Imma rock you outta this world little wolf...literally.
— Mark Saine

Mark Saine
Mark Saine
Age 17
Status Active
Color Lime Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Lime Green
Eyes Light Gray
Height 6 ft
Weight 141 lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Guitarist, Singer, DJ
Job Types Motivator, Heavy Hitter
Additional Info
Likes Guitar, Singing, DJ-ing, Optimism
Dislikes Pessimism, School
Weaknesses Bad song playing
This original character was created by DestinyZxs00. Do not steal any information off of this. Similar dress styles do not apply.


Mark Saine looks and acts like a rockstar, wearing an open lime green jacket with white trim and some dark blue skinny jeans. He keeps the jacket open and wears nothing underneath the jacket so he's constantly showing his somewhat defined body. He keeps his body in shape enough to have a set of pecs and abs in case the ladies come walking by. He wears black boots to stay in with the style. His hair is lime green and extremely messy and are often combed back with his fingers. He has dark gray eyes or stormy gray eyes which women typically get drawn into. He's almost always seen carrying around his guitar/weapon, Sonic Burst, to swoon the ladies with or just to have fun by playing a song to his friends.


Mark is quite the ladies man, almost always looking for an opportunity to hit on them. He'll play a romantic song on the guitar for them or some upbeat popular song for them while singing. He likes to show off when he faces opposition in his guitar playing career. He knows his music very well being able to DJ it on radio shows and at parties. He will help his friends because he enjoys the company and doesn't want them to be sad at any moment. He does have friends that are girls that he's not attracted to but he treats them like he does with guys. Mark loves to play music with others so bands are always a good way to go for him. He enjoys friends that understand music so he can relate with them.

Equipment/ Skills

  • Guitar: Mark's able to play the guitar with much dexterity. He has used skills such as tapping and shredding to keep up with whatever music he's playing. All of the basics are known to him and advanced skills are easy enough: chords, power chords, sliding, hammer-ons, pick-offs, atonal chords, picking, and finger picking.
  • Singing: Mark learned singing before guitar so of course he knows how to add a vibrato to his voice and belt with 90% accuracy. He tunes his guitar through use of voice and he sings while playing the guitar too.
  • DJ-ing: To further add to his music skills he combines the music he plays with some he makes and turns it into a medley.


Mark was born into a middle class family in the city of Vale. They were both Hunter's and had trained at the famous schools of Signal and Beacon. He grew up as a typical child until he was 9. During that time he had grown to love singing at started practicing everywhere including the shower, around the house, and at school. Despite being gifted in music his parents still wanted him to become a huntsman. He argued and even threw tantrums to try to get what he wanted. He screamed so hard that sometimes he lost his voice and started to cry silently because of the sudden lack of sound pouring forth from his mouth. So, for his 9th birthday, his parents bought him an acoustic guitar. They might've not supported it but they wanted him to be happy also.


  • Kudos to Gastropod for helping in designing the functions of Mark's weapon.

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