....H-Hello...I-I'm Marin Beauregard Garnet..."
— -Marin when introducing
Marin Garnett
Age 17
Status Active
Color Garnett
Species Faunus (Reindeer)
Handedness Left-handed
Height 6'


Marin has dark brown hair, which curls a bit after his neck. He wears a plaid scarf, and a light blue shirt along with a vest with white and red stripes. He also wears pleated long pants with leather curly toed shoes. He has long deer ears along with antlers portruding out of his head. He has light and bright green eyes. Marin also sometimes wears a mask with a smile over his face.

For his second attire, he wears a dark navy jacket with a red collar, and gold buttons. He wears a white shirt inside lined with gold going horizontally, and aligned vertically. He wears pantaloons and socks with boots.
Sleigh Bell Symbol 2


Marin is extremely quiet, but quite kind and gentle with others. He has very sensitive emotions, and will shed a tear at jeering or him being made fun of. He can be quite shy and distrusting of others. He can be very honest, but possibly a bit too honest. He is very poor at socializing, but is very smart and is elusive of others. He prefers to be alone, and he is afraid of being hurt.


Marin was born to his two Faunus parents. He would often wear a silly mask to hide his face, often drawing ridicule from them and his friends.

One day, Marin asked a group of human kids if he could play with them. They immediately jeered and laughed at the poor boy. Marin then began to try to prove that he was just as good as them by beating them at whatever he could, also rounding up a group of Faunus children.

After the other children were beaten horribly at their games, they finally accepted Marin, but secretly still hated him. They would talk about him behind his back, and drew more jeers from his peers.

Marin then charged the group of children, seriously injuring one of them, causing his parents to give him away to a kind old man he knew as his mentor from that point forward.

His mentor taught him how to forge weapons, and taught him how to fight. Soon enough, his mentor reccomended Beacon, and then asked him to lead him to it. Marin was then given a pendant with a garnet at the bottom.

Marin then reached Beacon, and started to work for the money to attend.

Combat and Abilities

Marin has an odd way of fighting. He often charges his opponents to get them confused, before using brute force to catch them off guard. This is an example of his fighting style, which mainly uses speed and brute force.

He prefers close and medium range combat over long range combat, which he struggles in.  He excels more in close range combat than medium range combat.

He tends to not strategize before he fights, using his instincts only.


Marin's weapon is a staff that when they are seperate they each form into a Kusarigama, by ejecting a blade and chain from the thick inside using a button. Using a different button, the blades and chains will be put away by folding themselves back into the thick staff. Without the blade and chains, they can be used as a Tambo. They are plated with red and white metals.

Marin's semblance is unkown.


  • He alludes to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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