Marko Pride, also known as Alloysius Masters or Bargha Khan is a semi-retired infiltrator and volunteer Aura and self-defense instructor for the White Fang.

Marko Pride
Age 63
Alias Alloysius Masters, Loyal
Nickname Master Khan, Old man Khan
Race Caucasian
Species Tiger Faunus
Handedness Righthanded
Complexion pale
Hair grey/black
Eyes hazel
Semblance Finesse
Professional Status
Affiliation White fang, Red Watch
Occupation Antiquarian, volunteer Aura instructor White Fang.


Overall Marko is a man of average height and with a lean but still strong physique. Often obscured with subtly tinted glasses or contacts his eyes are a clear hazel, looking almost golden. To make his switching of identities easier Alloysius has always kept his hair short and his face clean-shaven, and after a while he just decided to shave it all off only to apply a variety of wigs, fake beards and moustaches for each different persona.

When you encounter him in public or in his small antique store in down town Vale Marko will appear as Alloysious Masters, a human in his late sixties, average in frame and overweight with a noticeable belly, sloped shoulders and a grey goatee that used to be black and a mostly bald head, with only short grey hair on the sides and back of his head.

However when he assumes the name of Bargha Khan he transforms into a completely different man. Standing tall, looking fit, lean and radiating strength and authority he is almost as far from the old shopkeep Alloysius as you can imagine. Wearing his own personalized version of the White Fang uniform consisting of a black and grey suit over which he wears a long open sided white robe with blue trim, with the old White Fang logo on the back, showing how he has been a member since its inception and not choosing to replace his robes just yet. His grey hair is streaked with two stripes of black and he wears a personal White fang mask that hides his eyes with the distinct grim-like features and a tiger motif of red stripes over the bone white painted mask.

In the infrequent event he isn't in one of his usual persona and actually shows himself as Marko Pride he'll dress plainly in dark colours, favouring a simple black turtle-neck sweater and dark pants and mostly for the sake of his own sense of style a neat brushy moustache that is mostly grey but still showing a bit of black in it.


Naturally all his different identities have their own personality. Most share what Marko believes to be his true personality traits, like his kind nature, his ability to work with kids and his shrewd skill in negotiating. In public as Alloysius Masters he can show a lot of his kinder self. He's amiable, patient and has a love for the classics. In the White Fang as Bargha Khan he acts as a teacher and sometimes surrogate father to the younger members as he helps unlock their potential. Speaking with authority, commanding respect and working to inspire the youth into making something of themselves and to stand up for what they believe in.

The only people in his life who truly know Marko are his wife and his children along with his only faunus grandchild Thallia, whom he personally trained in preparation of her chosen career to become a huntress. Due to the fact she is his oldest grandchild and the only Faunus he has developed an odd bond with the girl, being both her grandfather and her teacher. Unlike her cousins there is a more professional bond between them, meaning he is more critical of her performance, but also far more proud of her accomplishments so far.


Marko is no fighter. He learned how to use his Aura for self defense and later for infiltration and stealth, and he has almost never had to use a gun in his life, still when it comes down to it he can hold his own thanks to his exceptional control and endurance, although he knows at his current age he really should avoid such action if he can help it.

Semblance: Finesse:

Marko's unique talent took form in his near perfect control over his own body. Every step, every breath, every move he has total awareness and complete control over. It is a double edged sword as while he can move with near absolute silence and throw a punch with exactly the amount of force he wants or move just enough to let a bullet pass him by this also taxes his mind with the complete awareness of his body. He has to make sure he doesn't forget to breathe in the heat of battle, or keep his heart still for too long, or to push his muscles beyond their limit and tear them to pieces. With time did come experience and while his control is now near absolute it also makes him painfully aware of what he has lost over time. While the applications in combat are obvious Marko has gotten the most out of his semblance during his time as an infiltrator. Every disguise has its own posture, its own gait and even bodylanguage, Marko has portrayed overweight businessmen, eager and sly criminals, even a timid young woman and much more. The trick he claims lies in not exactly copying others, but always keeping a bit of himself in each disguise.



Marko Pride had a rather interesting childhood not many faunus experience. Being born a faunus with retractable claws is the kind of half blessing, half curse that set him apart from both the humans and his own people. He could walk amongst humans and not draw attention, having no clear distinguishable traits that marked his heritage as a faunus. However he would also not be recognized by most faunus, who were just as judgemental as the humans when it came to appearances. He got beaten up more than once by other faunus because they could not see he was one of them. One time trying to fight back he drew the attention of a retired Hunter living in the neighbourhood. Although he could only instruct Marko in the basics of hand to hand combat to defend himself he was much more successful in training the boy to use his aura. As it turned out Marko had a talent for controlling his body down to the most minute movement, moving with top efficiency and knowing exactly how to roll with punches or moving without a sound. With these skills Marko learned to keep himself safe.

When Marko was 14 he began taking up jobs to help his parents feed his five siblings as money was becoming more and more a problem, it was expected of him as the eldest to help. While at first he started out trying to take advantage of his human appearance to get jobs at more respectable establishments it didn't take long before he was forced to do more morally grey jobs. With one thing leading to another and a continuous string of debts that had to be paid with his loyalty, or at least his earnings, Marko Pride found himself a professional burglar in service of an organized crime family as the age of 17. While other people his age were starting their lives in actual jobs or going to specialist schools like the esteemed Hunters academies he got to take what they had earned and if he was lucky he could actually see some money for it.

In these years while he was still working for the local mob Marko tried his best to at least create the illusion of having a better life and would often go to the parts of Vale and pretend to fit in. He had friends who knew him for months without ever knowing anything specific about his personal life beyond those encounters, and marko was always very careful to steer around uncomfortable questions. He knew these were shallow and shortlived friendships, mostly by his own lack of trust.


Marko as Alloysius is an avid collector of pre-War books and Great War Era music, trying to collect the rarer pieces that almost didn't survive the conflict.

The name Marko is derived from Marcus, which is derived from Mars, the red planet.

The Name Alloysius alludes to metal alloys and through the grey color of steel.