A dull glow, locks your heart in a state of depression. Finding out what motivates you is the only way to shine through this trial of lethargy.
You're really just gonna let her go? Huh, and here I am thinking I had a heart of stone.
— Miles to Blaine Azuria
This character was created by Takeshi kun21. Digital artwork drawn by a close friend offsite. Please do not steal him at all, or I'll get Miles to punch you out.
Mason Donovan Jr.
Miles profile
Age 17
Nickname Miles
Color Maroon (Brown)
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Semblance Solidify
Height 6'0"
Weight 182 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team AMBR
Partner Blaine Azuria
Personal Status
Relatives Mason Donovan Sr.- Father

Elanor Donovan- Mother

Additional Info
Dislikes Long conversations, classes
Character Theme

Hope's Theme- FFXIII
Battle Theme

Go Through Like a Bullet- Tales of Xillia 2


Mason wears a brown hoodie with a red shirt underneath. He also wears a pair of black jeans and black sneakers. He has short blonde hair and has a tan complexion. Mason looks like he has a slim body structure, but he actually has muscle tone underneath his jacket. He may not look bulky, but Mason can do some heavy lifting.


Mason is basically your mysterious man of few words.  He is capable of making conversation, but doesn't really feel the need to talk all that much. He mostly voices his opinions when he feels there's a need to, which are usually when there's an argument that needs to be broken up between friends, or when something just feels off to him. Mason's more of the type who listens and waits before saying his end of the coversation; the same applies for battles too, he waits for a good opening then strikes at the right opportunity.

He's battling with a streak of lethargy, and doesn't feel like doing much at all as there's nothing he finds to be truly exciting in life. He tends to take naps often, and doesn't pay too much attention in class if he can help it, though Mason isn't completely lazy; he's always willing to do a task if requested of him.

Mason may seem like he knows how to keep his cool 100% of the time; however he actually can get easily ticked off, but doesn't express his anger violently. He'll just give you the silent treatment and won't make contact with you, even if you try apologizing to him right away he won't budge. Normally Mason will forgive over time, but if you really piss him off, expect to be treated as though you were invisible for an eternity.

He prefers not to get involved with meaningless fights, both physical and verbal though will act if the conflict's unavoidable. He tries to keep a level head at all times, as he's been taught frustration can cloud the mind; it creates a heavy toll on his skills in combat if his anger has reached it's peak.

Weapons & Abilities

Mason's weapons of choice are a standard pair of bracers that cover his knuckles and forearms. He's adept in melee-based combat, being a practitioner of Jiu-Jitsu. Mason would prefer the opponent make the first move, already planning how to use their energy against them to counter and/or disarm his opponent. He'll even utilize throwing techniques and holds in attempts to keep his enemies from making moves at all. When he does throw a punch or throw out a kick, he will add a lot of force into it, so it's wise to try and block effectively.

Dust Usage

Often he'll fight with just his power alone, though will sometimes combine his punches with Wind Dust to knock opponents backward or send them flying when their guard is down (also to send opponents downward if in the air).

By using Dust in his battle style, he can also create a small vortext of air to surround his bracers and then send blasts of wind at his opponents, aiding him in mid-ranged combat, useful for attacking distant/airborne enemies or defending against certain projectiles.

Earth Dust is also available to Mason, being used to create stalagmites to strike enemies from below their feet. Although, he takes a bit of an unorthodox approach of summoning, by punching or stomping the ground opposed to what a normal Dust Caster may do.

Aura and Semblance

Mason's Aura appears as a light brown in color.

His Semblance is called "Solidify" and is a self-defense type Semblance. For it to work at its fullest, he must first get into a solid stance then proceeds to activate his Aura, focusing on encoating his whole body with it. Before being attacked, Mason's Aura will do as the name suggests and harden into an impenetrable force field, preventing damage for a short period of 10 seconds, as well as immobilizing him until its effects are over.

Although it is a great defensive tactic in case of a strong blow or falling from a great height, Solidify drains a lot of Aura and its continuous usage in the same battle will only make Mason's defenses much weaker than from the first usage. And because he's in an immobile state, it makes him an easy target for when the effects of his Semblance wear off. Luckily for him, Mason only uses it in moments of extreme danger.

Standard Abilities: Mason may look slim, but he's pretty powerful when it comes to looking at his strength and can put up a good defense. He has great stamina, and knows how to maintain it, but he's the slowest member of the Team. He excels in close combat, but can struggle when it comes to fighting enemies at a distance.


Ever since he was young, Miles has never felt any feeling of satisfaction in his life, or any emotion whatsoever. He would always keep a straight face whether it was a happy time or whenever he got hurt. Other kids around his age had always avoided him because of this strange behavior of his. He never cared too deeply about having friends anyway, so chose to be alone most of the time.

Once he gotten a little older, a few of Mason's classmates started to bully him because of his personality. Not only would they call him names such as "Robot" or "Lifeless" some had started to beat him up after school in order to "make him feel something". On many occasions afterwards, the only person to come to his aid was a girl named Lucia who often tried to help console him. Being a Faunus, she knew all too well about being bullied, and had become someone Mason could call a friend.

After a few occasions, his mother thought to ask if they should involve a therapist, although his father ignored the idea completely and thought of it as a waste of money. Mason Sr. had figured all their son had to do was stand up for himself and enrolled him into a martial arts class in order to learn self-defense.

The next, and last time he was picked on, Miles had warned the boys to just leave him alone. They had figured it was pointless to attack him directly, and picked on Lucia in his stead; she was his only friend, and they thought they could get a good reaction out of him. Their plan worked alright, but had given the three of them broken arms in the end.

After his courageous deed, Mason had not only learned that he could process emotions like a normal person, but these feelings only came up when helping a person in need. Through that line of logic, he decided that he would become a Hunter to protect those closest to him.

Mason's Emblem (old)


Done by Imosa1

With MS paint, I had no clear Idea how to pull this off. His was the only emblem that was hard to get in design. Thanks to Imosa1, for making it look good! Basically it's his two tonfas in a cross-shape over a circle representing the earth, as well as a fracture at the top. The cross is referencing the way he normally blocks his attacks and the earth represents his strength and sturdiness.

His emblem can be seen on the back of his sweatshirt, in the center of his beachwear shirt, his clothes sack for laundry, and is engraved in the base of his favorite tree.

Extra tidbits

  • Miles' birthname is actually Mason  (which means stoneworker), but prefers to go by Miles by his friends.
    • His childhood friend Lucia was the first to call him by that name, especially since the kids who bullied him only called him Jr.
  • His last name Donovan is derived from Donndubhan, which is composed of the Gaelic element donn "brown" and dubh "dark".
  • Within Team AMBR's Solar System Motif, Miles and his emblem would represent the Earth.
  • Miles' and Blaine's personalities were switched. Miles was originally supposed to be the fun guy and Blaine the loner.
  • Miles had started off being the least developed character of Team AMBR.
  • Rina is the one who ends up having to drag Miles to class during his moments of laziness.
  • Miles was "fighting a battle" between a female version for M who would be Magenta instead of Maroon. Her name and personality was never thought of, so Miles won.
    • If M was Magenta instead of Maroon, not only Miles' character would change, Rina Rouge would've became Ryan Rouge to balance out the gender ratio.

Full Image Gallery

This image gallery is for Mason donovan. Currently all art was done by me via pencil & paper, generator, MS paint, etc. Any other art is given credit to the one who did it.

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