applied usually to take the shots from ranged weaponry, as he is bad at dodging and can't effectively block such things. His aura can also be used to heal wounds, but very slowly. He doesn't have too much aura, so like with his semblence, he uses it in short bursts. It also innately dullens the cuts and blows from sharpened objects such as blades, but sharp enough and piercing weapons can make it through.

Non-combat Skills

Marian is a skilled musician, who uses a lyre to do his work. His music doesn't seem to be all that great to the random passerby, but its melodious tunes show years of dedication to his craft. He will sometimes play if for money, but more often does it for his friends, or the groups of animals he finds. He occasionally accompanies his lyre with his low, harmonius voice. This rarely if ever is used in public.

He also has a very observant eye, being able to detect things that others might miss, and put the pieces together with situations. This also helps with scavenging for food like berries, or find people or other things. He has the skills of a survivor like tenacity, strong will and knowledge of what is good and bad for him in the wilderness.


Marian started out as an innocent little faunus kid. From the age of three, he had been playing and practicing his lyre and voice. He was a very youthful, innocent and optimistic faunus, who had no intention of any violence. He was always loved by his parents, friends, and members of his small village and grew to appreciate the applause and adoration.

At the age of nine, he donned his cherished lyre and headed to a larger city to try his luck. Unfortunately, he wandered into "the wrong territory" and was taunted by the members of a gang. He tried to ignore them and play his instrument but they told him to stop and eventually ripped the pyre from his hands and proceeded to beat him senseless. One goon also chopped of teh end of the poor kid's tail as a reminder of how weak he was. When he finally came to, he stumbled away to the nearest friendly house he knew to beattended to.

Later he was given a new, artificial tip to his tail and was told that he had to learn to defend himself. Regretfully, he joined a combat school and made a weapon that would fit his style. He started out with a blade, didn't like it, then a handgun and didn't like that either. At the age of twelve, he made his current weapon and trained hard in its usage, in hopes that others would not have to deal with the pain and humiliation that he did.

At the age of seventeen, he was enrolled in beacon and was tutored in how to use his skills to defeat the Grimm and defend himself. He looked around in sadness, as he saw that even though the people were being rescued from teh monsters, they would still tear each other apart. After three years of being in the school, he continued his studies and continued growing, but started to lose his noble purpose. He now strives to both finish his studies as soon as possible, then possibly go to defend his home town from the monsters and also the fellow people who would harn the only people he felt ever cared for him.

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