Those in the realm have no fear, no mercy and no remorse. They push there skills to their limits and destroy anyone who gets in their way.
Masters realm
Masters Realm Symbol
Status Active.
Professional Status
Occupation Bounty hunters.

Mercenary group. Vigilante.

Masters realm is a underground vigilainte organisation that hunts criminals and those who would destory the peace in Vytal. They never work alongside police and often take the criminals money as bounty but they make sure its only as much as the criminal is worth. They often get mistaken for gangs.


Masters Realm was created by the former blacklisted criminal known as Master. After he ceased all criminal activities he became a wealthy owner of his own dust company. Using his fortune, he created the realm.

At first the it only had a handful of members, but after a few years those numbers multiplied greatly. Now there are agents all across Remnant. Multiple training facilitys were built by building under construction sites. Bases for training new recruits are known as Black rose academys.



The teams are formed by what weapon your most comfortable with and your other skills. These teams are in many located all over Remnant, often made up of sixtyto eighty members. Teachers are not included in these teams.


A small city based team lead by Kurai. Mostly sword and sniper class gunblade users. They have to master pursuits in a large variety of vehicles and have to memorise the locations of backallys and warehouses where criminals can hide in to avoid the police. Their uniform is designed to blend in with the citys background, making it ideal for stealth missions. The gunblade users always use stun blasts on people, never actual bullets.

Heavans wrath

This team is composed of skilled wing users who are taught advanced aerial fighing skills and techniques.Their main tools are sythe They are located in Minstral. The team specializes in aerial hand to hand combat.


Fagin is a team of highly skiled pickpockets that work undercover. They're main mission is to keep an eye on any suspicious characters they see entreing the harbours. They are all skilled staff users. Their pick pocketing skills are used for getting information out of the pockets of criminals and putting them back without their target realising that the information was taken. They also lookout for criminal pickpockets and return the stolen items back to their victims. Their outfits change each month to try to avoid arousing suspicion.


The Codex are the organizations hackers, mostly positioned in Atlas but many operatives work in other kingdoms. These skilled hackers are provided with state of the art gear that allows them to access most computers, software while bypassing security and firewalls with ease and no risk of being traced due to their signals being bounced off of several satellites.


Dustrunners are the mages in the organization. Positioned in Vacuo, the members in this group wear dark clothing, usually black short sleeve large hooded jackets ontop of dark red long sleeve shirts with the organizations logo on their chest and black thin trousers. The mages in this group are well tutored in the art of using dust, capable of using dust in its powdered, crystallized and raw form. They're also tutored to be escape artists and parkour experts. They're used mainly against individuals who try to attack, kidnap or sell faunus in Vacuo.


The Fireflies are marksmen and gun wielders, equiped with firearms tailor made to their skills and preferences. Explosive ammo, tazer shots, armor piercing dust rounds. They have it all and know how to use them at their full potential. Members here are taught how to disarm opponents in battle and also how to use complex strategies on how to capture or kill a target and then fix the scene to cover their tracks. They wear a special pair of glasses that allows them to communicate with each other on a subway frequency and to shield their eyes from dust, bright light and other things that could hinder their vision. They're main base of operations is in Atlas.


Elites are Masters personal operatives and are the largest group. They're people who are loyal to Masters every command and have their weapons specially tuned to their fighting styles. Each one is as strong as a Beacon graduate and are trained to become even better when they join. These people have more military styled clothing with dragonskin bulletproof armor. 

Notes and trivia

  • Credit for the emblem of Masters realm goes to Demetri Anacona.
  • One of the main companies that supplies Masters realm is Phantom tactics. (Phantom tactics is a weapons company made by Advancedpwng.)
  • The theme song for Broken Iris-The scar.

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