I know who I am, so if you don't like it, just shut the hell up and walk away.
— Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph
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Masandiana Starsaph
Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph
Age 17
Title Loose Canon
Alias Malice
Nickname Malice
Status Alive
Color Violet
Gender Female
Race Mixed
Species Human
Born July 14
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Dark Purple with a yellow strand
Eyes Bright Orange
Semblance Sonics
Height 5'8"
Weight 130 lb.
Professional Status
Social Rank Student
Affiliation Beacon Acadamy
Team Team NMAG
Partner Ampere Zulleo
Occupation Student, Criminal
Additional Info
Emblem Michelle Starsaph
Likes Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Her ax, Her attitude
Dislikes Authority, People who ask her to change
Special Skills Lock picking, Graffiti, Playing Guitar, Using Dust
Weaknesses Anger issues, Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph is a Student at Beacon Academy and a member of Team NMAG


A well-built young-lady, most people would find her attractive. Her body would be described as curvy. Her purple hair hangs just above her neck at the back. Her bangs reach down to her chin and her right one has a streak of yellow. She also has a ring piercing on her right eyebrow. Her orange eyes are lined with black eyeliner. Her pouty lips are colored in a dark shade of purple. She has at least four earrings on her right ear and one on her left. On her lower back is a purple tattoo of her emblem, a cranium on an double-bladed axe blade with a kiss mark on the left side. On her upper back is a black tattoo of bat wings.

For clothing, she wears a dark purple tank top that goes down to just above her naval. The top itself has spaghetti straps and a low neckline, which does expose her cleavage. A long sleeve lavender denim coat that reaches down to her abdominals lies over her top. Her legs are hugged by tight black pants, and her feet are covered by elevator shoes that add an extra inch to her height. She also wears two gold bracelets on her left wrist and a black armband with her emblem on her right. She also wears a black glove on her right hand that is used to access the Dust in her weapon.

Sometimes, she would replace the top and jacket with dark purple top with her left shoulder exposed and the lowest side just below her naval. The backing goes down to her mid back, exposing her bat wing tattoos.

For sleepwear, she puts on a purple bathrobe. When she is under her blanket, she sleeps in the nude.


Her personality can be described as crude, loud, and rude. It seems as though she is purposely being unpleasant to repel people. Saying she has a wild streak is a gross understatement. She has a total disregard of societies rules, which gets her in hot water with authority figures. She also has little to no class. Often, she is seen eating with her mouth open. She also doesn't mind showing off her...bodily assets. People have seen her naked on more than one occasion. She also doesn't care what other people think of her. With her, you either take her as is or leave.

She also has a thing for Heavy Metal music, often playing the melodies with her weapon, Xander. Most people believe she is drawn to the violet and vulgar lyrics, and that she likes head banging. Honestly, she only enjoys it for the melody, especially the guitar solos. She also secretly enjoys classic rock. Only five people knew that about her, two of which are dead.

She hates it when people treat her like some cause. Those that do only accomplish riling her up more, and when she gets riled up, bad things tend to happen. To add insult to injury, she always has a low opinion of people who try to change her. Next to changing her is controlling her. People who try to control her usually end up regretting it.

For those that are brave enough, or foolish enough, to stay by her side, she will begin to open up. They can find that she has moments of friendliness. Sure, she's still loud and obnoxious, but she also helps out with her friend's issues and is genuinely kind to them. As long as she is treated as an actual person, the intense edges of her personality will smooth out. In fact, her personality has been known to go from repulsive to pleasant.

However, touch on sore subjects, like her parents, and she'll turn on you in a heartbeat. And she won't just turn on you; she'll bite your head off and rip your spine out (figuratively speaking). She just doesn't want to talk about it, period.

Bottom line, she's a loner who enjoys having company once in a while.




Her weapon is an Dust-powered Guitar Ax (DGA) that she affectionately calls Xander. Unlike most weapons, it has no transformation function; it is a guitar with ax blades. It has a dust dispenser connected to strings of the guitar. This dispenser is located on the base. Each of the six strings are connected to a different type of Dust. To access them, she wears a specialized glove that activates the absorption process of the strings. On the base of her guitar is a switch with two values: Control and Sequence. In the Control setting, she has both hold the string she wishes to use with her gloved hand and slide one of her fingers across it. After she slides her finger, the longer she hold her string the more Dust in her guitar it absorbs. She uses this mode to conserve her Dust and utilize her long ranged attacks. In the Sequence setting, all she has to do is hold the string she wishes to use with her gloved hand. Once again, the longer she holds the string, the more Dust it absorbs. She uses this mode for when she is chaining multiple Dust. Depending on what cords she plays and how she plays it, Xander can either create massive waves or precise attacks. Most of these attacks are done at a variety of ranges, usually as far as she can see at the time. She uses the following Dust:

  • Fire: Used to hurl fireballs, light up her surroundings, or heat her ax blades for easier cutting
  • Ice: Used to freeze targets, create a small blizzard, or coat her ax blades in ice for harder hits and blocks
  • Lightning: Used to fire bolts of lighting, release an electric wave, or charge her ax blades.
  • Impact: Used to increase the power of her ax attacks.
  • Water: Used to hurl water, combined with ice to fire hail, or combined with lightning to intensify the shock.
  • Energy: Used to blind targets.

Her weapon does have one drawback, the strings heat up whenever she uses the Dust inside it. The more dust they absorb, the hotter they get. With continued use, they will become too hot to handle. Fortunately, they have a relatively quick cool down time.


The least trained on Team NGMA, she has a very limited knowledge on fighting techniques. But for what little she does know, she has quite the skill in. She also is quite knowledgeable in the use of Dust. She mainly specializes in ranged attacks, where she uses her Dust skills to there fullest.

However, due to her lack in training, her close combat skills are somewhat, well, lacking. She can hold her own in a close-combat situation, but, as Gabriel Emeraldeye points out, her technique is sloppy at best. Plus, she is mainly driven by emotion. This makes her less strategic and can make her uncooperative with her team.

Fighting Style

Being primarily a ranged fighter, she relies heavily on her Dust abilities to pick off her opponents. Unlike most ranged fighters, she moves around, making it that much harder for her to be hit. She even uses multiple Dust powers in succession, especially when surrounded by multiple targets. This creates what she calls 'a face-melting, killer rock show,' as it is her most destructive form of attack. A common combination is the Earthbreaker, where she combines the impact Dust with her Semblance. The result is a rock-breaking sound blast that surrounds her. This move does, however, make her strings too hot to handle after each use. For mid-ranged attacks, she relies on her Semblance. With a loud strum, she can keep an enemy at the range she wants.

Unfortunately, her close-quarters combat leaves a lot to be desired. It usually comprises of brute force based attacks meant to push the enemy away. This technique is fairly decent for creating distance, but ineffective against stronger opponents. When brute force doesn't work, she relies heavily on dirty tricks to best her opponents.


Her aura is violet in color. She mainly uses as her line of defense, but will occasionally use it to heal herself.


Her Semblance is Sonics. She can direct and amplify sound waves. By itself, this can be used to push back or temporarily deafen a target. The deafening usually last between thirty seconds and two minutes, but it's not enough to rupture her opponent's eardrum. Also, the lighter the sound, the harder it is to amplify. Also, the further she has the sound travel, the more it strains her.


Masandiana 'Malice' Starsaph's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo

Outside of Combat

She is an excellent lock picker and knows the city of Vale like the back of her hand. Unfortunately, she is also highly disruptive in class, and her personality makes making friends like Mission Impossible.


She has a rag that she uses to clean Xander.

She also has a pair of bases attached to the bottom of her soles. The create sound waves that she can amplify to bound great distances. The maximum height she can reach with them is 30 feet.

Role on Team NMAG

She is the long range fighter and diversion of Team NMAG. While her teammates defend her, she attacks the enemies from afar. Her range is a perfect compliment to Ampere Zulleo's more refined swordsmanship. She also distracts opponents, leaving them open for an ambush assault.


Believe it or not, Masandiana Starsaph had a happy, care-free childhood. Loving parents, a good home in a peaceful forest, and a playful dog called Xander. She would often explore the woods that surround her quant cottage, with one of her parents keeping a close eye so she did not wander too far. It was a little slice of heaven. Then, it all went down in flames.

At the age of nine, while traveling on an airplane, one of the turbines exploded, causing the plane to freefall. There was only one parachute left, so her parents gave it to her. Refusing to get off the plane, her parents had to reassure that they would be right behind her. With a final look at her parents, she jumped off and deployed the parachute. She then got stuck in a tree. She sustained a few scraps, but nothing serious. Unable to unhook the straps of the parachute, she had to wait for a hiker to come to her aid. She was then checked in to the local hospital, where she waited for hours on news about her parents. When a police officer told her that her parents died in the crash, she screamed, but not in sorrow, rather in disbelief. After all, they promised they would be right behind her. Slowly, though, the truth sank in and she practically shut down. Gone was the care-free child. To make the transformation complete, she began referring to herself as Malice, as felt the name was edgy.

For the next few years, she went from foster home to foster home, most of them didn't hold her for more than a month. She also acted out, often breaking the rules to make others as miserable as she was. She learned how to lock pick and trash random places. She vandalized public and private property. Once time, she was caught joyriding. To cure her of this wild behavior, she was court order to go to therapy sessions, but all they did was tick her off more, making her more prone to continue her wild streak.

Then, at age fourteen, Malice was put into the care of a huntress named Frida Achenar. To deal with her streak, Peach thought it best to give her a sister rather than another authority figure that she would ignore. She participated in some of Malice's less destructive acts and even taught her some basic fighting techniques. Within a week, Malice's demeanor changed dramatically. She was less prone to commit acts of vandalism and stopped all together. She became more pleasant to be around. She was even being polite in public. It seemed that her being bad days were over.

Believing that she was ready, Achenar offered Malice her tutelage to become a huntress. She accepted, and within a year, she had learned the basics of combat. During her training, she took an interest in Dust spell casting. After she learned the basics of combat, she worked tirelessly to learn how to apply Dust in a combat setting. By age sixteen, she was an expert Dust spell caster, and forged her weapon Xander, named after her former pet. Then, it went downhill. Thinking it was time for Malice to finally let go of her childhood trauma, Achenar tried to get her to take about how she felt about her parents' death. Instantly, Malice lashed out, practically biting Achenar's head off. She then ran off, leaving the foster care system.

For the next year, she lived off the streets, stealing so that she wouldn't starve and generally causing trouble. She was more dangerous than ever, thanks to Achenar's training.

Then at age seventeen, she decided that it was time for her to have her first drink. She went to a local bar to get one, but the bartender refused to serve her due to her age. One guy came up behind her to escort her out, but she violently shoved him into a jukebox. A bar fight ensued as she fought off the other three guys using her huntress training. Terrified, the bartender then gave her a bottle of beer, saying it was on the house. She then exited the bar, only to find that a bunch of thieves were attacking two guys, Ampere Zulleo and Nafesn Greywolf. One of the thieves saw her and shot her beer bottle. Enraged, she threw the now broken bottle at the thief's face and joined in the scrap. Another thief came up behind her, but then she herd the word 'duck' and instinctually did so. She later saw another guy, Gabbro Tsavorite, join the fight, and together they fought off the thieves. They got arrested soon after that.

In the holding cells, she was approached by Professor Ozpin. After explaining how she was able to fight, Ozpin offered her amnesty and an invitation to attend Beacon Academy, provided she gave up on her vandalistic behavior. Seeing that the only other option for her was three years in a juvenile facility, she accepted. She then became a member of Team NMAG, led by Nafesn.


Nafesn Greywolf: Out of all her teammates, Nathan is the one she finds the most enjoyable. He doesn't seem to mind her behavior. He'll even engage her in her exploits. She might even feel compelled to share some of her secrets. Bottom line, it's nice for her to have someone in Beacon who also has a wild side. Gabbro Tsavorite: Gabriel is the type of guy she despises. He keeps judging her no matter what she does. To make matters worse, he can't seem to get away with anything. Most of the conflicts the team has is between her and him. Ampere Zulleo: She doesn't know what to think of Ampere. He nice to her, but he also tends to knock her out by shocking her whenever she gets riled up. They fight well together sometimes, but he seems so wound tight that if she were to shove a piece of coal up his butt, within two weeks, she'd have a diamond. Only time will tell whether or not she will trust him.


  • Her first name, 'Masandiana', is a combination of the words 'masdevallia' and 'wendlandiana', which are a reference to a type of orchid.
  • Her last name, 'Starsaph', is a reference to the Star Saphires from DC Comics. Star Sapphires are the color violet.
  • Part of her personality is based on that of Davey Stone from Eight Crazy Nights
  • Her fighting style is based loosely on that of Eddy Riggs from Brutal Legend.
  • She is an allusion to the Gingerbred Man, due to her constantly running from her issues.
  • Her attitude tends to drive both Weiss Schnee and Glinda Goodwitch up the wall.
  • Her dog, Xander got adopted by her parents' house sitter when she and her parents never came back.
  • Her weapon is based on a combination of Eddy Riggs' ax and guitar.
  • Her main theme is I Love Rock n' Roll by Joan Jett.
  • Her primary battle theme is Cry of the Banshee by Brocashelm.
  • Her secondary battle theme is Bad Reputation by Joan Jett.
  • Frida Achenar's last name is after the star in the constellation of Eridanus. It is a blue star with seven times the mass of our sun.


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